Tubs: no devaluation threatens to collapse the economy of Belarus

The Belarusian economy is in urgent need of devaluation of the national currency. This was stated by chairman of the Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named Kuniavsky George Badey.

In an interview with Interfax, he said that the devaluation will help to create the OTC market and exit from the currency crisis.

"National Bank introduced a moratorium on any action — is an attempt to hide from starting problems. Possible to welcome the statement of the bank that they will create the OTC market, but you need to create and the conditions under which it will work. And this condition is one thing — the devaluation of the ruble. The ruble must let go to float freely, "- said Badey.

He noted that today many companies are forced to freeze their investment programs and the purchase of raw materials and equipment imported.

"This situation can not last forever, it will not last a month. Now indicative of the industry even days. All this may lead to a collapse not only in production but also in the whole of the market ", — said Badey.

He also did not rule out the possibility of default. "Default — it is very painful for the population, but very good for the industry, which gets under these conditions impetus to the development of shock, "- said Badey.

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