U.S. reformat the Greater Middle East

U.S. reformat the Greater Middle EastAmazingly, none of the commentators on the action in the Arab world does not produce basic factor — a natural for the geopolitics of the United States to fulfill the desire of reorganizing and perestrukturatsiyu Huge Near East.

The goal — still the same: to approve the space from Algeria to China (ie, in the title itself part of the world after the United States) even more controlled and capable in these modes within them.

The Greater Middle East (The Greater Middle East, GME) — is designed 30 years ago, South American diplomats and military macro-region, including cyclopean place from North Africa to the borders of India and the Russian Federation. In GME, incidentally, after the collapse of the Soviet Union were also included former Russian Central Asia and the Caucasus.

The project concept GME appeared immediately after entering the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in December 1979, a limited contingent of Russian troops that followed the April (Saur) Revolution in Afghanistan in April 1978, and the anti-Shah Islamic revolution in Iran in February 1979.

In a situation out Russian military to the borders of Iran and Pakistan, and suddenly sunk into oblivion main U.S. partner — the Shah regime of Iran — the main area of its own hydrocarbon imports to the United States began structuration actually needed for their area of Persian Gulf.

Here then was born the official "Carter Doctrine": the U.S. should consider any risk disrupt their supply of oil from the Persian Gulf by the Soviet Union as a casus belli — an excuse for war.

Then Carter secured his own doctrine initiated the creation of the United States Forces frisky response (Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force), which by the end of 1980. grown Central Command of the Armed forces of the United States (USCENTCOM, Centcom).

Then, from the beginning of the 1990s., With the emergence of significant data's Stores Caspian hydrocarbons and North Africa, and after the operation "Desert Storm", these two regional "wings" were "added" to the Persian Gulf, and just formed a new geographical fact GME.

Brand new reality has been "scientifically" fixed in a good monograph by J. Kemp and R.Harkavi "Strategic Geography and the Changing Middle East," where the creators have included in the GME is with Pakistan and Afghanistan, the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus.

The value of the GME in these 30 years, only grew. According to official forecasts of the Ministry of Energy, by 2025, two-thirds of all the oil will be imported to the United States specifically to GME. It is no coincidence that the U.S. under the service "gas station" with "personnel" about 600 million people, "sharpened" the main forces of the U.S. military machine abroad, specifically in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula, is stationed at the same base of more than 200 000 U.S. military (not Considering NATO military officials and private military companies — still about 150,000), built more than 10 large military airfields and ports for more powerful strike force the U.S. Navy.

The invasion of the U.S. and NATO in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 was a structuration of the eastern part of the Greater Middle East. Now it's time to structuration western part of the artificial macro-region.

Consolidated complaints western favorites and high-ranking speakers (eg, Merkel and Clinton) that the same Gaddafi, they say, has chosen violence (as if in a situation of insurgency can choose something else), the growing demands of sanctions entirely bare the decision of the West restructure (reboot and reinstall) the Greater Middle East.

Libya is different here from Tunisia and Egypt, only that favorite Jamahiriya "can not hear" or "do not understand" clear signal to leave the scene.

Also very revealing powerful shot leading global media (where our media are the most worthless and only bestalantnymi clergy) set as a nearly head originator rebellions in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and Iran demonize decades in power rulers. So, with a sort of gone crazy with happiness "News", "inform" us about the performance of headlining favorite Libya "Gaddafi is ready to drown the country in blood and oil," while "Euronews" (forthcoming television introduce sanctions against Libya EU) gave the respective plot with very different in focus and tone of the headline "Gaddafi vowed to fight to the death."

In general bewilderment, even frightened calls this weird "revolutionary" fervor of our media (especially municipal) which are interesting examples on overseas calls, in fact, to overthrow the existing government in Russia. In general, it makes clear who among us is the main destroyer of the country, and who at the smallest destabilization would shoot back, like a half-ka 10 years ago, our soldiers were shooting the feds in Chechnya.

Our media is full of buzzing "experts" who holier than the pope, race and excitedly shouting that muddies the water in the region, Iran — and this despite the fact that even the highest operational military U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mullen, in his own visit to Saudi Arabia stated unequivocally that there is no any "hands" of Iran in the Arab uprisings.

So, the West led by the United States is working hard to change modes on the whole "bolsheblizhnevostochnomu 'place: a brand new certified GME need the loyalty of regional managers to monitor the pipelines and the smooth transfer of oil and gas in the" right "direction. In fact, it is — the same redirection of governors in the Russian way, but more in Hollywood, and (so, by the way), and in other people's "independent" states rather than subjects of their own North American Federation.

More February 1, in the midst of events in Egypt, President Barack Obama made a landmark statement, which, in fact, gave the go-ahead this reinstallation.

At first, he immediately dot the «i», stating that "the United States against violence," and that he "would like to mention the professionalism and patriotism of the Egyptian military for what they allow you to peacefully protest," that "all beheld, both fighters and protesters obymayutsya and fraternize. " Now, Obama singled out, "I bezotstupno advise the military to continue and further their efforts to ensure peace now configurations in the country." Later, he gave detailed summaries Egyptians how to create these most peaceful configuration. And then finished: "I want to clearly say to the people of Egypt and the Egyptian youth in particular: We hear your voices."

By the way, again, none of the national media in Russia did not consider it necessary to inform the country of such "trifles" (in general, I'm afraid, as the management of the country).

So, in each of the states shrouded revolution — has its own specificity, its natural, not instigated from outside grievances, most states at once and identical system prepyadstviya (decades in power rulers, fashion, and a common language "Al-Jazeera"), but It will be important that the main beneficiary of the U.S. act.

Before us — prescribed for another 10 years ago, Robert Cooper (at that time — an assistant minister of defense and transatlantic affairs of England), "a new kind of imperialism that is acceptable to the world of human rights and cosmopolitan values … Imperialism, which, as
though what imperialism is aimed at bringing and maintaining order and organization, but which based on the principle of voluntariness. "

Cooper "new kind of imperialism" emerges from the top of the world a few puzzles postmodern countries organize their hegemony over the world countries domodernovyh (antediluvian, lower) produces obedient of their "label to reign" and "voluntary" transition into the league of modern style.

In this "bolsheblizhnevostochnuyu" reinstall on a new, democratic and voluntary form of imperialism as "asphalt" includes everything — even Israel and, perhaps, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. outposts in the region for decades.

Thus, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday helplessly said: "The best intelligence experts at various states did not expect such shocks and can not say now what it will end. We do not know what will happen to the west of us, and do not know what will happen to the east of us. "

The awkwardness of "throw" Israel is indicative. Filled pipes — are most important, and the rest — as a residual.

Even more indicative of the rapid rise of Iran in this situation.

Clever-Americans not only perestrukturiruyut and reformat GME, they are still in the process, quickly and with surprising creativity decide overripe and heavy tasks — first resumption completely severed 30 years ago, relations with Iran, followed by the domestication of Iran.

I have repeatedly demonstrated that while Russian diplomacy on the team, "face" from our overseas strategic partners yapping on Iran, the Americans themselves actively induce the last massive state GME bridges.

In the process, the United States and also solve a lot of other fundamental problems. For example, train limp Europe, forcing the European Union to growl at GME destabilized the country, although for Europe increased exposure to the U.S. in the same North Africa means more control by the United States for the transportation of hydrocarbons to Europe and for Europe itself.

In the end, the U.S. reinforce the control of North Africa to China to counter the ever-present, which Brooks billion subtle forms the majestic river abounding not only in Latin America, and Africa, well and in Southern Europe.

And where is our home?

And the Russian Federation in all this world there is no process. She sits in a sandbox and forgotten by God, puffing out his cheeks, amuses developed world own outstanding inadequate.

Very hard to look at the head of our country, which Now, in fact, one is obliged to handle all difficult challenges. Lack of professionalism ensuring the President of structures is striking.

Namely, they are, according to the reports and transcripts, neunyvayusche assure Mr President, that we have "the script will not work."

But specifically, "this scenario" we have already started in full force last Friday, when a shot "Gazelle" with tourists in Kabardino-Balkaria — very handy at a time when over 400 km from the disaster, in Sochi, the president instructed the Security Council "to counter" the way of all the forces that zahochut interfere with the Olympics.

I repeat again, in a situation where there were three before the Olympics, the destabilization of the Caucasus is once again under the entire nuclear landmine Russia and will be doing the role of Cyrenaica, with its capital in Benghazi.

And there should be clear about the main thing.

First. Revolution does not happen when "the people unbearable," and when the State could not stand. That is the correct definition of the traditional practice of the revolution itself, as Lenin: "For the revolution is not enough that the lower classes do not want to live like before. It requires more that the top could not host and manage as before. "

Those at the top, and now just can not. That is completely broken, unfortunately, is the installation, which the president of Russia on Tuesday gave in Vladikavkaz at the meeting of the State Counterterrorism Committee: to solve the problem of the North Caucasus, "it is a pretty long run, it is about the future decades," and "can not be the usual recipes, "" there is no universal prescription and no prescription frisky in the world it has not been invented, and we can not create. "

If the mood for a decade, the urgent need to abolish the Olympics and create a number of other evacuation measures. If the Olympics next week is not going to cancel, then you need to take and very rapidly through the "I do not want, and need," for year-one and a half to restore order in the Caucasus — sverhdemokraticheskimi ways. For example, I know how — but nobody asked me. Means either know themselves or uninteresting, what then are silent and fail?

I note, incidentally, that Sochi and the Caucasus — an important edge GME pipeline with their games, and the fullness of the new problems of democratic imperialism, which will be installed in our demodernizirovannoy Russian Federation.

2nd. Grow explosively technology destabilization, namely, the introduction of social networking, first Facebook and Twitter. Confront this can only be through as much explosive power technology improvement, which, in turn, does not require a "Twitter", and establish sustainable excess production of social wealth, the production of surplus.

Stabilization can now be achieved 3 ways: either to open the newest raschudesno oil, or through social genocide reduce to half the population of the world, giving the other half to get hold of, or design and build a technological breakthrough. Where is the breakthrough?

And finally, the third. Point

United States engaged in the creation of gas stations and pipelines opletaniem world record under his needs. A country that could be organized in other countries are not coups and regime change, and the development unavailable. Place a favorite of world development is free.

And it is — a challenge for Russia. Since ingeniously selected Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky our worldwide sympathy and common humanity are not just huge, and inexhaustible geopolitical and economic resource. We can and must become that power which would take over the goal does not export democracy, development, and learning to develop themselves, would develop the world.

GDP of all Arab states is approximately equal to the GDP of Spain alone. Who, for example, will help in the short term to make the Arab GDP is 5-10 times more? That's what kind of work is required in the world today.

And the U.S. continues to reformat the Greater Middle East …

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