UFO era

Debate about the mysterious unidentified flying objects over fifty years disturb society. Skeptics do not tire of repeating: "Present substantial evidence."

Alas, the facts that ufologists have collected over the years, people and scientists do not satisfy. A common reaction to the testimony of UFO sightings — sarcastic jokes and Curling a finger to his temple. However, the UFO's forum do not cease to remind us of the undeniable fact baffling even the most desperate of the materialists who refuse to believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations, aliens and UFOs.


Not long ago, there were doubts about the authenticity of the person written world history. Take for example the Ancient Egypt. Scientists and experts in various fields of human activity make you think the Egyptians exceptional engineering structures (pyramids). To create them, we needed a superhuman effort and sverhperedovye (even today) knowledge and technology. Pyramid, as scientists believe, could only create aliens or people who have an uncanny knowledge. So, someone brought this knowledge to Earth, or gave them to us.

Beginning in the 70's, people are finding hundreds of bodies of animals exposed to a strange and very complicated surgery. For example, in 1972 in Smolensk region on collective farm found five cows, which were cut internal organs: the liver, lungs, heart and spleen. It should be noted that the operation was carried out with amazing skill and precision. Surprisingly, investigators and physicians have not found on the site of the death of animals signs of blood spilled. It turns out that "surgery" possessed some secret or laser medical instruments, which did not then exist.

Can blame such bullying on wildlife and satanic sects. But obviously unearthly medical instruments does not give us that opportunity.

Remains an elusive area number 51, located in Roswell (USA, Nevada), which crashed while trying to land an unidentified aircraft. It found the remains of the dead pilots (Aliens) is very strange looking. Survived the wreckage of the aircraft, which were made of materials that do not exist on Earth.

And the question is: if this is not the remains of a crashed UFO, why such a strict half-century of secrecy?


This phenomenon today is no surprise, and not be intimidated. In recent years, photos and reports about the appearance of a variety of geometric shapes and circles right in farmers' fields flashed more often than we see falling stars and the change in exchange rates. Hardly, not every week, the press published pictures of amazing images on agricultural fields that appear on them for a few hours. Some see in this encrypted message aliens, and someone just pampering avant-garde artists.

Unfortunately, reliable evidence that crop circles — it extraterrestrial intelligence — no, but we should have is a strange fact. In the field, the appearance of circles discovered the amazing transformation of plants at the cellular level. Such changes can not be made even in special laboratory conditions and not so much in the open field. The most recent case was observed in Hungary in 2009. Scientists are trying to reproduce a similar culture (modified wheat), but the result is zero.

And who is capable of such a miracle in a few hours? Specialists mysteriously smiling and looking at the sky …

Proponents of the existence of extraterrestrial forces point us to Mars. Like, take a look at this planet, there is a proof of the existence of a civilization that has left us a monument currently. Apologist for this idea is Richard Hoagland — the author of the book "Monuments of Mars: a city on the edge of eternity." He argues that the implementation of NASA photography Cydonia region of Mars has fixed on the ground of the planet sculptural building in the form of a human face (s). Hoagland sure that this kind of "art" on the forces only sentient beings, which is the proof of the presence of mind in the cosmos.

True, some scientists attribute construction "monument", resulting in a picture of 1976, the play of light and shadow. However, such explanations are ridiculed Hoagland, considering the existence of the remains of a Martian city indisputable proof of the presence in the universe of intelligent beings. And have a lot of supporters around the world and in Russia as well.


There is an exact date when the person was first observed (and documented) case appears in the sky, unidentified flying objects. American Kenneth Arnold June 24, 1947 saw the sky at Mount Rainier, Washington, flying straight nine UFOs. It was after his story of flying in the sky, unusual objects came into use the term "flying saucer." To be precise, Arnold expressed his "sickle objects," but the journalist Marty Kottmeyer something messed up, and get a "flying saucer."

Kenneth Arnold is the first ufologist in the world. Curiously, it was soon discovered hundreds of witnesses such celestial paintings and scenes. UFO era began. People have become more observant and attentive.

Man gets used to everything, and very soon the society put up with wonders in the heavens and in the cosmos.

And there appeared in the press stories of abductions by aliens. The vast majority of stories — fantasy stories and the desire to become famous and ordinary people to catch the eye media. But there were also unexplained stories. These are cases where "Steals person" gets weird non-congenital diseases. Doctors found from nowhere who had taken the scars and cuts, no trace of surgery. In the bodies of men, scientists found objects and grafts made of extraterrestrial materials. Their purpose was not determined. Also, some patients find the unusual properties of the people, skills, and talents.

For example, in Britain in 2004, has surprised the world with his unearthly powers of the exact sciences (physics and mathematics) Rita Berkeley, born in 1969. She does not have any formal training (other than the usual high school), she — a housewife from Leeds. After his sudden disappearance, as the police said her husband, she demonstrated knowledge of the exact sciences at the university graduate. After a long medical examination of Mrs. Berkeley found only two healed suture in the neck and back of the head, the origin of which she could not explain. On his mysterious disappearance housewife also can not remember anything. While on medical testing, she found an amazing memory. The woman was able to recall in detail his first day of school, the names of all his many teachers, and other little things that people usually forgets.

People with similar stories scores and ufologists believe their existence is direct evidence of abductions by aliens.

UFO era continues!

Viktor Zharov

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