U.S. burial service

U.S. "burial service"In the last decade, a lot of posts about the "imminent demise" of the U.S.. U.S. tipped to death because of the financial and economic problems, environmental (the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico), some refer to the predictions of U.S. Redskins and other prophets (E. Casey), etc.

In the middle of the American "pohoronschikov" U.S. can distinguish two — self-contained scholar Jordan Maxwell and the priest Lindsey Williams. Both developed a frenzied activity to promote their own thoughts, the corresponding phrase scientist Maxwell and Williams is a priest: "You did not know? Get ready for the moment to find out … ".

Reference: Jordan Maxwell scientist for more than 50 years engaged neuvvyazkami old stories, paleoufologii, symbolism, secret teachings and secret societies and their impact on society in order to manage them. Lectures and wrote many papers, records video lectures, collaborates with other scientists working in these areas. There is a perception that is the "voice" of the structures of the Rothschilds. Since 2009, intensively criticizes the Vatican. Many of his data is very presentable and convincing.

The latest forecasts Maxwell is very sad for the United States: "I am afraid, will not be able to save America", "America does not have enough brains to realize what is happening," "America is filled up and filled up quickly" and "Something terrible is going to happen."

Charges Vatican:

— Vatican — is follower of the Roman Empire, today's European Alliance — the flesh of Old Rome, and Rome, the Vatican, its "brain." Its essence is similar to the Italian Mafia. Vatican as before the world's population considers its legitimate stage, and the shepherd himself.

— Vatican — is the main evil on the planet, which threatens their very existence to the entire population of the earth.

— Vatican inherited many lurking polytheistic Rome, the Christian doctrine used to control the people, made knights of the Order of the Templars for the type of penetration in the adjacent areas. But ultimately, the Templars were so many authorities (including the ancient sources of knowledge) and the wealth that the Vatican had to deal with impact. In the end, the surviving Templars went first to Scotland, then to the United States.

— The Vatican has always operates in secret, after the apparent collapse of the colonial structure of the Vatican supported fascism in Italy and Nazism in Germany (together with U.S. financial institutions.) And after the collapse of the project and helped smuggle Nazi scientists in the United States and South America.

Prophecy and other topics

Maxwell imagined that in April 2011 in the U.S. there will be something terrible scale equal to or greater than 11 September 2001.

Some alternatives to the present state of the scientist does not offer. In ancient times, in his view, the development of the world's population affected aliens, Anunnaki, who kept their genes at birth some "shadow governors" of the planet. Then, his world view is consistent with the statements of writers Zecharia Sitchin and David Icke.

It may be noted that in the near future the Vatican several activated in terms of anti-Zionist propaganda and plans to act as a moral stronghold of the oppressed, the center of constructing a new society. In October 2010, "according to the results of a 2-week conference of the Episcopal Synod states that the biblical concept of the promised land can not be invoked as a justification for the construction of settlements [on Palestinian land]." After that, two months Palestinian government recognized the 7 countries, Tel Aviv expressed regret that of position (in practice is lurking confrontation structures Zionists and the Vatican).

U.S. "burial service"Reference: Lindsay Williams, Baptist priest, ordained for missionary work in Alaska in 1971. According to him, has contacts with representatives of the world's elite, which he dedicates to his plans. According to some reports, about 75-80% of its predictions are realized.

He correctly foretold rate shocks of oil in recent years, the beginning of Arab unrest. In the current time of his interview — "hot topic" for the American media. Williams calls for a free flow of its disk imaging without protecting the rights of its author.

He is voiced by almost example program for the establishment of the New World Order on the planet. The priest does not make their own conclusions, only the voice of the information provided, does not give moral judgment, no criticism of public policy.

Stories told by the priest

— In the book "The energy crisis, which was not" (1980), he told the opening of the United States in 1976, an underground sea of oil in the northern part of the U.S. (Dakota and Montana), supplies of which would have sufficed for decades. This is an easy low-sulfur oil at a cost of $ 16 per barrel, but this field was classified and will be expected when the cost will rise to $ 200.

— Supplies of natural gas in the United States for 200 years, but the development is prohibited, the existence of deposits classified. One of the lobbyists buying oil abroad at the green paper was Henry Kissinger.

— In 2005, it was reported another oil field in the Rocky Mountains 2000000000000000. barrels. This is the biggest field of the world, oil in it 8 times more than Saudi Arabia. In other words, the oil issue in the U.S. purely geopolitical, a method of controlling the masses and the world. At one point, the U.S. can destroy a huge number of states that are hooked on the sale of energy States.

— In 2012 Baksova system "die", this process is fully managed and controlled. He will continue to exist, but not as a global currency. Thanks to the trillion-dollar injections into the global financial system greenbacks, Washington managed to delay the fall of the system for a year, so better get ready.

— "China will be the main" that we are in the current time and look. China lent funds to States than the Global Bank. Middle class in the U.S., which was the main consumer of the planet, will change the BRICS countries (Brazil, our motherland, India, China, South Africa). Our homeland and China are preparing for the creation of regional monetary systems.

— Middle East — this is a smoke Zahav, to distract the attention of the people of the planet, the main action takes place in Russia and China. Countries of the Arab world simply sacrificed to hide the true global restructuring.

— In 2011, there hunger, although food will be enough. In the U.S., prices will rise, and people's incomes will fall down by 30-50%.

— Preparations for the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, so, 10-14 January 2011 insiders have sold shares for 163 million dollars, not having bought one share — funds invested in the purchase of precious metals. In the U.S., impossible to buy silver coins, all sold out. India, China, Iran and other countries heavily buying gold.

— World elites recognize only real assets, because in 2011, against the background of a controlled collapse of the euro and the dollar, the cost of oil will rise to $ 200, the gold will reach 2
000 dollars, and then to 3000 dollars per troy ounce, silver reaches $ 300 .

— Not counting tasks smokescreen, destabilization of the Arab world will lead to an increase in oil prices (already led), it will lead to the newest wave of the global crisis, the euro will fall (Portugal already filed for bankruptcy). In Europe, will begin protests and social unrest — is unchanged news began protests in Greece, Italy, the UK and other countries. They will be fueled nationalism goes redistribution of spheres of influence, power and real estate. European securities to lose their value, will not cost more than regular paper. Air transportation system dramatically zahireet — will be a very expensive fuel and ticket prices. Europeans are taken aback to half of their welfare and income.

— There is a hint that when the power in the Arab countries will receive constructive Islamists, Israel "will manifest itself in all its glory," in other words the plan a "Greater Israel" will be burning.

— The signal for the fact that "floated", will be the collapse of Saudi Arabia and its royal family. As a "start" in Saudi Arabia — in the United States will begin the action of global significance.

— War with Iran in the near-term (year, two) will not. Previously, "overwhelm" the Arab Mediterranean region will block the path through the Suez Canal, drive up the price of oil to $ 200, will begin development of U.S. oil and switching to biofuel (it sounded both Bush and Obama), "overwhelm" the Arab monarchies.

— Arabs return to their initial state (poor nomads, with a huge reduction in the population), their wealth and influence were created, almost everything in order to kill the project of the Red Empire.

— The United States for the years 2011-2012 will swap beyond recognition. The public will be plunged into poverty and hunger, banks and shops will not work, small and medium-sized private business will fall — the main employer is a corporate government. The priest offers prayers and for all "condemned" the Yankees: bow your head and pray for forgiveness, "I have sinned and deserve endless punishment for having denied thee, but I came to a place in which acknowledge your supremacy, Jesus, and I will rise up from the dead on the third day. Forgive me my sins. Amen. " No call to resist courageously meet configuration, only repentance and humility.

Curiously, the second priest money speculator George Soros. In fact, what is happening in the U.S., is very similar to the years of "perestroika" in the USSR, even tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico — is a South American "Chernobyl". Information war unleashed by the destruction of the United States.

Apparently, the U.S. in the form in which they are doomed, because the real resistance and favorites that have led him, in the United States to be seen. We also rejoice that the U.S. (Carthage new time) fall, it is not necessary, this event will pronounce that the New World Order is based, and we entered into it … Moscow maintains its own resources, the Russian as before dying.


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