U.S. prepared plainclothes war in Syria for a long time before it starts

Prudent owner is cooking, as you know, the sleigh in summer. Similarly, calculating politician preparing in advance and municipal coups that future historians will interpret later "to desperate people rotten bloody regime."

The current war in Syria began in the spring of 2011.

As they say, any "impromptu" must be carefully prepared.

U.S. preparing a civil war in Syria long before it startedTo overthrow the legitimate government, it is necessary to make her candidacy, these impostors to recognize the legitimate authority and legitimate call illegitimate. Given that the power to create brand new external forces — it is clear that the country comes under external control.

The examples do not need to go too far. This year we celebrated 400 years as people came out of the turmoil of the Russian Federation. How it started? Poland "has created a" new "legitimate government of the Russian Federation" — False Dmitry I. So the recipe of old as the hills.

The first structure of the Syrian opposition, which as the legitimate authority acknowledged the West (and by creating its own), became Syrian Council of State. He's even met Clinton twice. But his friends, as they say, fell short of the highest trust and therefore vanished like smoke. And in their place, Washington quickly concocted a new "legitimate government of Syria." In Doha, in November of 2012 was created coalition of Syrian opposition and the revolution.

And then it's "legitimate government Syria"Prototype is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. The reason for rotation of authentically unknown to us, well, not very exciting.

What is interesting: many experts were that the Americans do not like "brothers" shunned them. That simply "wrong" as a mistake in Libya, through ignorance and naivety of democratic self-supporting Islamists in this country. Who later killed the U.S. ambassador.

It turns out that Washington is not very "Party" of Islamic radicals from the Syrian opposition even 6 years ago.

Here is the article decent South American media, "Wall Street Journal".

The most important thing to see what is the year. 2007 is the!

Read and translated. Not all. Selectively.

It turns out there was already some prototype "legitimate government" of Syria under the title "National Salvation Front» (NSF), which going to rescue this country from the "bloody Bashar al-Assad." How to help out — we all know. Cut off the head and the sea of blood.

«… The NSF unites liberal democrats, Kurds, Marxists and former Syrian officials in an effort to transform President Assad's despotic regime. But the Washington protest also connected a pair of more unlikely players — the US government and the Muslim Brotherhood. (I translate selected: "But Washington also joined the protest over a couple of disparate players — the U.S. government and the" Muslim brothers ".)

… One of the NSF's most influential members is the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (translate selected: "One of the most influential members of the National Salvation Front (Syria) — Syrian wing of the" Muslim Brotherhood ") …

… In the months leading up to the May 26 rally, the NSF held a string of meetings with officials from the State Department and the National Security Council. (Translate selected: "In the months leading up to the demonstration on May 26 National Salvation Front held a series of meetings with officials from the State Department and National Security Council. ")

Already in 2007, meetings were these "fighters" for the Caliphate with "officials from the State Department and National Security Council" in Washington. So the "sled" prepared in advance.

And the sled went. The "sled" was a very, very many. But all of a radical Islamic color. Therefore "wrong" Washington is simply unrealistic. All of the "opposition" — Islamists design, differing only in the degree of radicalism.

The state of civilian conflict, heated outside lasts in Syria since March 2011. During this period grew numerically and quantitatively militant groups and opposition. Among them there were frank jihadists, and even al-Qaida. These include the first "anti-Nusra Dzhabhat" (Front aid to the Syrian people) and "Ahrar al-Sham" (Free people of Syria.) Other groups such as "Katibat al-Farouq" (Farouk Battalion), "Sukur al-Sham" (Eagles Syria) and "Liwa al-Tawhid" (monotheism Brigade) are controlled by moderate Islamists and the Syrian "Muslim brothers."

Many groups. 5 fractions of naming me — a drop in the sea of thousands of different combat brigades with different names and colors, fighting in Syria. According to the opposition itself (their analytical report to the State Department, filed last week — here's a link to information about it), says that only in the region of several hundred Aleppo average number of 10-20 people each:

(«There are hundreds of small groups (10-20 fighters) spread all over the area of Aleppo," notes the bleak assessment given to the State Department. "The FSA has [been] transformed into disorganized rebel groups, infiltrated by large numbers of criminals. All our efforts with MCs [military councils] were abolished … Warlords are a reality on the ground now … A [failed] state is the most likely outcome of the current condition, unless adjustment [is] done » )

In the middle of all Islamists self discipline, perseverance and fanaticism stands out at first "Dzhabhat en-Nusra." This is the same "al-Qaeda" … which is struggling with the Yankees in Iraq. Their one control. Because the U.S. State Department officially has brought "Dzhabhat en-Nusra" in the list of terrorist organizations.

In another act was impossible, because these people have blood on his hands of American soldier in Iraq. Would be the noise and uproar. It is interesting that the Syrian opposition condemned the U.S. move and claimed to work backwards. They say, "Dzhabhat en-Nusra" — fundamentally a fighter with a "bloody Assad regime," and it is at this moment the main thing. As they say — one thing to do. And who remember His An old, that you know that. Is not it enough that there was in Iraq …

Are there any other force in the middle of the "opposition" in Syria? Have. This is a Special Forces Western states special forces from Qatar. But the military's "democrats" and "liberals" with Syrian passports in Syria no one has ever beheld.

By the way, the other groups 'opposition' blacklist Americans in general did not make. And all these "fighters" stroll with new and fresh South American and European instrument. Where is it? Officially, the U.S. is not arming the opposition in Syria. Officially, it do not, but do not forbid the collection of funds for local purchases for the United States and their weapons. South American "Chirikovs" are the same as the Russian witted protector of trees, it is gratifying announce fundraiser.

U.S. preparing a civil war in Syria long before it started

How much is collected? Penny. The major amount of "dovnesut" the U.S. intelligence services, they also posodeystvuyut with the purchase and transportation of guns. The same Iraq. And believe Islamist guerrillas in Syria will not attack those convoys, driven tool to the Syrian border.

To remain unsullied in this dirty game, distanced themselves from the U.S. arms sales. As means. And there are other people's hands. The main flows are not from the West but from the Arab states and Turkey. The most active "contributors" — Qatar, Saudi Arabia, a Sunni bloc "March 14" in Lebanon.

That neither read as Western diplomats — support for Islamist rebels in Syria enormous. And behind all this is Washington, London and their allies.

Support is provided throughout. Here are some noticeable u-tyubovskih materials made by militants. On behalf of the so-called "Group of the military defense of the Syrian revolution." Emphasis on the word protection, obviously. Because, apparently, all the videos about small arms and light weapons and techniques of urban collisions.

This is — video instructions on how to use the tool. In general, such a video, in my opinion, from the standpoint of morality is not required to be spread on open resources. But facts are facts. Do not take away. And on Facebook, and it is there and it is not removed.

How to use the Kalashnikov

How to shoot a gun

How to be a sniper

How to deal with an American M-16 rifle

How to break into the premises

Democracy is …

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