U.S. destroyers changed the design of the future

U.S. destroyers changed the design of the futureThe U.S. Defense Department has brought several configurations in the program of development of promising class of destroyers DDG-1000 Zumwalt, reports Defense News. Namely, the Pentagon has decided to create a "from scratch" half the radar system of new destroyers, extend the program from the development of vehicles on a year — Now it will not end in 2015, and in 2016.

Development of programs from dvuhdiapazannogo radar for DDG-1000 Pentagon absolutely deleted half a promising system — work to create a large search radar SPY-4 recently will be terminated. Instead it will be created radar missile defense AMDR. This radar will also be used in class destroyers Flight III DDG-51 project.

Thanks to newcomer radar destroyer DDG-1000 will be able to do the role of ships and missile defense. Which of U.S. companies will create a new radar, not yet clear. The development of SPY-4 engaged Lockheed Martin. The second half of the all-encompassing radar system DDG-1000 makes Raytheon. The company is developing a functional radar SPY-3.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon in May 2010, had to spend the re-certification programs from the development of DDG-1000 in the Congress, as the price of the project violated the Statute of the Nunn-McCurdy — the price of the final product, the project has grown more than 50 percent. It came from the fact that in 2008 the Pentagon has reduced the volume of orders for ships with a 7 to 3 units. With all of this price applets development was not reduced.

Multi-class destroyers Zumwalt designed to attack ground targets onshore and also to deal with aviation and fire support forces from the sea. After making all the configurations in the project as the ships will be able to do and the role of missile defense. Zumwalt Construction began in February 2008. As expected, the first ship under the title Zumwalt The U.S. Navy will have to test in April 2013, and the second — Michael Monsoor — in May 2014.

Zumwalt, the length of which is 183 meters, has a top speed of 30 knots. Armament destroyer is 20 launchers MK 57 VLS, designed for 80 missiles and two 155-mm guns and two anti-aircraft guns Mk 110 57 mm caliber. In addition, can be based on the Zumwalt two helicopters Sikorsky SH-60 Sea Hawk helicopters and three unmanned MQ-8 Fire Scout. Development the latter is under the risk of termination.

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