UFO abducted … Lenin? The universe does not release us from the eye

October 19, 2011 17:39

Here is an object seen over the river in the summer camp named Ablukova in mid-June 1981

Here is an object seen over the river in the summer camp named Ablukova in mid-June 1981

"UFO over the territory of the Ulyanovsk region appear often for centuries. One day, they say, the aliens abducted little Volodya Ulyanov anomalous phenomenon, which could have changed the whole course of Russian history, described in the book is known for his peculiar view of history publicist Igor Bunich that linked a number of "celestial events" that occurred here in August 1873 , with the fate of our fellow countryman Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin. "

Stolen and returned …

"Now, August 14, 1873, the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, of Simbirsk appeared glowing ball, surrounded by blue light, which is more than two hours hanging over the bell tower of one of the temples. For inexplicable phenomenon followed the loss of cattle in many surrounding villages.

On the same day, according to the author, who uses archival documents from the courtyard houses Vladimir Ulyanov disappeared three years, and to look after him seven brother, Sasha could not remember the time of disappearance. Police did not find any child, no trace of his abduction. Two weeks later, one of the peasants of the surrounding villages, returning from a hayfield, found the boy sitting on the side of the road — about thirty miles from the city. After the examination the doctor found that the two-week period, no child is properly fed and rested. However, he was surprised that the boy did not respond either to the police or to him, or the parents. As the author of the book, a letter of the doctor who examined Volodya Ulyanov, to his colleague. That's only one of his pieces, "When passions subsided and the boy wanted to send home with happy parents, he suddenly and quite clearly not a child said something that made everyone wince rather than its content, but on some sinister tone how you said it: "After 75 years of Israel reborn!" I was so shocked that I, a doctor, thought occurred to kill this child werewolf. But then again, something unexpected happened. Boy suddenly opened his eyes and began to cry. He was crying and I called my mother, as it should do this three year old child. " But let's not jump to conclusions, which of these stories are false, and that the invention. But as they say, smoke without fire … "

Beams of light

"The last of the recorded visits of aliens in the Ulyanovsk region occurred on February 16th of this year — on the warehouse of alcohol was noticed strange pulsating glow that lasts 22 minutes. All the while, cars, standing in line to unload, for some reason refused to start. And now Ulyanovsk ufologists agitated — UFO disappeared. However, the fact that such events temporarily fixed, does not mean that they no longer occur. Simbirtsit watched them and the year before, and in the past and in the present century, and many of the facts indicates press: "Simbirsk province news" for 1898: "Bright red and yellow balloons hung in the sky in the late afternoon of Simbirsk. On the streets of the city had gathered a great many people. The boys were shouting and throwing stones up … Women were baptized. At that moment the bell rang the church, and the balls disappeared into the sky. " Preserved memories of Vladimir Safinova war veteran, who for decades was interested in the UFO problem: "I have just returned from the army, was in 1947 came out of the house in the evening. Lo and behold, over the river and the "cigar" hung. Awesome. It comes from a bright beam, then went to the light beams. Me, then a 26-year old boy, it's all fiction seemed. " '


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