U.S. ordered new armored vehicles have 3 companies

U.S. ordered new armored vehicles in three companies

The U.S. Army has awarded contracts for the development of light armored JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) to three companies: Lockheed Martin, AM General and Oshkosh. Total price contracts, as reported on the website of the Pentagon, was higher than 184.7 million dollars.

Lockheed Martin has received from the U.S. defense department 64.99 million dollars, AM General — 63,88 million, and Oshkosh — 55,87 million bucks. According to the terms of the agreements, any of the companies to present to the customer own standard light armored vehicles up to 8 November 2014. Favorite is identified on the basis of expert assessments.

Armored vehicles JLTV designed to change the outdated "Hummers" HMMWV, manufactured AM General. As previously reported, the Pentagon first requested in 2012 a total 10.9 billion dollars difficulties for the development of 3 projects armored vehicles — Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, Medium Tactical Vehicle and General Dynamics Stryker.

Possible technical properties JLTV not yet known. In all likelihood, the car will be built on the basis of all-wheel drive and four-wheel arm gun (similar to the HMMWV).

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