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The foreign press cited a number of explosions of unidentified flying objects. The most famous occurred in 1957 over the coast of Ubatuba, near Sao Paulo (Brazil), and reported, in particular, in the newspaper "Soviet Culture" (1988 January 16). Characteristically, this explosion is listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica, which does not allow itself publish unverified facts. Detail the bombing in 1957, was described in the Brazilian newspaper "Globo".

Group of fishermen on the coast of Ubatuba saw shiny disc flying at high speed, which then began to fall into the ocean. When the disc is almost touched the water, he suddenly stopped, stood at 100 m, swayed covered with flames and exploded, scattering thousands of tiny pieces. Despite a clear day, the pieces shine like fireworks. Most of the debris fell into the ocean, and some — to the beach, and residents have to collect them. The material of which they were made, was as light as paper, with a rough surface.

Spectral analysis of these fragments, held in a number of Brazilian laboratories, showed that they were composed of magnesium special crystal structure, which on Earth is almost impossible to obtain.

Metallographic and microscopic analysis of one of the fragments, held at the Metallurgical Laboratory of "Dow Kemikal," revealed an unusual content of strontium, which is not present in normal magnesium. At the same time, there was no trace of calcium, which is necessary for cleaning magnesium on existing technology.

Based on the structural analysis of fragments, conducted in 1969 by Dr. Robert Johnson from the department of advanced materials "Materials Research Corporation," it was concluded that it could be produced by directional metal building, which was still unknown in 1957.

Explosions of unknown objects over the United States occurred in 1953 and 1957. in Montana (15, 61), in 1962 in Utah, and in 1965 — in the state of Maryland.

There are reports of UFOs and explosions in other countries: in 1960 in Mozambique, in 1968, in Colombia and in 1971 — in Peru.

Description blast UFOs with unusual effects were placed in the French magazine "Lumieres dans la nuit" (1978. December).

May 6, 1978 several hundred residents LyaMamora miner's settlement, located in the province of Tarija (Bolivia), was observed flying bright light of the object in the form of a cylinder of 6 m and a diameter of 4 m with a tapered front end. He could not see any windows or hatches, and burst out of the back of the bluish flame. The object was flying at a height of 90 meters at a speed of 350 km / h, making a shrill whistle. Some witnesses claimed that he was flying the second object. The first object hit the rocky mountainside El Tyree, and in the moment of impact, there was a very bright flash of light lit up the area within a radius of 150 km, and there was a terrible roar. Air wave was shattered windows in a radius of 70 km, and the aftershocks of the explosion were felt even na neighboring Argentina.

On the mountain was a large funnel length of 1500 m, a width of 500 meters and a depth of 400 m (!), Photos of which were published in the Bolivian and Argentine press. (For comparison, we can say that the depth of the crater formed during ground nuclear explosion nuclear charge capacity of 1 MGT is only 80 meters) near Mount El-Taire was surrounded by troops, and declared off-limits, and to clarify the causes of this phenomenon, a special commission, which is found on the slope of Mount El-Taire cylindrical object with a deformed body. Helicopters on the ropes, he was taken to the Bolivian airport and military aircraft transnortnym "Hercules-130" sent to the U.S..

No conclusions about the nature of the commission of the explosion has not been published, as well as not, it was explained that due to the explosion of the surviving object: whether one object exploded, and found the second on the ground, the victim of the explosion, or had only one object, that caused this explosion of heavy-duty, but he at the same time remaining.

The American press has repeatedly slipped various reports about the discovery of fragments of UFOs.

Pentagon adviser Professor Salkin at the time confirmed that the disposal of the Ministry of Defense has UFO wreckage.

American organization "Ground Saucer Watch" ("Ground surveillance" flying saucers "), an action brought in a 1978 lawsuit against the CIA claimed, in particular, the issue of 57 objects found at the crash site of a UFO and were in raporyazhenii CIA.

Our country was of great interest published in the "Socialist Industry" (1985. January 21) the description of a fragment of the size of a fist, found on the bank of the river Baska, near the village of Ertom (Komi ASSR). In the study of this fragment experts came to the conclusion that he, apparently, is part of the items, which had a shape of a ring, a sphere or a cylinder with a diameter of about 1.2 meters countries have shown that it is a strong spark when trying to hold on it with a hacksaw.

After thorough research in a number of research institutes established that the fragment consists of rare earth elements (67% zirconium, 11% lanthanum, neodymium, and 9% other). This means that he has an artificial origin, as these elements are present in the Earth's rocks in a very dispersed form.

Another proof of its artificial origin was high content of pure uranium (140 times higher than normal) and the complete absence of the decay products of uranium.

Was amazing and perfect cleanliness of its constituent elements, which can not be achieved by existing technology. And when the spectral analysis it was found that none of the derived lines is not like the lines characteristic of the known alloys and compounds. Hence it is concluded that it is made from a powder mixture of these elements with different crystalline structure, which presumably could be obtained by cold pressing under pressure of tens of thousands of atmospheres. But on the ground there is still no equipment capable of extruding parts of this size and under such pressure.

On the basis of these data has been suggested that the fragment is probably part of an exploding UFO.

Equally interesting findings kakogoto remains unknown object detected near the village Dalnegorsk Primorye Territory, were published in the newspaper "Socialist Industry" (1988. July 10, 1989. 9 July), as well as "work" (1989. September 16) and in magazines "Young Communist" (1989. 9) and "Nature and Man" (1989. 12).

January 29, 1966 was observed flying at a speed of 500 km / h of a glowing ball with a diameter of 2 m, jumping moves, which then fell to the height marked 611, which was followed by two flashes, and started a fire, which lasted for an hour , and the brightness of the flame was comparable to electric welding.

Discovered on the site of the remains of the fire were quite unusual. These were:

balls with holes leading inside, consisting of a lead alloy, which was attended by such rare transuranic elements such as zirconium, lanthanum, yttrium, prezeodim etc.;

balls of iron alloy with chromium, nickel, manganese, and aluminum, and the same balls of iron alloy with tungsten and cobalt, which had not crystalline and amorphous structure, and one of them was covered with glass-beads, the composition of which has not yet been set;

strange particles called "mesh", which is a solid mass of black glassy with lots of holes.

The remains of this world were studied in three academic centers and eleven research institutes.

Tomsk Polytechnic Institute scientists found that these "mesh" contain almost the whole periodic table and have a number of unusual properties, mesh did not dissolve in the strongest acids in the air "mesh" completely burned at 900 `, and in vacuum not melt even at 2800 ', when cold they are non-conductive, and when heated in a vacuum becomes a conductor.

To "mesh" were found very thin quartz fiber thickness of 17 microns (three times thinner than a human hair). These threads were single or folded into bundles, and in one of the threads was found finest gold vein.

But most big surprise appearance and disappearance in the "mesh" of the various chemical elements. It turns out that before heating X-ray analysis showed a "mesh" the content of gold, silver, nickel, and after heating the elements disappear, but it appeared molybdenum sulfide and beryllium, which was not there before.

Participated in the study "reticula" Doctor of Science Vysotsky said: "There is no doubt that this is not an example of a natural or terrestrial origin, but a sign of very high technology." But this technology is not feasible even with the modern development of technology. But another researcher specialist carbon Chemistry Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the USSR A.Kulikov said: "In general it is impossible to understand what it is."

Researchers Dalnegorsk phenomenon also caused confusion detection at the crash site of the ball magnetized spots silicon shale, although it has been thought that silicon can not be magnetized. Detailed studies of the magnetic properties of a sample of silicon shale height at around 611, made in 1989 in Leningrad IZMIRAN candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences V.Gernikom and the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences E.Gorshkovym have shown that they have undergone structural changes and really were magnetized by the influence of some of the artificial magnetic field, almost two orders of magnitude greater than earthly.

Surprisingly, that burnt stump, was on the scene of a fire at the height marked 611, were found molten carbon particles in the glassy state, although necessary for the melting temperature of at least 3500 '.

And how do you explain the repeated occurrence of other unknown objects above the drop a strange world? It turns out, eight days after the incident on the high 611, two new object, which made four laps and disappeared.

A November 28, 1987 on the east coast of Primorye 32 objects observed cylindrical, spherical and cigar-shaped, with four of them flew over the height of 611, three hovered over Dalnegorsk and fumbled five rays, like the rays of searchlights, the surrounding countryside in a two- Three kilometers from the heights

However, there are skeptics who do not consider these data sufficient for the recognition of extraterrestrial origin of the sphere, and suggest that it was a foreign automatic probe, which has triggered self-killer.

And it looks very unconvincing version Yu.Platovym expressed in the weekly "Search" (1989. 25) that it was a bad earth rocket launch, because not flight characteristics of the object or its remnants have nothing to do with the earth missiles.

Another explosion of unknown flying object occurred in the autumn of 1989 in Dushanbe.

In the courtyard Imonovyh at a height of 2.5 meters above the ground is frozen strange glowing ball. Sagged about 40 seconds, he quickly dropped down and touch the ground, exploded. After the explosion remained its wreckage.

Employee of one scientific production association A.Ocheldiev involved in research that debris, said that they are composed of a substance resembling tuff, and burned, both outside and inside. According to their shape can be seen that the object was really exploding round. Surprisingly, these fragments were scattered, losing its shape, but the substance from which they were made remain.

Of greatest interest are reports of alleged UFO crash, after which found almost complete, but the damaged objects, although these messages and look less credible.

Over time, due to leakage of information has accumulated a significant amount of testimony of former Air Force officers, former CIA, military police and the U.S. arms industry, who claimed to have seen not only a crashed UFO in their charges dropped or in secret vaults, but supposedly even corpses crews.

All of these witnesses are strictly warned not to disclose such information, but after retirement and after a long time they did not consider themselves bound to keep silent about what they had seen.

These readings of individual witnesses were summarized in the book L.Stringfilda "Syndrome UFO crash" in the second memorandum IKUFON, which were published in 1980, but since they have not been documented, most people still took them with a grain of salt.

And then there was an event that has become a sensation in the field of UFO research. In June 1987, an international symposium on UFOs, held in Washington, was read a top-secret document on "Operation Majestic-12", made in 1952, the former first CIA director Admiral Hillenkotterom for President-elect Eisenhower. A copy is placed in the book published in 1987 by British ufologist T.Guda book called "top-secret", one copy of the copy in the possession of the Leningrad Commission paranormal USSR Geographical Society (Annex).

This white paper describes how an unknown object was discovered that crashed in 1947 in the state of NyuMeksiko and outlines the initial results of his research, as well as briefly reported about the second crash of a UFO in 1950 in Mexico.

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