U.S. makes military drones for maritime labor

The Pentagon has signed a contract with the company AAI to develop a set of detectors for airborne drones, which will allow to detect and storm submerged submarines, surface ships, to make the full range of attack aircraft and participate in the operations of the war power.

Specialists AAI plan to make a comprehensive system of acoustic, electro-optical, radar, magnetic and other sensors. First, it is planned to equip UAV for action over the sea, but it will allow to do puzzles and defeat ground targets. Perhaps it is the next step in the creation of an unmanned aircraft system based on aircraft carriers for the substitution of obsolete and maritime patrol aircraft P-3 Orion.

U.S. creates military drones for naval battles

This picture can behold on deck of U.S. aircraft carriers in 10 years

U.S. systematically working to implement effective unmanned systems in the Navy. In the past year have begun active tests of a marine UAV ScanEagle. Wet sensor magnetic anomalies and launched from the spacecraft, a small plane able to do for a long time at low altitude patrol, detect and discreetly accompany a submerged submarine. Unmanned plane has a number of important benefits for the Navy. Apart from a very principled solutions puzzles protect U.S. ships from submarines, UAV bolshennom able to work at a distance from shore bases. This gives a tremendous situational awareness and opportunity proactively respond to the maneuvers of the enemy.

At the current time the U.S. Navy are working to establish the impact UAV, based on board an aircraft carrier. This will greatly expand the ability of aircraft carrier battle groups. First, thanks to the range of actions drones aircraft carrier will be able to strike a radius of several thousand kilometers. Also one aircraft carrier will be able to arrange 1.5-2 times more unmanned aerial vehicles in comparison with manned, as a result Aviation Group will increase to 150-200 cars that will allow one to apply the massive aircraft carrier air strikes that can suppress a small defense of the country. There will be new skills, for example, UAV without landing and refueling can proparhat to 10 thousand km, which will allow to make up the loss of the aircraft carrier directly from the territory of the United States.

Model of the first X-47B drone aircraft carriers planned to lift into the air in December 2010.

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