Tragedy on Bulgar eyewitness

Eyewitnesses tell of the tragedy that ship went under in just a couple of minutes. Chronicle of events — the correspondent of "Russia-24".
It was the normal flight. These are often referred to as the weekend flights. On Saturday evening, the ship "Bulgaria" came from Kazan and at seven o'clock Sunday morning in the town of Bolgar docked. Tour lasted about three hours, and at 11 am the passengers were already on board. Motor vessel lay on the way back. Before the crash was about two hours. It all happened in a matter of minutes. About three kilometers from the beach, opposite the village Syukeyevo ship tilted sharply and began to sink. The tragedy has developed so rapidly that the passengers did not even understand what happened.
"He immediately fell to starboard. Tumbled That's all there were," — says a witness Nikolai Chernov.
Natalia Makarova and her husband at that time were in his cabin. They owe my life to his daughter. That's just to save her life, they could not.
"The child we saved lives with her husband. She ran for two minutes before the crash, and said, Father, Mother, the ship will sink now wear jackets. Stupor I — like drowning?" — Says Natalia.
Natalia tried to hold to the last daughter. But when the ship was already under water, air lock knocked it out of the hands of the mother.
Children do on the boat was very much. Some of the children before the disaster have gathered in a separate room, out of which they were not able to. Jump overboard managed mainly for adults. They spent in the water for about two hours.
"The two ships were — did not stop. We waved them Mahal. Pass" Volganeft "the blue with large boards, passed, did not stop. Then barge — do not stop. Only this stopped," — continues Nikolai Chernov.
Those who managed to escape, to pick a cruise ship "Arabella". At Rinat Rakhimov "Bulgar" was the daughter of her husband. It was a little honeymoon. On board the "Arabella" in-law phoned already one. What happened, Rinat knows only from his words.
"We said, sunk, I said, my wife's hand filed, not had time to get there. Says he has come up, and that there was, I do not know. Now, waiting for him," — says Rinat.
Sam ship "Bulgaria" was built in Czechoslovakia in 1955 and, according to some sources, he did not pass the overhaul. And the design features have been deprecated.
Ship "Bulgaria" sank on the 20-meter depth. In the MOE said that hope of finding alive among those who are considered to be missing, shrinking with each passing hour search.


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