U.S. and China: a cool war

I. Victim differences

In early August between the U.S. and China began a new round of growing with each month of cool war — the mutual exchange of geopolitical "courtesies".

3rd number of State Department commented officially announced the end of China's construction of the town Sansha (July 24) on the peninsula Woody, otherwise referred to as Yongxing or Fulam. Hegemonic America did not like not only the emergence of a new Chinese town on Woody, and the placement of military garrison there, and also plans to build a fishing base. As long as the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan only verbally claim to this tiny piece of land (13 sq. km.) In the South China Sea, China him what it was, "staked", populating tyschey Chinese and bringing back the garrison — that protect stretched out a little southern border.

U.S. and China: Cold War

From strategically profitable Sanshui Beijing is going to manage the marine territory in the hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. South China Sea is rich in hydrocarbon and are not deprived of fish resources. That's why the head of the local branch of the Communist Party of Luo Baoming said"The government will work to Sanshui reincarnation into an important base for the protection of China's sovereignty."

Learning about the "important base", the State Department said in public about undermining Beijing's efforts to diplomatically resolve disputes in the region and discharge tension there. China in response did not keep quiet.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC for the next day, in other words, on August 4, asked the United States to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country (by which assumed and extended for one city in a sea of Hainan Province). A 6 August newspaper "People's Daily" simply proposed Yankees shut my mouth: "Statement of the American side confuses right with wrong, misleading the public, sends the wrong signal, and must be fiercely refuted. We can just roar USA: Shut up. "

The newspaper of the ruling Communist Party supported on the same day and "Zhongguo Ribao". This edition noted, that white-washed house is not finished, "think in terms of cool war." In the editorial column of the newspaper stated: "Instead of criticizing the country, creating prepyadstviya in the South China Sea, the U.S. poured gryazyuku China, the real victim of these differences. "

Directly for advice about the "shut up" the Chinese are popularly explained to America that she in-1's, not the hegemon, but only from afar looks like him, in-2, is not able to win in regional wars, and in 3 -x, in vain regards China as a strategic adversary: after Beijing, unlike Washington, is committed to peace and not to controversy.

II. South American interests, and the islands — Chinese

Hua Yiwen, an expert on international issues considers, that it is not China and the U.S. "dramatize" the situation in the South China Sea. And, dramatizing, as usual, are pursuing their interests. USA wants to preserve the "fair face" (protection of democratic values, etc.) are not zapamyatyvaya with all this over to their side of the ASEAN countries. For the creation of a truly democratic fighter against injustice, says Hua Yiwen, the image of China served America as a great country, derogatory small countries. United States also appears as a character struggling with an obvious injustice.

In addition, Washington, DC, on the views of the creator, the handling of the sovereign acts of disputes and conflicts through a third party (arbitration) and generally various multilateral mechanisms in order to throw himself to the ability for the upcoming intervention in the disputes in the South China Sea.

But, in quipped special on international issues, the United States, even though they are a superpower, can greatly influence the change of international situation, but "not all of the strategies and policies of the United States can be implemented. For example, the U.S. could not win in the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. "

That's it — not subtract or add. Say, you are not mature enough yet to win in regional wars. In general, we note in brackets yourself, then China too, at one time, in 1979, tried the Vietnamese "treats" …

As for the situation in the South China Sea, one here, as the Chinese Analyst, Beijing is soberly aware no illusions: the South China Sea for a long time there will be peace. But turn away from the "vital interests" of China is going. Washington same crossing — even if verbally — with Beijing about the troubled situation, can be achieved only shocking result and even harm to yourself by yourself. "Nobody can make a fool of history and reality," — writes on international affairs, the firm is designated as the interests of their own country, and returning the States in their place somewhere off the coast of the Atlantic.

Here Hua Yiwen, ending with the final part of his own writings, geopolitical march crosses to a positive bravura code: "In the end, the U.S. will not be able to raise a huge wave in the South China Sea, fail to stop the trend of China's rise, will not be able to rewrite history, which suggests that China has sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea and their surrounding maritime areas. "

So who's read about the disputes and claims to the islands? In China, know that there is no dispute, nor the disputed islands. Everything — the Chinese. Acquire it once and for all.

III. Naval exercises

In late April of this year in the Yellow Sea were the Sino-Russian military exercises "Sea cooperation — 2012". On the Russian side of the sea came a detachment: the guided-missile cruiser "Varyag", a huge anti-ship "Admiral Tributs", "Admiral Vinogradov", "Marshal Shaposhnikov" tanker "Pechenga" and two rescue tug. Misha Pak considers, that China just used Russian, to show during its naval exercises an advantage (including the United States and its regional neighbors.) In those same days are close enough, just in the South China Sea, were the teachings of U.S. and Philippine warships.

The Chinese can not just say "shut up", and show business that shut up — it's time. Beijing April 21 warned Washington and Manila to the effect that "in the exercise there is a threat of military clashes."

Do not get tired Celestial explain the Yankees and the international community in general and about their rights on the Diaoyu Islands, and big business on the African continent.

IV. Yet another conflict Islands

Conflicts over peninsula in China and its neighbors in the region much — so that journalists occasionally even confused names of islands. Simple enough: already the name of the seas, wearing a clearly political character (the South China, East China, Japan) cause the warring parties prirekaniya.

A month back the land of the rising sun do not like the fact that Chinese patrol boats arrived in the area of the Diaoyu
Islands (also known as Senkaku) — and she, Japan protested. Beijing gave its own usual response: held in the East China Sea, a five-day live-fire exercises.

Relations between China and Japan deteriorated when Tokyo announced official plans to nationalize the islands, buying them from private individuals. China could not accept the fact that someone buys someone islands that it China claims as its own. All the more so that many nearby islands of natural gas.

In China believes that all positions on the islands, including South American, usually built on the position of the Chinese are wrong — wrong. Correct only the Chinese position that the islands are Chinese territory. Because the ships under the flag of the PRC can patrol the surrounding waters as zahochut.

V. China Africa

In addition to the East China and South China Sea, China is firmly founded and in Africa. The development of the Chinese mainland Black somehow eluded America in recent years is very passionate about the "Arab Spring" and the general idea of the full democratization of the Arab world, but now in the face of Washington Secretary of State, the Congress on a tour of Africa, as if awake. No need to be 7 rocket scientist to realize that Hillary Clinton traveled to Senegal, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Benin, not for pleasure, and promoting the traditional position of global hegemony Democrats: all that States do — well, all that makes China — not good. In this context, Africa, it turns out, the bad thing is that the PRC in the first decade of the XXI century has naikrupneyshim trading partner in Africa. After naikrupneyshy trading partner, His views on Hillary Clinton is the one that gives preferential multibillion loans, receiving in exchange for access to resources, and the latter is not at all fine. Well, the Secretary of State of the country, where many feral monkeys multinational companies, in this case — a connoisseur.

Last spring, speaking at the Institute campus of Syracuse (State of New-york), Hillary Clinton expressed quite openly"Diplomacy in the energy sector is a critically important factor of our national security, and not just from the standpoint of pleasing the energy needs of the United States at an affordable price, but also from the standpoint of the role that energy plays in our relations with other regions of the world."

But one thing is when "diplomacy in the energy sector" are engaged in the USA, and quite another — as in this sphere breaks China. The fact that the United States can be, as it is these same U.S. approved, others are not allowed.

The habit of performing at high schools in expressive Hillary had an impact in Africa. Appearing in public in the Institute of Dakar, Clinton with fervor said"The days when strangers come to Africa and benefited, leaving nothing behind him, must end."

Not the Yankees, a former slave traders, today, feel free to tell politically incorrect word "Negro" would seem to teach about Africa — but that's being taught. Hillary Clinton has criticized some unnamed countries that "give Africa money and not fussing about the fact that these funds into the hands of authoritarian rulers." What the failure of this — authoritarian rulers? In China, they too authoritarian.

It must be unnerving to the Yankees not only the fact of success PRC commercial in Africa, and the frisky ability of Chinese to find a common language with a variety of partners, which is not far from the U.S. always comes out.

"One of the secrets of success of China in Africa — writes Alexander Gabuev — absolute tolerance for human rights and democracy. Ultimately, authoritarians like Sudanese President Omar Bashir or the head of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe become best friends in Beijing. China provides them with a tool and covers the UN, and in return enjoys the benefits. For example, according to some reports, in the Sudan in the oil fields of Chinese CNPC Chinese work the prisoners, and protect their soldiers standing army of China, temporarily appointed to work in the corporate private security company. "

12-day tour of Mrs. Clinton further cooled the case of China and the United States. State news agency "Xinhua" in his own straightforward manner accused South American Secretary of State in the etching of China and African states: "The conclusions that China sees the wealth of Africa itself, are far from the truth. The purpose of her speech — to drive a wedge between China and Africa. "


So Makar, if you look at the geopolitical balance of power in the world in recent years, you can make one common conclusion: not Russian Federation (albeit with a failed "reset") — opponent of the U.S. war on the newest cool. While America is building democracy in the world, encouraging a different kind of "opposition" and the distributors of the "Arab Spring" China continues to trade successfully, to get hydrocarbons, good build things, and along with the town, sometimes rather tartly expressing and expanding the boundaries of a Communist something Velia -someone to "shut up", hinting at all this through the inability of journalists to keep the Yankees regional war. In this situation, Washington can only swallow the bitter pill — not that Beijing will organize again somewhere near the disputed islands of military exercises, and before you know it, and the next town will build on the reef.

Oleg surveyed Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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