U.S. admits: Russian hackers did not break apart water pump

U.S. admits: Russian hackers did not break the water pumpRevealed the truth about the event that a particular situation could be a precursor of World War II.

In the past year military Information processing center in Illinois, USA, issued a report that hackers from Russia broke the water system SCADA and disabled the water pump. First, even the Ministry of Public Security has confirmed that the U.S. hacker attack, although later in public condemned the report and accused the Regional Center for information processing in the spread baseless accusations and panic. In other words, Russian hackers are not taken out of service water supply, that last week just confirmed the conclusions of the special commission of the Congress.

Why is this case so important? The fact that this is the first case in which the spices in the field of cyber security said the attack on the critically important element of the American infrastructure. In addition, the first of this year, the Pentagon said the United States will be treated to such attacks on critical infrastructure as acts of military aggression. It is true for all that states that the reason for the return of a military strike should be mass casualties in the middle of the Yankees.

So Makar, water pump failure in Illinois, happen it a year later, and bring to the deaths of several hundred people of the U.S., could fully grow into a full-scale war. As pointed out last year's event, intelligence on cyber attack may be incorrect.

The investigation showed, in the case of a water pump there was no question about the attack organized group of Russian hackers, much less the military. There was no theft of passwords and water pump overload caused by incorrect commands using remote access — all these facts in the report were incorrect.

It turned out that one of the contractors serving the water system SCADA, was vacationing in Russia and with its location on the remote access is logged in, simply to see how it works.

On his failure responsible officer almost become a prerequisite for international conflict, which began frighteningly commonplace: 5 months after login with Russian addresses pump water broke at the station. Security officers found the premises and found that someone was coming in from Russian IPs, with the advantage of password-contractor. No one bothered to call the contractor and clarify what happened. Instead it was made a conclusion about the theft of passwords and hacked out of — and this is even despite the fact that pump broke down after a few months.

So Makar, in light of the constant fear mongering about the devastating cyberattack, even the usual off the water pump in a provincial town may be a precursor of severe conflict that could end in massive bloodshed.

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