U.S. makes Lofty green fleet

Possession of the most massive fleet on the planet makes the U.S. a lot of advantages, supporting their claims to world domination. Not for nothing without the intervention of the Navy does not pass any conflicts that involve the United States. Naval aviation and the U.S. Marines the elite part of the U.S. armed forces.

U.S. intercepted a palm in the seas and oceans in the British Empire, which for a long time was the "mistress of the seas." "Signal" to the world was sent to the years 1907-1909 — 4 South American squadron, nicknamed the "Great Pure Fleet" (the ships were painted in pure white color in the symbol of peaceful purposes), made the circumnavigation. This voyage was made at the direction of the South American President Theodore Roosevelt, and was intended to show the world the naval power of the United States — including the presence of naval power of the high seas.

After World War II, when the status of the majestic sea powers have lost our homeland and Germany, and England suffered heavy losses, the United States have reinforced their positions in the world's oceans. And after the second world war entirely occupied leading positions in the field of naval armaments, Navy. However, then they to "heel" advancing Russian Alliance, which, though not claimed to be the "master of the seas", but had a powerful fleet capable, with an emphasis on coastal forces to protect its coast from at least some of the enemy.

At the current time, the fleet Russian Federation South American inferior in almost all respects, the Chinese Navy, though rapidly increase, even a long time will not be able to challenge the U.S. at sea. In other words, the power of the Sea to danger the U.S. is not, of great concern to U.S. policy makers and military cause other reasons — the destabilization of the commodity market, price fluctuations energoelementy, financial-economic crisis in the United States. U.S. defense department spends more oil than it does not matter what other municipal or private structure on the planet. For example, in 2010 the U.S. military burned 135 million barrels of oil. Increases not only the intake, but the price — in 2010 the U.S. military izderzhali 20 billion. bucks on electricity and fuel, is the budget of the whole country for a year.

At the current time, the Pentagon and the white-washed house is not going to cut your own fleet, go to large-scale re-cutting programs, the creation of new weapons. The South American administration has gone the other way: lowering depending on zabugornyh energoelementov supply, and it is not only about the armed forces, namely, the Navy, and the entire U.S. economy. U.S. plans to transfer a significant part of their economy on biofuels, to increment the introduction of other renewable sources of fuel. Pentagon's ambitious plans, in 2016 the oceans must surf "Great Green Fleet", which will include ships on nuclear energy, hybrid electric ships and naval aviation biofuel. And in 2020 whole south american Navy will have to provide 50% of its fuel requirements at the expense of "green" renewable energy sources. So Makar, Washington will be able to much to reduce dependence on imports, to increase the autonomy of its own economy and military. In addition, to show the world that they are favorites in the field of "green" technologies.

U.S. create a "Great Green Fleet"

U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Meybus (right) and his deputy for Energy Thomas Hicks report to Congress the Navy's initiative to conserve energy.

True, there are some doubts, because, the report Rand Corp., Which first made in 2011, they say that the bet only on biofuels would be a mistake, you can not immediately abandon oil: "We can not run on ethanol, as it has insufficient energy density. " At the current time on the U.S. Navy only one percent of the energy necessary for renewables.

Navy Command is prepared under these programs from additional funding, their technology has a double meaning, and after the "break-in" in the Navy, and will be applied to civilian purposes. Not shall be removed in favor of "green energy" and from nuclear power, the South American military is well aware that change the atomic power plants there is nothing, not only in the short, and the medium-term. Yet it is not clear to be seen whether renewable energy to be competitive, you do not remove the question about their safety and for the environment. So, already there was a statement that the introduction of biofuels will cause even more environmental damage than normal use of oil and its products.

U.S. create a "Great Green Fleet"

Amphibious assault ship Makin Island equip elektrogazoturbinnoy installation of the latest generation, which allows to save fuel.

The main "green" programs from Navy

— Was successfully completed the first step tests based fighter-attack aircraft F/A-18 Super Hornet, which received the title of Green Hornet («The Green Hornet"). On it as a fuel blend was used ordinary aviation fuel and camelina oil in proportions of approximately 50% to 50%. It did not impact on fuel modes combat vehicle engines. Fighter aircraft flying at supersonic speeds, huge and most low-altitude, makes a variety of maneuvers, including in afterburner. At the current time, the testers will learn to have a new fuel any impact on the service life of the engines.

— After the "Green Hornet" began testing multi-purpose helicopter MH-60S Sea Hawk, which IUD use in the Corps sea as an anti-infantry, transport, search and rescue and air assault vehicle. In the tanks helicopter MH-60S Sea Hawk was also a mixture of kerosene and camelina oil. Tests are not over, but of course, that the fuel mixture of 2-component will not harm engines of this machine.

U.S. create a "Great Green Fleet"

Soars MH-60S Sea Hawk on the composite fuel.

According to the views of the head of service of the energy and environmental readiness of the U.S. Navy (the organization coordinating the efforts of the Navy to develop and implement renewable energy resources) Rear Admiral Philip Kalloma, the project receiving fuel from the plant (seeds of Camelina — Camelina sativa) is very promising. This plant is very undemanding (it's practically a weed), it can grow to the needs of the industry at the lowest cost.

— Norfolk-based Navy successfully passed driving test pilot of the coastal boats Special Operations Forces (Riverine Command Boat (experimental) — RCB-X). Experimentally it was because it was used a new kind of fuel. On the South American boat was used composite fuel, that is one second consists of conventional diesel fuel of the North Atlantic Alliance brand F-76, and the second half of the fuel on the basis of aquatic plants, known under the name HR-D. The creation of this biofuel in the current time is quite troublesome
and not a cheap exercise. Aquatic plants have grown in bioreactors singular, then they were harvested, dried and converted to a powder from which the flammable liquid is obtained. It came out of the highest properties of biofuels, so that the boat fully loaded displacement of 19 tons and a length of almost 16 meters in 44.5 has a top speed unit and immediately showed good maneuverability characteristics. After completing these tests, Rear Admiral Philip Cullom said subsequently: "This is another step, but a step of historic importance."

U.S. create a "Great Green Fleet"

Rear Admiral Philip Cullom was satisfied with the fruits of the test boat RCB-X.

— On the bases of the Marine Corps and Navy shore facilities in the southern regions of the United States deployed solar photovoltaic power stations (SPS). For the Marine Corps, and created so-called. Expeditionary Energy System, which consists of a 300-watt solar panels, they just expand and contract in a couple of minutes.

— The U.S. military will use other renewable sources, such as cottonseed oil, it can be added to fuel military vehicles.

— Engaged in military and improvement of energy-saving technologies, so the U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Meybus, speaking to representatives of American industry, said an amphibious assault ship Makin Island (LHD 8). It comes with a combined power plant elektrogazoturbinnaya last generation powerplant Makin Island is devoid of flaws inefficiency of the engine at a speed of 10 knots the least. According Meybusa, the total savings from the use of this facility during the current cycle of the warship will be approximately 250 million dollars.


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