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Let us remember that it was in the water life began. After all, in the world's oceans has everything necessary for it: the vast space, food deposits, mineral resources. Why should there not exist a reasonable life? After all, once even had the assumption that it was from the water and there was a man primates: alleged ancestors whale out on the land, and then back again into the water, but some part of them remained on the shore.

So, and in the depths of the ocean can be a very ancient civilization, which in its development may even be ahead of us. Moreover, that the meeting with the mysterious inhabitants of the deep sea in humans were more than once.

For example, Charles Berlitz — author of "The Bermuda Triangle", argues that in the canyons and caves of this sinister triangle may well exist representatives have not known civilizations. The proof is in the 1968 meeting of the professional diver from Miami with a terrible sea creature. At a depth of about fifteen feet in the lighthouse Great Isaac Light-round, he suddenly saw a creature like a turtle, with the face like a monkey, with eyes adapted to life under water.

Of course, many of the certificate of such meetings may seem the result of imagination: you never know who that is seen, but there are more serious cases, from which it is difficult to dismiss. And they relate to the mysterious underwater swimming apparatus, with unknown origin.

In 1902, in the waters of the Gulf of Guinea British ship "Fort Salisbury" to meet the huge mysterious object which has a length of about 180 meters with glowing lights on the edges of the silhouette. In apparatus was scaly surface and swirled around the water. What could it be? No state in those years was not able to create a submarine so large, especially as this scaly underwater vehicle developed incredible speed at the time.

Already in 1960, patrol ships of Argentina in their coastal waters have seen two large submarines, one of which was lying on the sea bottom, and the other was spinning around her, as if trying to protect. Border guards have made every effort to make the submarine to surface, but after unsuccessful attempts pelted them with depth charges. However, not only the boat did not explode, but went out of the chase at high speed. Sailors describe that fantastic ships were spherical cut and unusual forms of housing. Since these elusive submarine went with great speed, the border guards could do nothing for him to open a heavy fire from all available weapons. Submarine sank immediately to the bottom, but the most amazing thing happened next. Devices frigates began to record an incredible fact: the first submarine hoof, then tripled, etc., and then at an incredible rate disappeared in the waters of the Atlantic.

With such a mysterious object and Americans met at the Puerto Rican coast in 1963. Submarine speed was 300 kilometers per hour, which in those years, more than three times the speed of the fastest submarine. Thus affects not only the speed but also the maneuverability of a mysterious object: it moved not only horizontally but also vertically, and if it would be a creation of human technology, it would simply be torn to pieces by the enormous pressure.

Today, there is a common name for the mysterious inhabitants of the oceans, although some call them okeanoidami. But there is a reasonable question: why do not they get in touch with someone? Maybe they tried to do it once, but the man did not understand?

Some researchers believe that the underwater civilization gives us signals, for example, using "light mill" that humanity is watching from the ancient times. Even in medieval writings mentioned this mysterious phenomenon, referred as "diabolical carousel." Sailors often saw this phenomenon, is a rotating circle of light, stripes, and other geometric shapes. Believes that it is a harbinger of trouble.

In 1973, it is the light "show" watched from the Soviet ship "Makarenko." The crew says that around the ship was surprisingly light: there was cold, bright silvery glow. Motor ship as it sailed on the lined sea, but then the line began to circle like the spokes of the wheel, the center of which was located behind the cabinet ship. It was so unusual that the sailors began to feel dizzy, there was a slight nausea. However, after almost an hour of "show" all ended abruptly …

During his famous voyage Thor Heyerdahl and his companions also seen "flashing from the depths of" lights. Interestingly, the light appeared erratically, as if sends a coded message.

The phenomenon of the mysterious glow in the oceans and seas is fixed for a long time, but the explanation for this abnormal phenomenon, scientists can not yet give. Sometimes the light to notice any objects that could possibly have, and emit light, but to call them sea creatures would be an overstatement.

Most mysterious include okeanoidov attempt to make contact with a person — it is a case that occurred in March 1966, on the coast of the United States.

Naval Institute conducted the trial with a huge telecommunications antenna having a length of about one kilometer. And in the course of the experiment ship with lowered to the bottom locators fixed the strange signals: first, the signal itself, and then to repeat it like an echo, then a sound like an encoded message. The experiment was repeated several times, giving the impression that someone is at the bottom of the received signal from the vessel, imitated him, in order to attract attention, and then on the same wave has already passed the message. Attempt to pinpoint the source revealed that he is in the same area, the Atlantic at a depth of more than eight thousand meters. The experiment was halted for the species, and that further studies were conducted in secret. And the fact that it was possible to detect the Pentagon — is unknown.

Until now, the deep sea for a man similar to "Space", which is located next to us. Worldwide, there are only a few underwater vehicles that can go down to a sufficient depth. Every dive on this phone — worldwide event. It is possible that researchers ahead of the meeting with the present owners depths of the sea, after talking about it today, many facts.

In 1996, the famous Mariana Trench down an unmanned American drv. Platform, secured with thick ropes, was lowered to the bottom, and the robot started doing research. But three hours later, cameras started flashing fix mysterious creatures around the robot. And soon acoustics began broadcasting screeching metal and knocks. The device, which the researchers were concerned about the fate, began to raise to the surface. It turned out that it was done incredibly time: a little more and the unit would have remained on the seabed. His two ropes were cut down like a blowtorch, and some elements of the mangled …

A year later the same thing happened with the Australian military bathyscaphe "Squid", lowered to a depth of 6 km in the basin of the Bellingshausen. The camera unit filmed very strange objects that have an oval shape. The object emits a powerful inner light. Scientists who have studied the pictures are sure that the camera is removed some structures having artificial. When after a while bathyscaphe again tried to shoot them but he did not bottom sealed.

It turns out, according to the military archives, unidentified flying objects in the seventies, played the role of a serious factor in international relations.

At the height of the Cold War, when the confrontation between the USSR and the U.S. were clearly open, press releases resembled reports from the front. Especially this state were taken aback Norway and Sweden. Their territorial waters, according to the military, two months have been violated 16 times by Soviet submarines. But why and to what end? It would seem that the intentions of the Soviet seamen left no doubt they were trying to find out military secrets to NATO countries. But never been able to find at least one submarine and present it to the public. Russian boat looked like phantoms: they were invincible, invisible and seeped through any ambush. Swedes and Norwegians played hard "Soviet card", repeating the "underwater hands" of Moscow. A Soviet command or by crook tried to prove his innocence in violation of the maritime borders of neighboring countries. But steadfast Norwegians come to this sea war against the alleged Soviet submarines. Finding at least some underwater signal, they began to throw the bottom of the depth charges, and then, after the bombings, explored the bottom. However, they have never failed to find the wreckage of enemy submarines. But how? A further and do miracles began. According to archival documents Norwegian Coastal Administration once again reveals in "their water" offender who does not respond to any signals that are not contacted and behaves quite blatantly. Then the Norwegians with NATO ships are a risky move: they start to bomb tourist center — fjord Sognefjord. The operation involved forty combat destroyers, aircraft, helicopters. Tons of explosives falling from the sky on the Norwegian pearl of tourism. And here is an event which was not expected. Underwater intruder pops … But this is not the Soviet submarine hammer and sickle on the board. From the depths of the sea emerges a strange glowing object with an elliptical shape. In the sky rise green and yellow flying saucers, and the shores of the fjord there is a strange aircraft in black, do not have any markings. At high speed the whole unexplored armada makes intricate maneuvers, pretending to attack. The electronics aboard crashes. A unidentified flying objects, along with an underwater intruder safe and sound hidden behind the horizon. All this fantastic spectacle observed not only military, but also thousands of local residents. It would seem that the conflict was over, and the Soviets advised Swedish Queen next time to deal with an ultimatum to the aliens.

And it turned out that the Soviet Union is not so far from the truth. After the Swedish Parliament has declassified information about unidentified flying objects, it turned out that the statistics of detection quite impressive: more than two thousand cases.

For example, in 1964 the U.S. submarine near him found an unknown object, which decided to stay. Negligently collided, an explosion … submersible, who later investigated the explosion, looked up at the surface of something that is very reminiscent of a piece of skin of an unknown object. However, a very strange incident happened, as soon as the rescue operation entered its final phase in the disaster area sailed about fifteen strange objects that have a length of about two hundred meters. They blocked all the space in which the search was carried out, and when two hours had disappeared, so was almost all the debris. At the bottom there was no subject, including from the American submarine. In the hands of the military was only one piece of the shell. And what surprise of scientists: the composition of the metal of which it is made, is not known to mankind.

What of myself are these mysterious flying objects resembling alien ships? And what is their purpose? Scare sailors or intrigue scientists? The answer is no …

And yet, the more insistent humanity, becoming like "old man Kant, who, defying three proofs of God's existence, quite unexpectedly opened the fourth," attempts to explain the abnormal phenomena with common logic, the more inexplicable and fantastic phenomena appears before him

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