U.S. will continue aerial surveillance over China

Now in the world there are two countries, the conflict between which lead to global catastrophe on the whole planet. We are talking about the United States and China, who seek to dominate the world economy, and this zeal in favor of enhanced military capabilities.

U.S. will continue aerial surveillance over China

The scandal with the conduct of the South American military aerial reconnaissance over China does not stop for more than half a century, but, despite vigorous protests from Beijing, Washington will continue to perform reconnaissance missions. This is openly declared, Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Committee, the managing staffs of the U.S. Army. Thus he commented Makar incident which took place on 29 June this year, when two military fighter Su-27 Chinese Air Force chased the intruder in their state airy place plane-U.S. spy themselves, according to the white houses, disrupted air border with the adjacent Taiwan.

In the near future all of China Air Force fighter jets fly more often to intercept U.S. spy planes. At the same time 10 years ago back on April 1, 2001, during an air intercept spy sufficiently severe incident occurred, during which he died Chinese fighter-interceptor pilot J-8IIM, and padded south american EP-3E was obliged to make a critical landing on the Chinese island of Hainan area.

The most unusual thing that most indignant at the moment the Americans themselves, voicing outrage at the fact that the Chinese side has all the forces delayed the return of spy plane U.S. Air Force and its crew. According to professionals in the U.S., this was due to the fact that the Chinese used this time with a definite benefit itself (copied all of their details of military aircraft).

With regard to the recent conflict, Michael Mullen said the subsequent "China lust, so we ended reconnaissance flights … We are on a similar pace will not go, because for us it is very important." And, despite the fact that later on his authorized official dealer suggested clarifying that, he says, his "boss is not realized" that Tipo he was not referring to the embodiment of flights over China, and conducting aerial reconnaissance in the region in general, in the Celestial statement U.S. admiral is not regarded by the other as a "Freudian slip of the tongue."

In general, for the modern China the problem is the ancient remains topical since the beginning of the creation of the People's Republic. First reconnaissance flights of American spy planes over the territory became a communist China began in the early 1951, almost immediately after the defeat of the army of South American ally, Chinese Marshal Chiang Kai-shek. In particular, they have increased due to the start of the nuclear programs from the PRC.

About how fundamental importance for the United States have surveillance flights over the territory of China, confirms the statement made two years back the former head of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev which explained to his overthrow of the U.S. machinations. According to him, Washington made a personal appeal to him to issue a permit for the critical landing at air base "Manas" spy plane. He refused, citing that it can not be used for operations in the adjacent Afghanistan and that he had no desire to complicate things so friendly with Beijing. In the words of Askar Akayev, highrise plane-spy on the Yankees needed a military base in Kyrgyzstan for aerial reconnaissance over western China, "our beloved neighbor, China is a very unhealthy place, step on which we should not. This was seen in Washington as a challenge."

What reason did so "special" attention to China, threatening deterioration of relations? In the past 15 years, China is modernizing its air defense system in accordance with the general strengthening of the armed forces. Do not exclude that using similar flights Americans expect to uncover character configurations made in the near future. Currently Celestial markedly increasing its own military arsenal, it's not just a defense, Navy, Air Force, and the main strategic forces. Beijing flatly refuses to read with Washington to reduce its own nuclear arsenal. Moreover, he spends his intense improvement in the direction of increasing the quantitative characteristics of warheads on missiles and conduct and growth of the radius of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

For this reason, the United States devotes considerable attention to everything that is on the nuclear facilities in China. Along the way, Beijing begins construction of its missile defense system. And all this is done against the background of increased activity of the Middle Kingdom trivial in all strategically important from the standpoint of Washington regions of the world, including in the Indian Ocean. And with the upcoming China's growth of its business with the U.S. will escalate evenly, but with the trend of growth.

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