U.S. scientists have created a Frankenstein Paleolithic




First time scientists have completely re-create the skeleton of an ancient human — Neanderthal. As reported on Friday LiveScience, among anthropologists, the creation of "Frankenstein Stone Age" is regarded as an independent scientific discovery.

Gary Sawyer of the New York Museum of Natural History and his colleague from the University of Washington Blaine Maley was used to create the skeleton of bones found in various parts of the world. Most of them, including the pelvis and thorax, were taken from the skeletons found in the cave of La Ferrassi in France.

These fragments were complemented by findings in the cave Kebara in Israel and six other locations. In this case, some of the missing parts have been replaced bones of modern humans.

The result of the scientists gave occasion to declare that Neanderthals were "tight, humanoid creatures with wide hips, waist, and the complete absence of very strong upper limbs." According to Sawyer, this species of ancient people was most likely dead end and not the ancestor of primates, but only close relative Homo sapiens.

Currently recreated skeleton on display at the Center for the Study of DNA in New York, then it is to be permanently placed at the American Museum of Natural History.

Battery News, 13.03.2005 14:50
Source: Lenta.ru

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