Traces of other civilizations

Can arbitrarily be skeptical of talk about aliens ever been on this planet, and even went back to us so far, but the fact remains that a lot of our planet is a phenomenon whose origin is very hard to explain …

Earthling — pilot starship?

We already reported that between Australia and Tasmania, a cigar-shaped device 21 October 1978 in 6 minutes sucked a single light aircraft piloted by 22-year-old Australian pilot Frederick Valentich.

It was recently discovered that this story wholeheartedly, of whom many newspapers in the world, had a sequel. In the summer of 1982 to the then-commander of the Soviet frontier colonel Kazantsev received a report about the alleged detention in the immediate vicinity of the Soviet-Chinese border is now unknown to anyone ufologist Sarychev. And when it was as if the cover letter as much of the chairman of the study of paranormal phenomena, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Trinity and strange capsule black. This capsule delayed, according to him, has picked up on some mysterious height "1204." Inside the capsule was folded into a tube plate of unknown material. On the plate was inscribed text in English by some unknown bright orange. The text reads as follows.

"I, Frederick Valentich, J., was captured by a UFO with my plane" Cessna. "When you capture, I was asked to pilot a spaceship aliens.

Giant UFO, where I now work — a cargo ship. The crew, except the people trapped, like me, is from 2-3 ET. They all belong to the civilization of the Pleiades and are organizing six interplanetary civilizations from Orion, the Swan and the Big Dog. Aliens are trying to fool our heads that they are in the world only research. In fact, this is just a screen for their true performance and calm conscience earthlings who signed as I was forced to contract with them. Otherwise, we would have destroyed.

Our main cargo from Earth liquefied oxygen-derived available on UFOs for this special facility. These alleged "extraterrestrial researchers" actually with us — scared, we can say humans have sold — shamelessly steal the most valuable component of the earth's atmosphere.

The main route of our ship Earth — Callisto. Callisto is a large and permanent basis. To keep it fully loaded, we do sometimes even twice a week. "

And then in a note Valentich, unless, of course, it is genuine, true cry of despair: "God help me and those who will find this letter! Russian or Chinese, I ask you to pass the capsule in the Australian Embassy."

This was done. Then created on the fifth continent of our planet ribbon commission of experts conducted a handwriting analysis and concluded that the text on the record and writing belong to the same person — Frederick Valentich.

By the way, the physical and mechanical characteristics of the material of the plate and write as such, their chemical composition and structure performed on technologies that are not known to mankind. Besides, she has a record source of people completely unknown radiation enormous penetrating power illuminates all kinds of films.

It must be assumed that the story Valentich still continue as at the end of 2003 he had completed his term of fantastic 25-year contract with the aliens.

Giant maze built by aliens

In England of old legends of the traces of humanity present unknown civilization, the value of which is just beginning to be realized.

The symbol of this amazing civilization are the stone labyrinths. The largest and most famous of them — Stonehenge, or, as it was called Ancient Britons, "Dance of the Giants", is located in the south-west of England.

Even with the help of a powerful modern techniques such great majestic building of giant boulders, weighing up to 50 tons, it is very difficult to create. Ancient Brits just could not imagine that Stonehenge was built by human hands. Therefore, in some legends of a great magician Merlin, playing the magic lute, made blocks first dance, and then folded into a giant stone ring. Other legends tell of the giants who lived before the flood, which were able to build Stonehenge. Explore the amazing and amaze the British began construction of a long time. Already in 1655, a book by John Webb, with detailed descriptions and plans of Stonehenge as "The most remarkable antiquity of Great Britain, called colloquially Heng Stone."

It took several centuries, but so far, "Dance of the Giants" confronts scientists, archaeologists, astronomers, UFO still many unsolved mysteries. Literally every stone here are mysteries. They can be classified into three groups: a stone labyrinth was built, which was built and where it built?

Scientists found that the stones from which built Stonehenge, taken in the mountains 210 kilometers Poesselli. But it is on a straight road. As they drove along the rivers, dragged on rollers entire 380 kilometers. Meticulous researchers calculated that the construction of Stonehenge took at least 300 years and one and a half million man-days of labor.

For what was needed so superhuman effort? On the day of the solstice at Stonehenge attracts crowds of people — to watch the sunrise over the so-called Heel Stone. Early in the morning is usually hidden valley fog, and only over the Heel Stone suddenly suddenly born bright ray of sunshine.

Astronomer Dzheral Hawkins in the 60 years of the last century, first proposed and then proved that Stonehenge was used in ancient times as an observatory, with high accuracy to conduct astronomical observations. Scientist found even something like "computer". For this is the 56-hole, located on the perimeter of the right circle at equal distances from each other. Shifting stones from one well to another, one could predict lunar eclipses.

Not only attract the British secret "Dance of the Giants". A few years ago, have been there a mathematician and astronomer Valentine Tereshin and chairman of Samara UFO Club Vladimir Avin. By studying the geometric features of the relative position of the individual elements of megalithic structures, they made sure that they accurately encoded size of the Earth and the Moon, as well as the size of planets. And the difference of these data with current does not exceed a few percent.

British geologists believe that Stonehenge was built between 1900 to 1600 years BC. At this time, there was no centralized states. Populations primarily engaged in hunting and primitive agriculture, there was not much need to build such a huge structure. More importantly, neither the people, nor even the more civilized inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries were not aware at the time of the true size of the planets. They did not have accurate surveying instruments in which were placed stones of Stonehenge. Therefore, the Russian researchers believe that the "Dance of the Giants" is a tangible proof of the arrival of aliens on Earth. They were able to convince the British to build a grand old monument, which was encrypted astronomical and, perhaps, even some information as a unique gift to future generations of humans aliens.

"Peasant Russia", Moscow

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