U.S. remains no more than 2-3 years

U.S. remains no more than 2-3 yearsAfter the decision to increase the U.S. municipal debt, the world exhaled and relaxed. Many had the feeling that the danger had passed and the economy will increase in coming. But if take a closer look at the situation and assess the situation on the planet, it becomes clear that everything is just beginning.

In-1's, the debt ceiling will rise evenly, after the adoption of the U.S. administration of measures to reduce budget expenditures. This is a first — defense, space and social applets. In other words, all the fact that the ceiling will eventually be raised — about spending cuts across the political groups in the United States continue to argue even at the moment.

In-2, the credibility of the greenback falls. Grows the demand for the yen, Swiss franc and other fixed currencies. In the euro in case of a successful solution of the problem with Greece and the lack of a ground operation in Libya, there is an excellent chance to get around Bucks.

B-3, the U.S. is still fighting two wars — in Iraq and Afghanistan. They devour billions of dollars, despite the partial withdrawal of troops. War coordinated by NATO in Libya, first from-due to the need to reduce budget expenditures. America has no funds for the war. Exactly like no money for an operation in Syria. Act vicariously while too is not very good. Ultimately, the impact of the U.S. as a global superpower that controls the whole world falls uniformly. The discontent of the officer corps, which witnessed not the most successful operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, meanwhile, grows.

B-4, and the national social stratification in the United States have gained terrain own limit. If explode the slums of New York, scored a population with what you like the color of the skin, not counting the snow-white — for their restraint in handy vaunted marines, police, they just crumple. The same can be said for at least some large city in the United States. Snow-white middle class in its own majority is not very happy with the situation. In general it does not threaten the gap, at least in those states where the cult of possession of an instrument is not etched ushlymi politicians. People will be able to fend for themselves. But not everywhere.

What conclusions follow? Quite only a small pebble which pull an avalanche. For example, a failed police operation in the slums, during which die a number of local residents. Or rebellion Connection State Guard. As an option — vigorous protests from some social group. In fact, anything that can initiate the process of disintegration of the country. In the end, the revolution in Petrograd started because of the fact that the delayed 2-3 days from-for blockages bread delivery to the capital. If a lady who then went out into the street to know what will their actions, I think they would have stayed home more quickly and silently waited.

The only way to save the United States — is the formation of a crisis situation in China and Europe's need for security. Taking into account the uniform forming on the opposite coast of Europe, the Mediterranean, the society of the Islamic countries with the radicals in power, the need for the U.S. Army and armament may receive from the European Union earlier than it implies someone.

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