U.S. eager to Central Asia under the guise of anti-drug fight

In February, the United States suddenly for many, including the Russian Federation, expressed proposal on the fight against drug trafficking from Afghanistan. How would the good South American thought and can not cause any misunderstandings, but the first look is not clear why the United States decided to begin intensive fight with Afghan supply of potions specifically at the moment. And why such a "revolutionary" ideas were not born into the world for 10 years, the U.S. operation in Afghanistan?

U.S. eager to Central Asia under the guise of anti-drug fight

To answer this question, we need more information to understand what is still a South American proposal. The essence of it is this: Americans do offer some special group to deal with the drug mafia neuvvyazkami ties with the Central Asian republics of the Afghan drug producers. The group will be sponsored only from a South American budget and coordinate their activities with South American authorities. What's all the same will be the work of this project? And here's the thing: the members of the South American groups must be able to access at least some disk imaging of law enforcement agencies and special services of any and all states in the region to calculate the supply chain of drugs. Among these countries: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In other words, ordinary Americans are going to organize an intelligence unit that will conduct reconnaissance operations on a fully legitimate grounds under the guise of the mandate of Afghan drug trafficking. This, in principle, and it is difficult to call operations: just take the intelligence services key to the safe, relaxed open this safe and quieter delve into the hidden documents. Phenomenal holy simplicity … Apparently, Washington holds the favorites of the above States for so long the people that are, in his opinion, happily peck on this bait.

With such an initiative of the United States flatly disagreed Russian side. And that's understandable. Moscow does not behold the need to interfere in the work of the Central Asian spesluzhb and rummage through their hidden information in order to reduce the level of Afghan opium exports through the terrain of Central Asia. Simply, if even in the documents, for example, Kyrgyz security forces, and there is something hinting at the presence of the Kyrgyz drug traffickers associated with Afghan drug dealers, these documents to those same security forces and point … Not in vain there is a perception that the confrontation between the North and the South Kyrgyzstan as president Bakiyev sovereign country broke out due to redistribution "narkosobstvennosti" and "narkokanalov" bursting with active self-interest of certain forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic. And in matters related to the millions of drug dollars through every second president usually just step over, or else it come languid shod shoe, as happened with Bakiyev …

Moscow, Washington filed a claim on the fact that all the Central Asian republics that interest him are included in the Collective Security Treaty Organization, which has its own ideas on how to minimize the flow of Afghan opiates in Russia and the European Union. Washington tried to fend off Moscow's statements, saying that the U.S. is not a member of the Contract on collective security, and therefore will wear purely suggestions. Say, CSTO not in the least advanced in terms of neutralization of drug trafficking from Afghanistan's provinces. But talk about the inactivity of anti-drug agencies of the Russian Federation and the Collective Security Treaty Organization, made up of our homeland and comes completely unreasonable. The work, of course, still very many, and the relative success is obvious: only one in 2011 in the course of operation "Channel 2011" the road was closed, there is little a lot more than 16 tons of Afghan potion. With all this behind bars was more than 3.5 thousand people, among which is, by the way, and some have former law enforcement officers in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

But with South American barrier spread of Afghan drugs prepyadstviya there. The production area for feeding opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan during the US-NATO operation grew significantly. Now anyone would recognize that drug trafficking is not just allows you to fill the Afghan treasury, and purses and pockets to fill those high-ranking South American military that the creation of drugs in Afghanistan intensively supervised.

In this regard, our homeland has made the Yankees a reply proposal: To make a large-scale map of the electric poppy fields of Afghanistan on the ground and just destroy the crops before they turned into a potion which is transported through Central Asia. But this proposal was roundly rejected by the Yankees, although it does not seem to need to be questioned. Indeed, well, what could be easier than satellite monitoring terrain of Afghanistan with the identification of points for the production of drugs. After all, for nutrition poppy Afghans do not use any underground laboratories, and therefore fight with their creation is possible without the creation of additional units to be completely engaged with other matters. Amazing motivation to found the failure in Washington: Tipo if destroying crops, the Afghan farmers simply lose their livelihoods. Based on this logic, the United States, that Afghan farmers lived better yet, may be legalized in Afghanistan slave trade and prostitution, the presence of which, by the way, you can not deny … Even with a profitable business, which feed local farmers — trade-tool, too, everything becomes clear. The Yankees still to announce the expansion of areas for feeding cultivation for 10 years, their presence in Afghanistan is a humanitarian operation to increase the standard of living of the local people …

Americans are not willing to accept and another Russian proposal — Enter the codification of the so-called precursors — substances that can lead the ready languid heroin and other drugs. But the introduction of codes of precursors would be clear from the territory of any of these materials are available, and who's really behind the increase in drug trafficking from Afghanistan.

It turns out that the specific Russian initiative clearly not profitable Yankees. A trial to make his "anti-drug" special unit focused only on the final consolidated in the Central Asian Republics of the American special services.

In the conditions of escalating the situation around Iran to press it to the same from the north to the United States would be very timely. Well, needless chance to get closer to the southern borders of the Russian Federation for Washington will be completely unnecessary.

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