U.S. stopped flying F-16s in the Land of the Rising Sun

U.S. suspended flights of F-16 in JapanU.S. stopped flying F-16s in Land of the Rising Sun after the plane crash of this type near the island of Hokkaido. This is a Thursday, July 26, reports Associated Press referring to representatives of the Ministry of Defense.

Flight incident on July 22, became the first fighter from the base to Misawa since 2002. In total there are 45 base F-16, who now will have to undergo a security check. Investigation falling fighter on July 22, said Sgt Nathan Lipscomb (Nathan Lipscomb), has not yet been completed.

Pilot F-16, traveling from Land of the Rising Sun Alaska, managed to escape. At the moment he is in a measured state of Alaska, but then return to the Japanese base. No other details Lipscomb has not resulted.

In addition, on the same day, July 22, the South American fighter F-16 emergency locator near the Kuril Islands. The pilot managed to eject and was rescued.

In total, Land of the Rising Sun there are about 50 thousand U.S. military. U.S. plans to use on Japanese bases tiltrotor MV-22 Osprey, causing protests from local residents, because from April 2012 there were two flight incident with the role of MV-22 Osprey.

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