U.S. in Iraq: Mission Possible

U.S. in Iraq: Mission Possible

His goal in Iraq the Americans almost completed. They destroyed a massive centralized government in the Middle East. Seized the oil fields Iraq. Follow what they have to do is destroy the government into small pieces. Therefore withdrawn from the country's own troops by 2011. After withdrawal, the country will fall into a state of chaos and civilian war. Kurds are the first ones, and then the area will continue to divide and break up into smaller parts. Just then mission will be absolutely complete. Not that mission, which was declared, and the one that was planned in nature.

After the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq has made the relationship with the adjacent peoples and states. War breaks out between Sunnis and Shiites. On the one hand it will be involved in Iran, in a certain extent Yemen, Saudi Arabia on the other, and so on. The whole Middle East is in a state of impermanence. And the United States, and Israel is very profitable. The oil fields of Mosul, Kirkuk and the south of Iraq absolutely come under the control of American and British companies. And while the oil flow is not stopped, the local population can beat each other out as they wish. A freed Americans troops be moved to the Afghan countryside to urge Iran from Afghanistan.

On the territory of Iraq will be an independent Kurdish government, which will be actively destabilizing the situation in the region. In fact, the case is already at the moment of Kurdistan has the rights of broad autonomy within Iraq, so it is small. They simply declare themselves independent state, then the Kurdish problem of rapidly escalate in Iran and Syria, and especially in Turkey. And it is also in the interests of the U.S. and Israel. The objective will be achieved.

Despite the overall instability of the region, with all the oil business is just a measured, as Shiites and Sunnis, and Kurds are interested in survival. And will be able to survive only by the supply of oil. While Americans actually mothballed Iraq oil. She left as a strong reserve. But later oil start downloading, and it will download the Anglo-American company, in return giving the local population in the form of paper dollars. Even without buying oil from them, but simply unfastening a penny, precisely Cent interest, which the Iraqis will purchase an instrument, well, food. All calculated. Mission Possible.

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