Tuberculosis in prisons: the tubercle bacillus does not choose

According to UN experts, the risk of tuberculosis infection in Belarusian prisons and detention centers is very large and is a threat to both prisoners and society as a whole.

According to official data of the Belarusian Interior Ministry, currently in prisons and detention centers in Belarus on 50 000 prisoners have around 1,170 patients with active tuberculosis.

Prevalence of tuberculosis in prisons and detention center is 7-8 times higher than outside. The problem is complicated by the nature of multyrezystentnym tuberculosis infection.

In recent times, when fluoroscopy in prisons has become indispensable, it became clear that TB affects not only prisoners but also prison staff. It is estimated that, compared with the situation at large scale of this disease in the detention centers and prisons in 7-8 times higher. The problem is complicated by the fact that Belarus, according to the classification of the World Health Organization, one of the countries where TB infection is multyrezystentny character, that is not a stable one, and to several drugs.

As the experts of Institute of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis, such stability is conducive enough to the rapid spread of tuberculosis — a diagnosis is made annually to 5 thousand Belarusians. To improve the epidemiological situation, the need for new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

By MD Vladimir, the main institution in Belarus to combat tuberculosis, where he works under the Ministry of Health and serves patients at large. Convicts are treated in Orsha, in a special hospital in the Department of Corrections (DIN). The staff of these two institutions do not interact.

Vladimir: "I do not know those statistics. Course of tuberculosis in prisons than in the general population. But this worldwide trend. Known that in closed prisons infection easier to pick up, as people in crowded, damp cells with poor air circulation . But there, as opposed to the will, mandatory fluoroscopy. When a person has a cough or fever, it is fixed. At the will of the main problem is people can not take the pills, you need to take a long course. And everything is under control. I believe that the results of treatment there when TB was first identified, should be good. "

Prisoner one of the Belarusian Andrei colonies, however, did not share the optimism of the will with the doctor. Andrew told the editorial board of the recent case of his friend Oleg barman, who picked up the tubercle bacillus. Oleg problems complicated by the fact that he also has HIV.

A person with HIV for five months trying to transfer to another company and complained of feeling unwell. While a special x-ray machine has not arrived, no one was listening.

Andrew: "Here we have a squad that contains tuberculosis. This is called — the third degree accounting, or healed form. All such patients convicted accounting degree is defined in the penal colony (EC) № 12 in Orsha, or in a prison TB hospital. And But when these infectious foci zalechvayutstsa, these people transferred to a regular colony in the squad. Recently, in this particular squad, on the grounds that there are no patients, these patients are cured, began to distribute other people. That's not so long ago came to us ethe man, he is infected with HIV. Its just the one assigned to the unit. He had no doubt that not all patients with healed tuberculosis, and for him immunity from any infection it is dangerous. The man for five months trying to transfer to another unit. he complained of malaise and thinner on the eyes. However, the other day we came to a special x-ray machine. The entire colony were run through it. And he found these pockets, now he is in the infirmary, medical insulators. While the machine has not arrived, no one was listening. Now in prison waiting for this sick tion in the IR-12 in Orsha. "

According to the prisoners, IC number 12 or the National Tuberculosis Hospital fiberboard — in fact, the same prison, but with hospital wards and intensive medchastkay. For those prisoners who are in the most difficult form of the disease with a reproduction and isolation of tubercle bacilli, there are separate wards. The rest are placed in general. Statistics on deaths in the facility is closed. According to unofficial data, the monthly die here at least two or three. As a rule, those who, besides tuberculosis, there is some other serious disease.

Statistics on deaths closed. According to unofficial data, the monthly die here at least two or three.

The high risk of catching an infection and doctors have. It is assumed that they have the disease may occur especially difficult. Physicians day breathe drug pairs, resulting tubercle bacillus, hitting them in the body becomes immune to many of even the most powerful drugs.

According to the head of the Republican Tuberculosis Hospital Alexander Grinevitch, the number of cases of multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis has reached a critical level — 71.6% of all reported cases.

The spread of this form of the disease adversely affects the epidemiological situation in the country.

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