U.S. fighter jets positioned near Iran

U.S. deployed fighter jets near IranU.S. military administration was transferred to the base of allies in the less than 300 kilometers from the border with Iran fighter F-22 Raptor, writes "Gaze" in reference to the Western media.

Office of the U.S. Air Force denies that the appearance of fighters in the Persian Gulf is a show of force or in any way connected with the ability to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. Washington notes that this is part of the everyday activities of the "security cooperation with regional partners", reports Fox News.

Officials from the United States shall be removed from the Air Force to name the number of fighters had been transferred to the region, as well as the title of the base where they are stationed. But the source said indoctrinated channel that combat vehicles are in the hangars air base "Al Dhafra" in the United Arab Emirates.

F-22 fighter aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin is not involved in actual combat. These combat vehicles, made on the basis of technologies Stealth, invisible to enemy radar and are intended for the fights of "air-to-air", but when necessary mozhgut go into the "air-to-ground."

The station also quoted the 1st of representatives of the U.S. Air Force, which refers to F-22 "The chief U.S. fighter. "He has no competitors" — said the military.

In turn, channel ABC News recalls that the F-22 is not the first time "appears" in the United Arab Emirates: in 2009, these combat vehicles participated in joint exercises between Washington and Abu Dhabi.

ABC News also stresses that the deployment of F-22 fighters against the background of unresolved problems with the oxygen supply on board battle machine. Since 2008, about 20 pilots have complained that they felt while flying an F-22 symptoms similar to hypoxia. "The situation has become so severe that in 2011 these aircraft flights were stopped for 5 months", — said the TV channel.

U.S. Air Force fighter jets installed on the F-22 Raptor additional carbon filters, improved the consistency of the respiratory supply system in the cockpit, but the problem so far not been solved and investigation into the occurrence of hypoxia lasts.

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