Try to beat the United States with Russia Russian arms

The U.S. is trying to deal with Russia Russian arms

The U.S. is trying to deal with Russia Russian arms

This development has received overseas title "victory without war" …

A couple of years back at an event in Washington one recognizable south american activities in the presence of the creator of these lines shared nostalgic memoirs.

In 1980 he took a delegation of the Union of Russian, in what was and Gavriil Popov. Russian guests went to the store. Popov wanted to buy a thing, but he missed a few bucks. Narrator him the money otslyunyavil (without requiring returns), and Popov was so happy, so happy and so grateful! "And then I said to myself, — continued the Washington-based activist, — if we like so porazdavali 10 thousand dollars, Russian Union would no longer be."
In fact it took all the same more than $ 10,000. But did not require an open war. Russian Alliance was not destroyed by enemy tanks and planes, and sly as systemic subversive activities, mental influence on management, buying the loyalty of mandatory community and duping the masses of the people with false promises and propaganda. In Washington this is called a "victory without war."


It would seem that destroyed the Soviet Union — have gained what passionately lusted after 70 years. But no — all the same thing lasts today. Our homeland is still very large and nepokorliva. As long as it does not smash into 4 pieces, as suggested by Sakharov, and even better at 50, as proposed at the time the leaders of the Interregional Deputy Group, or not put at the head of someone like Saakashvili (Bulk — good stuff for sculpting dictator!), In Washington not rest.

20 years with excessive South American and West European governments, private foundations and large companies have built in Russia most extensive multi-level subversive infrastructure. A careful! Need to pick up shots, teach them to rebuild the organization, to envelop them various sections of society, to make bundles between these organizations spend thousands of training sessions, constantly develop new information technologies to create groups in a variety of Facebook, to promote their own people to the authorities of the city to the federal and etc.. That activity is not looked political, finance needs to "carpet" by one and all — kids, pregnant women, the unemployed and migrant workers, the healing of tuberculosis, fire fighting and protection of forests — forests for the benefit of the protection of our country enough. Preliminary phase goes into the active when Washington feel that the situation is ripe. Elections give a very good reason for organizing "spontaneous" protests.
Infusion of Russian society were made billions of dollars. The mere U.S. Agency for internationalist Development (USAID) in the last 15 years "has invested in Russia," more than 2.6 billion dollars. But this small amount in comparison to the costs of the war, if it had to fight against the Russian Federation — even on Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. izderzhali more than a trillion dollars. And how much is not bad American boys would have died at the hands of Russian barbarians!

Even cheaper and smarter to wage war against Russia as Russian hands. The U.S. has Nemtsov, Ryzhkov, Bulk, Kasyanov, Kasparov and further down the list. Washington as the soul of the entire battery watering bucks along with their networks and stare, who loudly shoot — later to be put on it. And until the internal competitiveness between "opposition" to the Washington case is very useful every zealous to elect him specifically. The money included fame and power — superstimul for the ego of our non-system opposition.

The Civil Philanthropists

Who is on the U.S. side has been rassredotachivaniem grants? Charity, (not) in an unusual way, in the biographies of these people are not listed. Director of USAID consulate in Moscow Charles North — a graduate of the State Military Institute with a master's degree in national security strategy. Nedavneshny deputy head of USAID's Europe and Eurasia Douglas Menarchik served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force, was an instructor at the Air Force Special Operations School (taught counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency operations and crisis management), the Pentagon was responsible for strategic planning to combat terrorism.

Boards of Trustees of Western and cloned them members of Russian NGOs abound intelligence. The board of the Metropolitan School of Political research chair Sir Rodric Braithwaite — although he is accustomed to chair the Joint Intelligence Committee of England. In this case, specifically that fact is not in the official biography of Sir honor in the Russian version of the website of the "schools" (compare to his biography in the British Wikipedia). In the middle of the members of the Board of Trustees of the Fund "Eurasia" — Fiona Hill, from 2006 to 2009 she was responsible for Russia and Eurasia at the State Intelligence Council, which coordinates all U.S. intelligence agencies. And of course, no American oil interests in "non-governmental organizations" do not in any way: the principal place of Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Fund "Eurasia" by Jan Kalicki — the company "Chevron", where as Executive Advisor on international strategy he engaged in "the development of international business, negotiation and interaction with the authorities. "


Certain forces in Europe in a hurry to serve America. 9 — 10 November 2011 in Helsinki gathered "Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe" of the Euro Parliament and Misha Kasyanov and his comrades. Together, they called on Europe "to refuse to accept the results of future Russian elections legitimate" — even in the month prior to the event! The capital of Finland is not the case: the conference was held under the title of "Helsinki 2.0" — as the organizers explain, a symbolic reminder of the 1975 Helsinki Accords. Explains, the final act of the agreements transferred from the sphere of human rights in the sphere of good wishes rigid realpolitik. If, before the "promotion of democratic values," the CIA was engaged — and it was called subversive activities, the Helsinki agreements have allowed to do so openly, calling the "democratization."
There is a criticism aimed at the improvement of the situation in the state — this is a common criticism that should be in any country. And there is a criticism aimed at the destruction of the state, and specifically that of the current criticism is engaged in "Western dissidentura" — as he called himself and his own associates Vladimir Bukovsky. Now, as 20 — 30 years ago, we look the same Western efforts to destroy our state. But at this time we can not go on about a handful of fringe acquired. We have nowhere to fall apart on — the subsequent "victory without war" Washington will bring Russia to the borders of the Capital of the kingdom of the XVI century.

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