Tutankhamun was not murdered, the cause of his early death could be an infection, say scientists




CAIRO, March 8. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Dean Drunk /. Pharaoh Tutankhamun was not murdered. The cause of his early death could be an infection, inscribed in the body after breaking his leg. This was announced today, the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt Zahi Hawass, who announced the results of more than two months ago, computer research mummy of Pharaoh.

As demonstrated by computed tomography, at about the age of 19 years, the young Pharaoh broke his leg, which could lead to blood poisoning, and Tutankhamun died before the age of 20 years. Thus, there is no version of the murder of the governor. The assumption of his violent death arose from scientists after they discovered a mysterious hole in the head of the mummy.

In addition, their confused that haste with which it was buried. "The researchers found no evidence of the murder of Tutankhamun blow to the head — said Hawass. — The theory is that he broke his neck in some accident also remained unproven."


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