U.S. will respond to a hacker attack from other states airstrikes on them.

U.S. will respond to a hacker attack from other countries airstrikes on them.

Bimbo strategy Pentagon qualifies attacks in cyberspace as a military act.

The U.S. Defense Department is preparing the first formalized kiberstrategiyu, unclassified portion of which (12 of 42 pages) will be presented to the public next month. Pieces of paper fell into the hands of journalists Wall Street Journal. In accordance with the plans of the South American command, army (For the first time in history) will have opportunities to respond with military force to hacker attacks carried out in other states and threatening the strategic focus of the work sites, such as nuclear reactors, subways and oil and gas pipelines.

Formalization strategy cyberwar Pentagon started after successful attacks on its own servers. Digital component of the confrontation of America and its opponents had a recognizable example of Iran, where Stuxnet virus blocked the nuclear program from this country.

Perhaps, after the promulgation of the military strategy will have to enter into a debate on such issues as the reliability of the determination of the place where the storms cracker, and aspects of the severity of the hazard for which a decision is made about the response by the army. The next step should be the Pentagon's coordination of actions in cyberspace with the allies, first with the NATO countries.

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