U.S. will increase kibernastuplenie

U.S. will increase kibernastuplenieManagement of promising research projects of the Ministry of Defense plans to increment their investments in cyberinfrastructure to enhance offensive kibervozmozhnostey, reports MIC.

Relatively recently the offensive and defensive ability of the Pentagon's actions in cyberspace were estimated at a ratio of 10 to 90 percent.

As reported by the weekly "Jane's Defence Weekly" DARPA plans to increment allocations to the development of cybersecurity technologies, shifting with all this emphasis on the offensive side cyber technologies.

In fiscal year 2012 appropriations DARPA for research cyber technologies increased by 88 million dollars to $ 208 million dollars. According to the disk imaging control, the total allocation for research cyber technologies of the total budget DARPA the next 5 years to rise evenly from 8 to 12 percent.

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