U.S. will write Georgias military doctrine and prepare military personnel

U.S. will write Georgia's military doctrine and prepare military personnel

On Wednesday, September 12, arrived in Georgia a group of American military professionals to implement the "Plan of 6 points," dedicated to the development of cooperation between the U.S. and Georgia in the military sphere. Georgian media have dubbed this visit "transition cooperation to a new level."

So called "6 pt" in the field of defense were approved at a meeting of Barack Obama and Misha Saakashvili in January 2012. At the same time the head of 2-countries have agreed to start talks on free trade between countries.

"With the implementation of the plan of 6 points, cooperation Georgia and the U.S. in the field of defense runs across to the next level. At first South American specialists posodeystvuyut to strengthen defense. The purpose of the visit is to study the abilities of professionals of air defense in place and the analysis of the current situation ", — the message Defense Georgia agency Novosti-Georgia.

After investigating the situation on the ground, will begin the second step of cooperation, in which the South American specialists will start to develop the doctrine of strengthening Georgian air defense. In the doctrine of the event details will be painted, the embodiment of which will allow to reach the goals.

Experts from the United States will have to examine the situation on the ground, then begin the second step of cooperation — the development of the doctrine to better protect Georgia. According to the Georgian military, the doctrine will be painted by step plan to strengthen air defense first. "It will help to strengthen, develop and grow Georgia's defense capabilities," — the report says the Defense Ministry.

Third step involves the implementation developed by South American military doctrine spices: training of professionals and scholars in the field of operational control of air space and air defense, ground forces exercises (first engineer units in border areas), training and exercises Coast Guard helicopter support, training of trainers , sergeants and junior officers, as preparation for the high command on the command of the brigade and headquarters levels.

"With the agreement of the embodiment 6 pt safety will be ensured Georgia on three fronts — from the air (the development of defense) to the sea (control of the Coast Guard) and land (strengthening engineering areas), "- said in a statement the Ministry of Defence Georgia. To train the Georgian military engineers in September will arrive in Georgia is another special group of military professionals from the United States.

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