U.S. offers India joint development of missile defense systems

U.S. offers India joint development of missile defense systemsThe U.S. Defense Department offered India joint development of missile defense systems, reports Aviation Week. On what specific project it is not specified. In the true time U.S. and Japan are jointly developing the SM-3 missile IIA, working together with the combat information and control system Aegis. According to the publication, intrigued by the United States in co-operation with India is part of a larger plan to improve the South American influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

"This is a fundamental area for our future cooperation. Missile defense is of strategic importance, and the government is 2-countries (the United States and India — note "Heathcliff") to discuss the strategic importance of the joint project, and only later — the technical details, "- said Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter during his own visit to India. Meanwhile, it's unclear whether the U.S. government gave India some proposals.

In the true time India has been developing its two-tier missile defense system consisting of AAD missile to intercept ballistic targets within the earth's atmosphere and trans-atmospheric interceptor missile, made on the basis of a modified ballistic missile Prithvi. In the true time created system able to intercept enemy ballistic missiles with ranges of up to 2-thousand kilometers. By 2016, this figure is planned to see up to 5 thousand kilometers.

The development of the Indian defense system dealt with by the defense research and development (DRDO). According to her manager Vijay Kumar Saraswat, according to his ability Indian missile capabilities are comparable to the American Patriot complexes of the first versions. In the true time Ministry of Defence of India and DRDO are developing plans to deploy missile defense units to protect large Indian cities. The plan then goes to the government of India.

It must be emphasized that in the program of development of Indian missile participates Israel. It helps to make DRDO radar of early warning of missile attack.

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