U.S. intelligence increases the Pentagon

U.S. intelligence enhances the Pentagon

From the history it is clear that all political-military strategic decisions preceded by intense intelligence work, which has produced the information needed to assess the situation and make decisions.

Today in the world there is a huge number of hot spots that can rapidly grow into a direct threat to many countries. Not so long ago, the Pentagon, well-trained and have an extensive network of agents running around the world, decided to significant expansion of the state of the military intelligence and the coordination of their actions with the CIA.

Specialists bind a serious reforms in the military with a conceptual revision of the provisions of the American doctrine of national security the United States. The presidential administration has raised the value of special operations and conduct intelligence activities in relation to the ordinary military maneuvers.

As a result of these reforms will make its U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in a strong global network of agents. Trading and the main task of DIA — not counting detection sheltered threats will be more cooperation with units of the CIA and Special Forces teams of the Ministry of Defense.

It is planned that the expansion of state agents Pentagon to 1600 agents will happen in the next 5 years. Scouts preparing for the Defense Ministry will CIA. As the number of agents will include military attache and embassy staff working undercover.

The purpose of the refreshed Pentagon intelligence structure will first African Islamist armed groups, the delivery of weapons to Iran and North Korea, also active modernization of China's armed forces.

Although the plan to reform the CIA Pentagon has been prepared and approved by the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and former CIA director David Petraeus in April, he was held in secret for a long time.

It is believed that the convergence of military and intelligence structures boosts the performance of these units. Until now, the DIA produced only gathering information, assessing the situation and the choice of targets for the U.S. Army. As a result of the reform DIA and CIA spy network will create a large scale.

The reform project was supported by some congressmen, who is due to believe that military experts at even better versed in weapons and development, than the CIA, and how to more perfectly fulfill reconnaissance tasks in this area.

Russian experts believe that in this case is concerned only with the reform of the 1st division of the U.S. intelligence structure. As a result, the Pentagon increment own cadre, placed on the outside of the country. Since the number of scouts does not increase due to CIA employees, but only in connection with the increase of quotas in the embassies, reform should not cause friction between with 2 most influential agencies. So makarom saying that the recent U.S. Congress will accept the decision to finance the reform.

Naturally, some rivalry between the Pentagon and the CIA continue — each agency will be the first to try to "bring" key information management of the country, but the duplication of functions reform is not provided.

Gain intelligence functions Pentagon According to experts, does not mean that the U.S. government has lost faith in the capabilities of the CIA. This decision carries within it the conviction of government and that the two structures are more perfectly able to search for the desired disk imaging in order to ensure national security. But even here there are but …

So, nedavneshnie action when China with its own missiles destroyed an old satellite in orbit, caused great harm to the reputation of the CIA, as the intelligence agency was not aware of the Chinese military programs. Experts believe that the most expensive exploration the world has weakened monitoring possible opponent for the problems associated with the military conflict in Iraq and because of bureaucratic battles in Washington.

Speaking of the annual budget of the CIA. According to the research center of American Empire Project on the functioning of the CIA released once a year, about $ 5 billion. For comparison: the military intelligence allocated $ 1 billion for satellite reconnaissance $ 7 billion., On surveying intelligence agency $ 3 billion. And in all 16 service razvedobschestva U.S. $ 44 billion is allocated. The number of employees of all U.S. intelligence agencies is 100 thousand people.

It must be said that with the arrival of the white-washed house of George W. Bush's enthusiasm for the results of the CIA significantly weakened. Although representatives of the CIA tried to draw attention to the control of the country to the growing threat of terrorism, but without result. September 11 disaster led to the fact that the responsibility for the attack lay on special services and spent their reformation.

Another defect of the CIA led to the fact that the Pentagon "bend under him," Langley. The operation in Afghanistan was prepared and carried out with the active participation of the CIA. Although the Taliban were defeated, but they recovered very quickly that this victory has reduced to zero.

Also, the CIA did not fulfill the imperative of governance of the country to find evidence that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction. Yankees had mislead the international community about the presence in Iraq of chemical weapons, with reference to his intelligence unit, which also served as a confidence-building for the CIA. This ugly history has led to a string of resignations in the leadership of the CIA. Personnel cleaning aggravated and so uneasy relationship between the CIA and the executive.

With the start of the Iraq War, any South American power structure tried to invade the area of the competitor. The Pentagon, wielding massive funding and expertise bureaucratic fuss, this race has succeeded the most.

Referring to the terrorist threat, the Pentagon invaded zone FBI, ie the internal investigation. Defense Ministry demanded that the U.S. banks to disclose the personal accounts of individuals and legal entities, referring to the execution of tasks to eliminate safety hazards during military operations.

The Pentagon has also deprived the CIA monopoly on intelligence and command of the subversive groups that are used to support military operations.

Specifically, the Pentagon Congress allocated additional money in the amount of $ 25 million for the recruitment of spies and informants.

The cases where staff Pentagon and the CIA carried out immediately to capture the action of the same individuals, indicating a lack of coordination and competition between with 2 departments.

Such prepyadstviya appeared in U.S. embassies abroad. Human intelligence is there now engaged directly and CIA operatives and employees of the Pentagon.

Management Langley believes that exploration at the current time is subject to only the interests of the Pentagon.

Analysts they say that the deterioration of relations between the countless intelligence agencies and the Pentagon, it is unlikely will complete the management of the country's puzzle — Merit victory in the Middle East war.

Time will tell the effectiveness (or uselessness) implemented by the U.S. reform.

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