U.S. concerned about Israels willingness to assault Iran

U.S. concerned about Israel's willingness to attack Iran

The U.S. is seriously concerned about the readiness Israel to strike at Iran nuclear facilities. This was stated by a senior source in the municipal department of the United States.

According to him, wrote "cursor" Americans suspect that Israel will not consistent with their military action after the publication of yet another report of the IAEA on Iran. The document, which will be released in November, said that Tehran has made considerable progress in the development of nuclear weapons.

To prevent war, the U.S. vigorously trying to persuade the UN Security Council to impose new, much tougher sanctions against Tehran. In Snow White House believe that increased international pressure on Iran will force Israel to abandon the intention to solve the problem by war.

Recall that the other day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again reminded his compatriots of the Iranian threat. According to him, Tehran, armed with a nuclear bomb, is a huge danger to the world as a whole and for Israel — In particular.

Earlier and South American, and Israeli leaders have admitted that the attack on nuclear facilities Iran is, in fact, worthless, as not able to kill them all and immediately. In addition, the U.S. fears that a similar action would lead to the beginning of a major war in the Middle East.

Iran began to develop nuclear technology in the middle of the 1980s. Western countries accuse Iran that country is developing nuclear weapons under the cover of civilian nuclear programs from. Tehran rejects all the allegations and says its nuclear programm need to please the request of the country's electricity. International mediators on the Iranian nuclear dilemma with the IAEA on Iran's suspension of reach of uranium enrichment.

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