U.S. already in Tajikistan

U.S. already in TajikistanCSTO Secretary, brilliantly proved its futility during last year's massacre of Kyrgyzstan, graduated visit in Tajikistan. Bordyuzha tried to convince Tajiks do not let yourself to for the Yankees, but it seems that they are configured not to allow Russian: U.S. base in Karatag already under construction, and the issue with the placement of the Russian Air Force in Ayni forever frozen. Tajiks as if unwilling funds. But for all that behave like humans, and that money is not particularly needed — better fuck off.

Borduzha been in Dushanbe day or four. The formal reason for the visit was the anniversary of the attack on the Tajik opposition fighters 12 frontier, when the Tajik-Afghan border killed 25 Russian border guards. But it is not the declared reason for the visit — again try to persuade Rahmon of Tajikistan and the military government to abandon plans for active cooperation with South American military, also, to discuss the Tajik administration charge for Russian military deployment in the area of the country. How did he do it?

To understand with what the CSTO secretary-general had to face in Dushanbe, is to draw attention to chronicling diplomatically exchanges between Tajikistan and Russia, and Tajikistan and the United States last month. This activity was so active that does not go to any comparison with the entire previous year.

First, Tipo case matched the dates of visits NATO Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia James Appathurai and Russian Defense Minister Serdyukov. At that Serdyukov had its own visit, which was clear for a long time, and defer to come later, and he was joined by Sergei Naryshkin — recognizable by its properties negotiator. Following the negotiations Naryshkin made a very life-affirming statements — case of Tajikistan and the Russian Federation without annoying improving, negotiations on the use of Ayni airfield is in full swing, the signing of the contract by advisors, border guards held in September.

A week back the Tajik capital Assistant State Hillary Clinton visited the fight against drugs and crime, William Brownfield, who until Rahmon met with Russian negotiators, along with the U.S. ambassador in the country visited the two newest rebuilt anew by means of the South American outpost on the Tajik-Afghan border near the town of Shurobad. Brownfield Rahmon received for the following day. During these days of salting U.S. Gross participated in the ceremony of laying the first stone in the foundation of a training center for military personnel of the State Ministry of Defence Karatag village (35 km west of Dushanbe).

Subject of the talks, and American and Russian visitors, not different variety — the press service reported that they are devoted to issues of military cooperation, the strengthening of the Tajik-Afghan border, combating cross-border crime and drug trafficking.

Americans and Europeans have long and very large scale are interacting with the Tajik government militarily. In particular, abounding in matters related to border security. Over the last couple of years only programmke BOMCA (programm Border Management in Central Asia) has invested over 500 million dollars in the reconstruction of the border posts, outposts and bridges across the Panj. But if in the past it was only the restoration of infrastructure, now and again raises questions of training and Tajik military personnel of the Western, the main South American, instructors. And it is not just aid — this is the beginning of the military presence. And it laid thoroughly — for 2-weeks, from 25 May to 11 June, the Romit Valley, just 20 kilometers from Dushanbe, Tajikistan held joint exercises mobile brigade frisky response and 27th mountain infantry brigade of the Army of France.

So bookmark training center in Karatag — already far the first swallow. In the first step the Americans are planning to build a base of training base, investing in the construction of the 3.1 million bucks. In total, the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), which funds the project, spendest 10 million. These funds will be constructed barracks, training facilities, medical point and an administrative building, and training facilities for special training, fighting in rural and urban criteria, shooting and driving. Ken Gross, being present at the laying of the foundation of the base, said: "The United States has no plans to build a military base on the territory of Tajikistan. The new training center will be handed over to law enforcement services in Tajikistan for training programs in the middle of the military. "

But if the Americans, building a base, give her Tajik military and will position it as the American instructors — who in this case will teach Tajiks? Russian or Chinese advisers? It looks amazing, agree. Completion of construction is scheduled for 2013, which may occasion coincides with the most active phase of the planned withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. And, in addition, the cost of similar statements can be found out, for example, from the fact that when placed in a 2001 military base Ganci at the airport "Manas" in Kyrgyzstan adjacent announced were the presence of the Yankees, according to a UN mandate, only 1 year . Since that time, it took more than 10 years, and the base there now. And more than that — all the more often and more insistent are the claims that after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the Transit Center, as it is now called, remains intact.

With all this help from the Russian Federation in the protection of the borders of Tajikistan are increasingly and increasingly refuses and strive to minimize it as can be. So, with great difficulty, the negotiations on the continuation of the 300 advisers Operational Border Group of the FSB of Russia, located on the Tajik outposts. The term of the contract deeds of their stay in this coming year and the new has not signed up to this time, although at first it was planned to sign another in June, now, after negotiations Naryshkin Rahmon and his signing postponed until September, when Dmitry Medvedev will visit Tajikistan with the municipal visit. "The issue of the placement of Russian border guards in Tajikistan has not been, and will not be considered — first announced in July a source in the Foreign Ministry. — Tajikistan sovladevaet himself completely to the protection of its borders. " Albeit one who has ever beheld emaciated, always hungry and hard-wearing Kalashnikov rifle, a Tajik border guard on the banks of the river Panj hardly believe it. That's why often for solutions to truly combat missions to the rescue comes illegally U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan, as it was in liquidation IMU gangs in the past year in Rasht.

Perhaps at the same time, during the visit of Medvedev to be quite settled the question of the use of the military airfield at Ayni, near Dushanbe. Naryshkin, commenting on the results of negotiations with Rahmon said that "the question of its use in Russia is being addressed." It is true most experts believe that the grounds for such optimism is not enough. "Optimism Naryshkin is not fully understood, as impartially is narrowing the scope of Russian interests in Tajikistan, as well as throughout the region," — says Alexander Knyazev, senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies.

Apparently visit Bordyuzha did not bring the expected results — there was no final press conference, nor any, joint statements. But Foreign Minister Hamrokhon Zarifi, which unofficially considered a puppet of the United States and a candidate to succeed Rahmon from the State De
partment, summarizing the results of the visit, said: "The negotiations are conducted at the level of professionals and go in a constructive way, without haste and without emotion." "Without haste" — means the talks will go endlessly. "Without emotion" — means the question itself is unpleasant to the Tajik side. For clarity, Zarifi said that Tajikistan's land is not owned by ministers of foreign affairs or defense, and the one who said that elements of the base or the base itself (Russian) must be deployed on a free basis, is wrong.

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