U.S. Marines will provide hybrid solar panels

U.S. Marines will provide hybrid solar panels

South American scientists are working on adapting technologies for collecting solar energy for the needs of the U.S. Marine Corps. In the near future, they rely on the military to reduce the dependence of fuel supplies to the front.

In the current time on the outposts and bases of the U.S. Army in Afghanistan as power plants used diesel generators, which consume a significant amount of fuel and depend on a constant supply. Transport convoys, in turn, constantly become targets for militant attacks.

In order to facilitate military puzzle, scientists from the Office of Naval Research will create a hybrid power system that will be able to provide electricity to the military for 15 days.

The project involves three teams of professionals formed companies Raytheon, Battelle and Emcore. According to a press release, Office of Naval Research, the team had already submitted to the Tribunal military projects to create a hybrid system that uses fuel, solar and thermal energy for electricity production.

One of the main requirements is automation, which will allow the system as needed without the help of other switches between different types of resources in the event of lack of fuel, or bad weather, and to be quite compact and fit into the back of a truck or car Humvee.

Developers to address a number of technological problems. Namely referred to challenge excessive heat also issues automatic control system. Work is expected to finish by 2025, said general manager Scott Coombe project.

Ivan Arkhipov

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