U.S. ready to assist Ukraine to reform the army

U.S. ready to help Ukraine to reform the armyRBC. USA ready to assist Ukraine to reform the army. This statement was made by salting the United States, John Tefft on March 22 at a meeting with Defence Minister Dmitry SALAMATIN, reports the press service of the Defense Ministry.

"Our engagement in time international exercises, and other activities to maintain peace and strengthen international security contributes to the improvement of the situation, "- identified the diplomat.

In addition, he welcomed the peace initiative of Ukraine.

D.Salamatin highlighted that the true time ends with the development of the modern concept of the reform and development of the armed forces until 2017., which provides for the creation of mobile, efficient army that meets today's challenges and demands.

He also emphasized that the armed forces of the new standard will be equipped with only military contract.

At the end of the meeting the sides expressed confidence that bilateral defense cooperation between Ukraine and the United States would be busy in the coming develop.

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