U.S. missiles ordered for 230 million dollars

U.S. missiles ordered by $ 230 millionMissile Defense Agency (MDA) has awarded the company U.S. Raytheon contract price of 230 million dollars to supply 14 SM-3 missiles Block IA missiles and five SM-3 Block IB. This was reported on the website of Raytheon.

By the time the true, according to Raytheon, the company has put the U.S. and the Land of the Rising Sun 135 missiles SM-3.

SM-3 missile can be mounted on ships, filled system Aegis, also on land. Namely, the system Aegis located on cruisers like "Ticonderoga" and destroyers of "Arleigh Burke" U.S. Navy destroyers and the Navy land of the rising sun. In addition, the Aegis system on its own destroyers like "Hobart" plans to install Australia.

At the end of June 2012, it became clear about the plans of the Ministry of Defense position the elements of missile and space defense by 6 destroyers of the Navy. In late August, the representative of USC said that the Russian system will be similar to the U.S. Aegis.

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