UFO dropped the coast of Okinawa, Japans prime minister is waiting for the report, said — Nippon Television Network

December 9, 2012 19:10

Nippon Television reported that an unidentified flying object, UFO, fell into the water off the coast of Okinawa, an island at the southern tip of Japan. Several news groups, police units and ambulances had time to see the "UFO sink" in the water, according to several sources.

"We saw something like a small ship with a dome and it slowly sank into the water when we arrived on the scene," said Hideki Suzuki (Hideki Suzuki) police chief of the Okinawa prefecture. "We clearly saw smoke otobekta when he went down. Clouds of steam rose when he disappeared in the depths of the ocean. We expect to begin investigation into the incident, and the ship will be studied. Once we receive the equipment, we lift it out of the water ".

Some eyewitnesses share their impressions of what he saw. Nippon Television tells a story old male fisherman who was in a small boat off the coast. He said he saw a giant fireball racing, flying in the sky at a very high speed. Object streaked across the sky, hit the water, and then returned to the sky in one piece. An elderly man said he thought he heard the distant sound of the engines that are trying to restart, just a few minutes before the unknown object began to emit smoke.

The team was also sent from Tokyo to investigate UFOs, as the authorities raise the sunken boat from the water.

"This may be one of the greatest discoveries of mankind," — said Dr. Daisuke Matsui, a professor of aviation technology at Tokyo University. "If this is what we believe, then this will be telling our children's children. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it was confirmed that this is the real thing. "

Nippon Television reported that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, has been notified of an emergency landing, and the authorities expect a report on developments in Okinawa.

The Japanese fleet was cordoned off the crash site and prepare divers to descend into the water to get a boat and take photos for recycling purposes. There is no doubt that the fleet will be actively involved in the extraction of a UFO from the depths of the ocean.

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