U.S. demand that China and our homeland forced the Syrian president to end fire

U.S. urges China to Russia and forced the Syrian president to stop the fire

As is now transferred the agency "Interfax" China and Our homeland should put pressure on Bashar al-Assad and to achieve a cease-fire in Syria. U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said that the United States is currently being linked to Russia and China, which "continue to support and encourage the Assad regime" in order that they may use their influence on the Syrian president, and urged "guns fall silent." This is necessary in order to Syria was allowed humanitarian aid.

Speaking of the Russian Federation and China, B. Nuland said: "As the Secretary of State, they have a need to reflect on whose side will be when it happens, and what humanitarian role they can play exactly at the moment, if they have the intention to do right. "

Earlier, on February 25, 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the international community "push" Russia and China to change position on the Syrian conflict. South American Secretary of State said this at the press conference at a meeting of the "Group of Friends of Syria" in Tunisia.

According to Hillary Clinton, Our homeland and China must understand that they are "standing in the way of not only the aspirations of the Syrian people and the entire Arab Spring."

A day earlier, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of England, William Hague, said that China and Russia to reconsider its position on the Syria. The minister said that taking into account the deterioration of the situation in Syria and the fact that she has a huge and threatening bloodshed and chaos, in principle, that Beijing and Moscow to reconsider their position.

Recall the uprising against Assad began in Syria in March last year. As reported by human rights activists, the government has constantly used the army to suppress the peaceful appearances. Number of people killed in armed clashes, according to the United Nations, has exceeded 5.4 thousand.

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