U.S.: chaos and disintegration?

I. 86% of disappointed

A number of research works carried out in the past couple of years, substantiated: Americans frustrated by the federal government. Center «Pew Research», which conducted the survey at the end of last year, concluded that 86 percent of the Yankees' experience or disappointment from the activities of the federal government, or even anger at those who sits in a white house.

Yes, it's just a poll, yes, one of many. But the number — 86 percent — think forces. From 50 percent without 30 eight. Not fifteen. Eighty-six — this is, consider the almost complete unanimity.

U.S.: chaos and disintegration?

At the same time it should be noted another fact: the population of America, and to a greater extent of its electorate, for obvious reasons, intensified in 2012, was divided into two equal parts: one part is going to vote for Republican Mitt Romney, the other — for Democrat Barack Obama. 10 per cent or a little more than seems, will give votes for certain candidates — for example, for Merlin Miller of the "Third Way".

But, obviously, "choose" people will be out 2-candidates: Romney and Obama. On the other candidates, many simply do not know. And that's what made up the pre-election "mosaic": Some people will give voice to Obama just one of those judgments, so that the country does not become worse, others will vote for Romney — that sat on the throne, who else, but not bad Obama.

This can be a variety of terminals. For example, this: both candidates are very bad. This conclusion is confirmed by a foreign observer of Russian Americans themselves — see, for example, articles and notes on the resource infowars.com, including reprinted from there and other analysis and news websites.

Consequently, the phenomenon? Vote for any of the two, that came to power second? No, it costs Americans have a system that at times in crisis and that eventually outlived itself. From the time of Bush's America is moving forward only by inertia.

Very famous and very intelligent people (no, not from Russia) — like Patrick Buchanan and Ron Paul — directly predict America if not complete collapse, the future chaos and massive mess. What is behind a mess — the god of the news. Maybe the end of the U.S. as a country. Department of Texas, and so on … For something a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) purchase 1,400,000 rounds of ammunition and special equipment …

The situation with the elections, "Obama — Romney" vtochnosti the same, what was the situation with the elections, "Bush — Gore." The two big parties for each of which there were massive lobby, industrial, financial and other, dictate and impose their will on the electorate — through the media, through the "debate" over disputes Democrats and Republicans in Congress, through the usual voting for Republicans or for Democrats or those of other states (his, by the way, even ridiculed by Mark Twain). The political elite in the United States may not be renewed — just as she did not give renewed.

It seems to be our attitude to Yeltsin — Specific Putin's supporters will not lie: Boris specifically pointed the finger at Vladimir Vladimirovich. There are different ways to comment on the action end of December 1999, but to say that Putin's Our homeland is exactly the Yeltsin of the Russian Federation, is slukavit. Attitude to the Russian Federation of Western countries — the best indicator of change. And Europe and the United States are already thinking about the recent "cold war." Is it conceivable that this was related to the Russian Federation under Yeltsin? .. So Makarov, there was a change of elites, with the participation of the President, voluntarily leave power (it is at the status-that "superprezidenta", to use the language of the then political scientists).

In the United States — a different picture. There will be differences, Obama or Romney will lead on "forward" the country. National debt grew by Republicans as well as Democrats in. Fed printed or agents or their substitutes and also with those and others.

At the moment printed securities on 40000000000. bucks every month. Obama at one stroke 2-hares ubivahom: If elected, he could at least do part of the inflation by promises and temporarily soothe people who believes in the country's first black president only as a populist defender of the middle class and the ideologist of «Medicare» (medprogramma, which in States dubbed «Obamacare»). If elected Romney — and he decided to step up and not cut the military budget, but still not to increase taxes on millionaires class — that Obama electorate "revenge": inflationary spiral spin up simultaneously, the national debt will jump again, and realized that a couple of months back experts from the IMF predicted: even the International monetary fund will not be able to save a drowning America. Why? Yes, resources are not enough, everything is counted and reread. With the same success fishing boat could rescue the "Titanic."

This is — the economy. And in the geopolitics of Obama that Romney will do the same thing. One a bit softer, the other a bit harder (if he will allow Congress). The values are the same — the "Arab Spring", in spite of everything, including the gloomy prophecies of political scientists and analysts and accusations of snow-white house in the "naivete" of Iran, Syria, stereotyped policy towards the Russian Federation and, of course, the famous "double standards "- it's all over. Our homeland — a partner, but — European missile defense. With China, we are great partners, but — of the fleet in the Asia-Pacific region in general and military values in the Asia-Pacific region, as decided and approved in January 2012. Against the Syrian people is at war, "Al-Qaeda" and terrorists from all over the world, but we will support these terrorists, so that … "Assad must go" (broken record). Gaddafi also had to leave. And now the death of four in Benghazi, and the "moderate" Islamists in power in Egypt and throughout the Muslim world harness South American flags because of rumors about bad movie about the prophet Mohammed, and Obama is the latest rumor about the bombing of Libya and Egypt removed from U.S. allies . But the "Arab Spring" will still go on. Why? Yes to stop. Giant machine, entitled the U.S. simply can not be stopped — until she falls off a cliff.

On the days of Hillary Clinton urged the United States to continue to support democracy in the Middle East. Outbreaks of violence in different countries do not have to suspend democratization, she said. According to the head of the State Department, Washington's attitude to the young democracies in countries emerging from the "Arab Spring" should not swap after the "acts of violence committed by extremists small numbers."

As it became clear from the following passage of Mrs. Clinton, the "Arab Spring" — not the brainchild of the U.S.:

"We recognize that the transition to democracy in the Middle East is not a matter of dollars. We can not lose or win here. But we need to support those who are working every day to strengthen democratic institutions, protection of universal human rights and economic growth. This will result in a more capable persons in the world and to stability in the long term. "

So said Mrs. Clinton at a meeting at the Center for Strat
egic and International research projects in Washington.

In other words, the Americans did not start, but only supported. That is the there is inertial effect of the machine — the fuel is gone, but the wheels still rolling. And the acceleration was strong …

And Clinton did not seem to know why to power in the countries of the "Spring" came the Islamists, although hundred days to reverse the hot Egyptian congratulated Morsi on his victory.

She and about the opposition in Syria does not know anything. Completely trusting and malosveduschaya lady.

Back in the spring of 2012, when we were going meeting of the "Friends of Syria", Mrs. Clinton announced to the public that does not know who is out of the Syrian opposition. In short, the U.S. Secretary of State is not aware of who generally makes the "Arab Spring" and for what purpose.

When ignorance openly admits boss State Department, the agency which approves the 10's of millions of dollars going to the "humanitarian aid" the Syrian "opposition", you wonder: whose interests it is to watch over the Middle East and North Africa, Mrs. Clinton and her boss Obama? Oh, in fact if not South American? And then whose is it?

No, from the State Department in the face of Islamist Clinton disown. She acknowledged that the increased impact of the Islamists in the Middle East and North Africa (Libya, Tunisia and Egypt) is a challenge to South American interests.

But Clinton get out of a difficult situation. It turns out that the United States, in its opinion, should conduct a more active policy in the region, if only wish of success achieved.

More active? In other words, the inertial push the car yourself?

"For the United States support the transition to democracy is not idealism, but a strategic necessity," — said Mrs. Clinton. She added: "We will never be able to prevent every act of terrorism or achieve absolute security. Our people can not live in bunkers and with all this ok to do my job. "

You would work at home, as recommended by fellow Merlin Miller, U.S. presidential candidate from the "Third Way". Not that from all sides will soon be one big "challenge South American interests." And popryachetes in bunkers.

"Normally do your job" — which means to produce oil strategy. In the Middle East where there is profit in energy resources. In the same Libya. Only here with democracy there one big disadvantage. That will destroy the Ambassador, the tortured Shaaban, the city of Bani Walid freaked. There are, however, the option to make of Yugoslavia, Libya, starting with Cyrenaica, but there is a need to allocate a regular budget. But with a budget that fuels revolutions in inertial car was tight … any high national debt over 16 trillion dollars …

And here is another boss "Al-Qaeda", Ayman al-Zawahri, made a audiotape in which the supporters of global Shariah advised to continue to attack the U.S. Embassy, and at the same time praised the work of children from Benghazi, choking smoke Ambassador Stevens.

The elections exacerbate the situation inside the United States to the extreme, to the absurdity.

The presidential "race" in the U.S. converted to a vile spectacle. Election posters Romney in Virginia, someone smeared shit. In Ohio, a giant pile of horse manure dumped in front of the headquarters of the Democratic Party. And in the days of one bus driver took so said 12-year-old little boy, that Obama supports abortion and add to this:

"Maybe your mother had an abortion you choose."

That's from all this — eighty six percent are disappointed and angry. But the car is going, and the Fed and the State Department are pushing all her exhausted little hands …

II. 53% of dependent

Ron Paul, a former candidate for U.S. president, said last week about the dependence of many Yankees from the government. This dependence is expressed in different allowances, medical assistance insurance, social support of various groups of the population. In addition, in the "at risk" includes direct and workers of the country. Ron Paul just figured 165 million. — 308 million of the U.S. population, in other words 53%.

To feed and rescue from bankruptcy this whole horde, the Fed continues to purchase assets of the banks, and will continue to do so "indefinitely." There is a growing national debt. The Congress, on the views of Comrade Paul, does not apply to debt seriously, and all are signs that the money will be spent until such time as the system does not fall.

Ron Paul is not writing about the inertia, he found another figurative comparison. According to him, the Americans are in a "runaway train." Costs does not stop there. The debt ceiling will be raised again, maybe before the end of this year.

Paul predicts the U.S. 'Greek' mess, where they will take place in America 10 years, no less. Put an end to them can only be stopped by a speeding train: to find a way to keep the government from the crazy spending money. Ron Paul believes that a very large number of Yankees essentially depends on the government, and he fears for their fate.

As for people not as organizations, the business in America changed beyond recognition. On the corporate welfare the government now spends almost twice as much than the welfare of the public. Now corporations decided to count "on the generosity of taxpayers — in one form or another," and in fact once the South American companies were "exceptionally providing the best possible product to the consumer at the best price." Now do well are those who know how to lobby on Capitol hill, where a queue for state contracts, grants and crisis assistance.

A familiar situation, is not it?

Ron Paul writes:

"The government — it is a huge parasitic leech, glaring into our healthy economy. Very long time and we trusted a lot of economic power and influence were given irresponsible politicians in Washington. This chaos, coming after dying system will be very painful for so many people … "

As a panacea to economic ruin and chaos Ron Paul has returned to the U.S. free market and to remove the "state mandates" and the distribution of money. It was then that America will prosper again.

No, Comrade Paul is asking the government to make "even more." In contrast, the citizens of America, in his opinion, should pull the economy and "ourselves" out of the hands of Washington, and as quickly as possible. And on another, he writes, "our relationship will result in our loss."

And for the death of this, it seems, America is fully ripe.

III. Tools — for the Motherland!

Tom Engelhardt believes that the U.S. will dissolve just as perestroika Soviet Union.

At the end of the 1980s. favorites of the USSR have allowed the budget deficit to grow, and the economy — exhausted. Russian Alliance at the time, says Engelhardt,

"Squandered national treasury to the needs of the armed forces, getting involved in an endless war in Afghanistan."

And in 1991, the Soviet Union simply disappeared.

But the South American favorites,

"Enthusiastic and self-congratulation own victory, failed to use the means that are freed up as a result of the termination of the arms race. Instead of this, watching with amazement the collapse of his own enemy, they have created the most weird c
hoice. They decided to follow the path which I once referred to the Soviet. "

In the end, wrong choice of national wealth of the United States, according to Engelhardt,

"Spent on the needs of the armed forces to expand the already extensive system of national security and military projects of various kinds. Our infrastructure is falling apart, the lack of increases, the economy is exhausted and, even worse, after 11 years we are still fighting a war in Afghanistan. "

So. Inertia is a foolish zeal and white houses to global leadership, including the imposition of "American values", has led to the fact that America — I repeat his own words from another article — not only does not take into account the fatal errors rival on the world stage, and comes on the rake as many times as may occur only seasoned masochist.

There is evidence (South American) about the deplorable state of infrastructure in the United States. I will give some.

In the U.S., lack of roads, and every year the cost of car passengers to plug in the United States 4.2 billion hours are spent in vain 10.5 million liters. fuel, and by 2035, every Yankee will be carried out in a traffic jam on the 160 hours a year (it is four working weeks). About one-third of fatal accidents ending in America is due to worn or outdated coverage and other defects road equipment. Every fourth bridge in America is used in excess of the maximum allowable load or requests urgent repairs. But the repair of worn-out bridges to 160 billion dollars, and in their budget does not. 4095 dams in the U.S. are in poor condition (twice in 1999). Of worn-out sewer system each year follows about four trillion liters. impurities and to eliminate these nasty consequences spent a year over 50 billion dollars. U.S. spent on infrastructure maintenance 2.4% of GDP, and similar costs in China account for 9% of GDP.

International Economic Forum placed the U.S. infrastructure by 23 in the world ranking.

Today's Americans, according to the creator of the analysis, live the present day. People in the U.S. are focused on what is happening in real time, and the politicians they control, trevozhut only choices.

Readers can see: for more than 200 years of capitalism in the U.S. is booming, and then everything will be okay. Big deal, the roads are worn out asphalt instead of gravel is placed, you will think that the crisis. The crises have occurred in the past. Lofty Depression, for example. Americans will overcome all the difficulties, they are great guys, no end and will not collapse.

I served in the army in Lithuania. 1990 th year, February. The elections to the Supreme Soviet of Lithuania, which eventually came to power, "Sąjūdis" with musicologist Landsbergis headed. It was a movement of the separatists, followers of the Lithuanian branch of the Union, formerly hide behind slogans of "perestroika." March 11, 1990 separatists took the Act of Restoration of Lithuania. Even at such a "radical" political background is not enough of us know about the end of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev Lithuania blocked the supply of fuel, taxi drivers in Kaunas began to take instead of the ruble or two of the top five. Seemed to quiet down the noise, everything will go as before. Publicity is publicity, democratization is democratization, but neuzh something "works and thoughts of Lenin survive the century"? It turned out that the "age" still experienced a "case".

The same could happen in the United States, whose close catastrophe at the moment not many who believe, not counting the terrible analysts and alarmists (numerous, by the way).

States can do to be "connected" — on the same type, on what might separate Quebec from Canada, from Spain, Catalonia, Scotland from England. Texas is perhaps the first to embark on the road to independence. Will begin in America "parade of sovereignties" a la Boris Yeltsin … U.S., being in the deepest pit of political and economic crisis, will forgive all your debts and decay through the will of the people — a fully democratic.

This scenario may not work. Not for nothing did DHS buys ammunition, fire-proof booth checkpoints and special equipment — specifically for domestic consumption. DHS, to remind you — this Department internal security. Legitimate means in the fight against the "enemies of unutrennimi» (© Kuprin) are two laws in the United States: the U.S. Patriot Act (passed in 2001), and authorizes the National Defence Act (2011, signed by Obama).

"Anti-state case" according to the last act can be passed into the hands of the representatives of the army or security forces. Since the case is removed completely legal procedure. Empowering Act allows life to be detained at least some South American citizen. To imprison a person in jail, according to the law should only South American government's assertion that these Messrs. here — the terrorists.

19-year-old Adel Daoud, whom FBI agents artificially made terrorist, for seven months trying to persuade him to perform a blast judged at the moment just on the basis of data acquired without the sanction of the prosecutor — on the basis of 2-over of naming laws. After all, the U.S. Patriot Act provides various agents of the government's ability to implement a wide range of options: follow the bad citizens to have access to their personal records, monitor financial transactions, close the account, to get into files with educational, medical and general information what you want, listen to telephone discussion, and read the electric-mail, etc. In this act by the terrorists can get at least some sense demonstrators — from pacifists to the defense of ecology and animals, not to mention the people who were young and naive visit websites, criticizing the policy the U.S. government, and even openly expressed there.

Here it is worth mentioning and the Order of the food supply — the decree passed in the U.S. March 16, 2012 and updated the imperative features of the president. Upon entry into force of this decree the president has the right to take control of all municipal sources of energy, including oil and natural gas, gain control of all civilians in transportation and even provides the ability to re-introduce conscription to the merits of both military and non-military purposes.

Peaceful sovereignty, perhaps, will not.

Another scenario depicts the collapse of America's Vladimir Stus:

"… Translate into slow decay and long-term stagnation due to a sharp increase in militarism inefficient outdoor confrontation minimize the already not very developed democracy and social orientation."

Well, actually speaking, it is the policy of which half-hearted (zapamyatyvaya its ineffectiveness) says Mitt Romney. Militarism with warships, the arms race and the possible operation in Syria and even Iran — all of it. A folding democracy took another Republican, Mr. Bush, and continued his case Democrat Obama (who at times referred to as an agent of the Kremlin). Here is the candidate of the "Third Way" Merlin Miller offers complete all zabugornye military operations, to drive out immigrants (peacefully, giving them a "generous allowance"), and do not let go of new, and generally close the borders of the castle — and there, behind closed borders, start work for the restoration of their homeland. Laudatory, but the blue-eyed patriot Miller, who studied at West Point, not elected. And inertial rolling machine still fall off a cliff.

Let's go back to someone Stus that the death of the U.S. does not hesitate:

"The new flowering of th
e United States is virtually eliminated — only probable or decay, or leisurely, but tough wilting. Because the primary policy recommendation is the same for all the forecast scenarios — already at this point, until it is too late to begin the emigration from the United States and the withdrawal of their own assets. "

Yes, emigrate, the conclusions do not then do not have time. In general, remember, is not enough to those who believe in the collapse of the U.S. and even in the withering of the "leader." And in the breakup of the Union of Russian is not a lot of people believed. Even, for sure, Vytautas Landsbergis, armed with "melkashki" during the riots in Lithuania, in such a decay had doubts. Well, separates Lietuva, well, wither Latvia and Estonia, but to whole Alliance fell apart?

But that's collapsed. Even a nationwide referendum in which 70 percent of voters were in favor of preserving the Union, the Soviet empire is not bailed out.

So, gentlemen capitalists return their capital in Russia. Invest here. "Bank of America" will soon be reincarnated as a reference Savings Bank in 1991, and later the states and the regions will begin under the command of the local Mr. Chubais privatize federal property …

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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