U.S. and Al Qaeda: two of a kind — a pair

U.S. and "Al Qaeda": two of a kind - a pairI. Recipe Malian cuisine

On the resource globalresearch.ca July 16th article appeared conspicuous Eric Draytsera "Mali," Al-Qaeda "and South American neo-colonial agenda." Article Creator for example nedavneshnih events Mali specifies how the U.S. and its allies are engaged in projects specifically seize political and military power.

Creation of AFRICOM (U.S. Africa Command) in 2007, the war in Libya, military coup in Mali, in the end, the consolidation of the current American government with "Al Qaeda" in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM, Rus. AQIM) — all this, in the views of Draytsera, says that the United States could well destabilize West Africa and have gained many of their own long-term strategic goals in the region.

While the Western media, writes Draytser depict the situation in West Africa as the "unintended consequences" of the intervention in Libya, the indisputable fact is that the United States has for many years trying to establish his control over the region, what at first (that of course) made "decisive action" leading to the achievement of a fully defined goal — Regional impermanence. Expanding the activities of AQIM, which is currently joined forces for control of the territory in the Sahel, where the U.S. plans to expand its military presence.

The Government of Mali has been involved in a brutal war civilian clothes after the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, says creator. The Tuaregs, who fought on the side of Muammar, returned home armed, battle-hardened and annoyed. Has it all — "recipe" for the production of military specialties in Mali, the central government which was seen in the United States less than a South American puppet regime.

Amadou Sanogo, the captain of the Mali-shifter, trained at one time in America, has, according to Draytseru, "sponsors" of Washington. The coup was planned in the United States. His aim was to destabilize the situation in Mali. Everything came out the best way possible: as expected, the overthrow of the legitimate government plunged the country into political chaos and anarchy in the capital has opened the door to the north is even more unsafe opponent. In the country appeared branch "Al-Qaeda".

In the midst of the fighting between government forces and Tuareg in the north showed up so called "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" (AQIM). It is an offshoot of "Al-Qaeda" has invaded the country slyly made its presence in the region means of an alliance with the rebels. In fact it was a "marriage of convenience". Two forces waged war on his shoulder shoulders to overcome the feeble Malian military, which, despite years of training and modern equipment from the United States, failed to cause significant damage to the insurgents and terrorist operatives. But as it became clear Draytser says that the north of the country is "liberated" from the armed forces of the government and the Malian military, the gap between the insurgents and militants AQIM was a natural.

According to the creator, Mali at the moment is a base for terror and destabilization, which emerged as a consequence of the Libyan war.

Like other branches of "Al-Qaeda", writes on Draytser, AQIM is specifically related to South American intelligence agencies and the military presence in the Sahel. AFRICOM was created by the Bush administration in 2007 in order to "defend the national security interests of the United States by strengthening the defense capability of the States … and put an end to international threats." Yet, the article recalls the creator, within a few months after the creation of AFRICOM, the Algerian group, popular under the title "Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat» (SGPC) has been renamed to AQIM and has come to represent a more serious international concern, which has never been to these pores.

One can only wonder why the journalist said, how in just a few months, with the sharp rise in the presence of the U.S. military and intelligence officers, could rapidly appear similar grouping. It is reasonable to imagine that these two actions — not just a coincidence …

Most likely, the AFRICOM "legitimize" their presence in the region, the availability of the enemy. He took into account the existence of an obscure terrorist organization, gave her the sign "Al-Qaeda", and that made the conditions for its own military presence. AFRICOM has sent so called military "advisers" to the region, allegedly to combat the threat posed by this newest organization, but in fact, simply put, made the region's dependence on the United States. Americans were leaked to the military structures in the entire region and thus turned them into their own clients or proxies of the armed forces of the United States. A similar relationship was trivial in Mali.

With the defeat of the military forces of Mali, AQIM has to control a huge part of the Sahel, which made the threat to adjacent countries, but continues to "legitimize" the presence of AFRICOM here. In fact, says the creator, the situation in Mali and the region as a whole must be understood as a concrete and mercantilist manipulation, organized by the United States.

What are the goals set themselves the U.S.?

Imperialist ruling class in America, writes Draytser has a great number of circumstances in which he needs the destabilization of the Sahel and Africa as a whole. First, the U.S. wants to block the impending economic penetration of the mainland of China.

It's no secret Draytser recalls that China has become naikrupneyshim investor in Africa. Beijing on mutually criteria involved in projects for the economic development of the region, in turn, gaining access to raw materials. The Chinese have already established themselves in almost all African countries. In this regard, the United States to examine how to slow down or stop these things in general, not disdaining any means.

In addition, the United States seeks to avoid self-contained economic development in Africa. Washington and Wall Street can not quietly look at how their former servants are approved outside the South American dollar hegemony. Sami U.S., Europe and most of the nations of the world have slipped into a global depression, but a large part of Africa, in Draytseru, remains economically measured. Can a 1% (those who dictate their will to the world) allow this? No. Because they will again seek to dominate, using the ordinary assortment own guns terrorism, military coups, blackmail, etc.

In the end, America must do everything possible to continue to justify its military presence on the continent. Despite the public outrage across Africa, the very thought of AFRICOM, Washington was able to incorporate it into many military structures on the mainland. In addition, the article states that the creator of "muscle" and then provide the puppet regimes in the U.S., for example, in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, and other countries where governments act as a ruthless policy of the United States, bowing to his patrons, dictators, sitting in the Washington.

In almost all respects, according to the creator, Mali has become a second Libya: the majority of the population now lives under the rule of terrorists and extremists. As in Libya, writes Draytser, Mali at the sight of the refuge is converted to international terrorist groups, w
ho behold the its purpose is to — no more, no less — to kill quite modern-day Africa.

II. "A terrible position"

The article by Igor Ignatchenko "U.S. playing with fire" (Strategic Culture Foundation) Describes the U.S. government's alliance with the "Al-Qaeda", which operated in 2011 in Libya — against Gaddafi.

Referring to the information that a member of Congress Cynthia McKinney, creator says that the forces opposed to Muammar Gaddafi represented nothing else, as a mixture of mercenaries from the "Al-Qaeda", trained by the CIA. In March 2011, President Obama signed a hidden document, which gave the CIA permission to train and arm the rebels, including and "the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group" (the North African wing of the "Al-Qaeda") under the control of the commander Abdel Hakim Belhaj (in the 80's who fought on the side of the mujahideen in Afghanistan, and later, during the NATO intervention in Libya, who became military governor of Tripoli). Meanwhile, the organization led by Belhadj, has been included in the UN list of terrorists: after all, in 2007, al-Zawahiri announced the merger of "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" and "the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group."

Another 'outstanding' new field commander of the Libyan authorities, writes on Ignatchenko — Abdel Hakim al-hasad, past guest Guantanamo. This thriller participated in the war in Iraq, and was captivated by the Yankees in Afghanistan. With Osama bin Laden's al-hasad converged in Afghan Khost camp. "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" announced in humus in eastern Libya Islamic Emirate led by al-hasad — there is this action, and commanded the troops antikaddafistov. Libyan rebels, but him and commanded an influential member of the "Libyan Islamic Fighting Group," Ismael al-Salabi. There is marked according Ignatchenko, and Abu Ubaid al-Jerash, another warlord of "Al Qaeda." And her other thriller, Ali Salabi, has held senior positions in the Libyan Transitional Council of State.

The Libyan "tradition" America today continues in Syria.

Article "Holy Alliance" of the U.S. and the "Al-Qaeda" I. Ignatchenko, citing a variety of sources — the British «The Daily Telegraph», «The Guardian», «The Sunday Times», «The Times», «The National» UAE, «The New York Times», «The Huffington Post »,« The Wall Street Journal »(USA) — overlooks the continuation of international friendship and Washington's" Al-Qaeda ", established on the Syrian front.

We single out the following facts from the author's view, speaking in favor of the fact that America and "Al Qaeda" make one "just cause."

1. Terrorist attacks in Damascus that took place before the New Year, characterized specifically for the "Al-Qaeda" and is very similar to Iraq. The road to terrorist operatives in Syria — "Turkish corridor." And not only the United States is friends with "Al-Qaeda", and Britain.

2. At a press conference in Baghdad, Iraq Minister of Foreign Affairs confirmed the information that the militants "Al-Qaeda" fall into Syria to carry out attacks and transports there a tool through the Iraqi border.

3. Hillary Clinton says the international community of the need for intervention in Syria, and the CIA supported and coached terrorist operatives.

4. Specifically convey of religious extremists and foreign mercenaries in Syria led to an escalation of violence there.

5. Alliance of the United States and "Al Qaeda" does not bother the ex-CIA operative and a senior fellow of the "Fund of defending democracy," Reuel Marc Gerecht, in the pages of «The Wall Street Journal» speculating that the Assad regime would kill CIA operation, carried out from Turkey, Jordan and the Iraqi Kurdistan.

By the way, IA «REGNUM» reports: a few days back there is evidence that on the side of the Free Syrian Army is currently fighting militants cells "Al-Qaeda" a total of more than 6,000 people. The agency «France-Press», referred to its source in the power structures of Saudi Arabia, issued a video captured by the rebels after the capture of the 1st checkpoint on the Syrian-Turkish border. The footage fighters come with the flag of "al-Qaeda" and say they are fighting for the establishment of an Islamic country. According to them, with the opposition in Syria are fighting soldiers from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, Chechnya.

July 18 at the headquarters of the State Security Service of Syria, an explosion occurred, resulting in the death of Minister of Defense, General Daoud Rajhi, his deputy — in-law of President Bashar al-Assad, Asef Shawkat and Assistant Vice-President on military matters, the head of the Crisis Staff of Hassan al-Turkmani. Managing Security Services, General Hisham Bakhtiar died of his wounds later day or two (RIA "Novosti").

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has recently announced the statement of the representative to the United Nations Susan Rice, who called the attack on July 18 testimony to the fact that the Security Council should not be more rigmarole with the adoption of the resolution on Syria. Comrade Lavrov said: "In other words, in Russian speaking, this meant: we will continue to support such terrorist acts, until the Security Council will do what we want. This is a general strshnaya position. "

"The U.S. representative to the UN Susan Rice — says Sergey Chernyakhovskii (KM.ru) — On the day or refused to support a resolution condemning the terrorist act of anti-government armed groups in Damascus and said it should not condemn terrorism, and to introduce troops into Syria to topple Assad.

Up to this time, at least formally, it was believed that the so-called. global society rejects and condemns terrorism as a tool of political struggle. Now officially proclaimed that considers itself the leading superpower country These methods endorses and supports.

Until now, the United States formally urged that are against human rights violations and the bloodshed in Syria. At the moment they are admitted at the UN that they approve of terrorism. "

According to the views of Cherniakhovskogo "return" Al-Qaeda "to the military and political action, in fact, together with the United States suggests that now operates a truce between them, or that after the defeat of the bases" Al-Qaeda "in Afghanistan, she again put control services of the United States of America. In any case, now they cover her actions, a year earlier bombings kept her own actions in Libya. "


Thus, the United States has not become — or almost finished — to hide their true democratic guise. If "Al-Qaeda" appears on one side of the CIA, that means she is fighting for the rights and freedoms of human rights and democracy around the world.

Not only because of the actions of brave government forces in Syria, and thanks to such unrestrained individuals such as Susan Rice, John McCain or, for example, the occupant of Moscow Mr. McFaul, we learn the whole truth about the goals and interests of the United States, also on the strategic friends when Washington through which achieves these objectives.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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