U.S. offers to help in the development of the modern army Tripoli

U.S. offers to help in the creation of a new army TripoliAs noted in an interview with journalists of the American newspaper "USA Today" General Crankcase Ham, head of U.S. Africa Command, "the Pentagon expresses the intention assist Tripoli make the latest Libyan army, "ITAR-TASS reported.

America is deeply convinced of the correctness of its mission the creation of the government army Libya: "We will help the country to merge and make conflicting mingled controlled militias. Libyans themselves should determine how the state will be formed army. " Besides Carter Ham said that the government Libya manifests itself in the modernization of existing intrigued by its naval forces. U.S. reacted to this fact by offering members of the Transitional Council of State Libya.

The head of the U.S. African Command, stressed that at the conclusion of any agreement between Washington and PNC scope of assistance will not be so large as in the case of the Pentagon with the agreements with Kabul and Baghdad, in what was said to support the formation of, respectively, the Afghan and Iraqi government armies.

"The U.S. is already at this point may start to trade with Tripoli weapons systems, equipment, appliances, and assist in the preparation of military personnel. We are even ready to start training at our military academies, officers of the Libyan army, "- said Crankcase Ham.

In an interview with reporters the decision was announced favorites PNS reached during the discussions that the government army is not acceptable to turn away from the services of the officers who were in the service of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, but emphasized: "not involved in the uprisings of the oppressed."

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