U.S. displayed RF gallaktichesky fist

U.S. showed Russian space fist

Americans brought into orbit combat drone, which is able to keep all the sights planetoid

May 25 the British newspaper The Times has given the military a terrible secret: the South American gallaktichesky machine X-37B, launched on April 22, is a new type of combat drone, and is able to do the function of mother ship for the constellation of small satellites for military use. It can also carry on board the new standards of laser and other weapons.

At first, the Pentagon has positioned X-37B space plane as a demo, designed to test future launch technologies on orbit and descent into the atmosphere gallakticheskih devices. But intervened in the case, amateur astronomers who have found apparatus in low Earth orbit, and followed his actions. Maneuvers X-37B seemed suspicious. So, watching the Toronto Ted Moltsan saw that drone over there are one and the same region of the earth's surface every four days are — and this is an ordinary demeanor for U.S. spy satellites. Its line of traffic passes over the territory of states like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and North Korea, where the U.S. military is now severe interests.

U.S. showed Russian space fist

Following the publication in the press of this information, the Pentagon leaders were obliged to make something clear: resolutely denying UAV attitude to offensive weapons, they now recognize that his goal — to promote land-based military operations and a number of auxiliary problems. In the case of increasing international tension it can produce in orbit constellation of small satellites to monitor the situation in the troubled region of the planet either.

But a number of professionals have suggested that the Pentagon is silent on the Main: X-37B is the launching pad for a new type of gallakticheskogo super-weapon.

U.S. showed Russian space fist

— Explanation of the Pentagon spy on the support and the appointment of X-37B untenable in view uneconomical, — the expert information-analytical center "Weapons of XXI century" captain of the second rank Alexander Surpin. — According to officially released data, the cost of the 1st instance, drone spacecraft was 173 million dollars. Currently under construction the second X-37B. Later series will go. Very expensive cost for spy satellites. In my opinion, you can read about the development of the interceptor, which allows other people to check gallakticheskie objects and, if necessary, remove them from the system by kinetic effects. Such an appointment apparatus absolutely appropriate to a "National gallakticheskaya U.S. policy in 2006," declares the U.S. the right to distribute the sovereignty gallakticheskoe place.

There are gloomy and more than guesswork. Go with X-37B Americans completed test launch of Minotaur-IV, carrying on board a new benchmark tool that can strike virtually any target on earth. It is a tool of the future — with a strong non-nuclear missile warhead that can affect, say, the miserable cave Osama bin Laden, the Iranian nuclear facility in North Korea's missile or mine. Such a missile could reach speeds of 5,790 miles per hour, which is seven times faster missiles Tomahawk, not had time to hit the 1998 Bin Laden escaping out of training camp. Launch such a missile can be of near-Earth space and the air from the ship or from land-based launcher. It is easy to imagine that the X-37B can also be used as a launching ground for such gallakticheskaya guns. The autonomy of this device 270 days. For now, he will be at an altitude of 410 meters and a thousand orbits the planet in about a half hour. In other words, less than one hour, X-37B is able to strike a blow at the object in at least some part of the world.

Can our home to an adequate gallaktichesky the answer? It turns out that Russian alliance has for more than 20 years ago, was ready to parry similar threats. In 1988, the unmanned orbital flight performed gallaktichesky ship "Buran", which was better in all parameters of the current South American X-37B. But the example program in the process of democratic reforms have closed since the U.S. became "the best friend of Russia."

Fortunately, there were enthusiasts who contrary to the decisions of political management continued to selflessly work on applets. And did not let her die.

— We have a project, which was made in the late 80s — said not so long ago, the chief designer of NGOs, journalists 'Lightning' Vladimir Skorodelov. — And it worked out so far. This project is a multi-purpose aerospace system, which provides for the introduction of reusable aircraft that of approximately the same dimension as the South American. But that's another development, a new class, where the first stage is used as a carrier aircraft. On this day it is a massive tool than what Americans work out.

But we rejoice in advance. According to estimates of professionals, even supposedly impossible to say when the sky will rise gallaktichesky Russian multi-purpose UAV. One reason — financial. Means at our Ministry of Defence until only enough for parades, fireworks and the shape of the Yudashkin.

U.S. showed Russian space fist

From the file:

The program creation X-37B was launched in 1999 with NASA Boeing. In 2006, during the administration of George W. Bush, this example program was transferred to the Air Force and its secretive budget and purpose. Price development of the pilot spacecraft was 173 million dollars. First test flight — test by the drop was made April 7, 2006.

The wingspan of the machine — 4.2 m, length — 8.8 m, height: 2.9 m Maximum take-off weight: 4989 kg. Payload mass of 900 kg.

Outside the X-37B resembles gallaktichesky Space Shuttle, but it is only a quarter of its length. Outside loading area of the device allows not only to carry out experiments in space, and place, or to take on board small satellites.

As gallaktichesky ship, UAV can deploy solar panels for power, and that gives him the duration of the autonomous residence up to 270 days. The U.S. Air Force at the present time is building another such gallaktichesky ship and plans to launch it next year.

The first X-37B returns to Earth without the help of others: in the first step — using the free plan, in step touchdowns — in the mode of ordinary aircraft. Location of intended landing — Vandenberg Air Force Base, located north-west of Los Angeles (California). Spare bandwidth is Edwards Air Force Base.

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