U.S. interest in the use of the Vietnamese port in Cam Ranh

U.S. interest in the use of the Vietnamese port in Cam RanhU.S. interest in the use of the Vietnamese port of Cam Ranh Bay to call their own warships. This was stated by now the Pentagon chief Leon Panetta, who is on a visit in Vietnam. His goal — expanding bilateral military cooperation. This is the first visit to Cam Ranh Bay U.S. Secretary of Defense since the end of 1975 in the Vietnam War.

"Access of U.S. warships to the object is a major component of / our / relationship, and we are here litsezreem great potential / for cooperation /" — said Panetta told reporters on board the cargo ship "Richard Byrd." — Collaborate with partners such as Vietnam, and the introduction of such bays, as this gets unusual significance in the light of what we we move our ships and our stations here in the Pacific. "He saw that the" new girl's defense strategy in the United States has yourself a few key pieces that will be tested in the Asia-Pacific region. "

Due to natural conditions port Kamrani considered one of the best water ports in the world. During the Vietnam War Cam Ranh Bay was on the ground in South Vietnam and was used by the Yankees as a point of logistics. Then there was created naikrupneyshaya Russian military base.

Speaking recently at an international forum on security in the Asia / "Dialogues" Shangri-la "/, Panetta announced that the focus of U.S. military doctrine is moving in the Asia-Pacific / Asia-Pacific /, where the United States is planning to relocate in 2020 most of its own military ships. According to him, the brand new U.S. military strategy is designed to build up the military presence in the Asia-Pacific Region "by / defensive / alliances with its allies in the region, and not through the creation in their unaltered military bases." This, he said, already in the coming decade will lead to an increase in the number of U.S. troops in Asia and the Pacific, and will demonstrate the combat power of the U.S. Army, curb sverhtehnologichny weapons. planned that by 2020 the disposition of U.S. Navy ships in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, will move from the current proportion of "50 to 50" in proportion " 60 to 40. "In the Pacific, Panetta said, will thus Makar, carry on combat duty 6 aircraft carriers, most of the cruisers and destroyers and other surface ships and submarines." In total, the U.S. Navy has 285 combat units. The Pentagon, he said, also plans to increment the number of military exercises in the Asia-Pacific region, to expand the geography of their own visits of warships in the ports of the region, including the countries around the Indian Ocean.

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