UFO flew in Buryatia

October 21, 2011 16:39

Residents watch the white balls in the sky.
Residents Muya region, in the north-east of Buryatia, are at a loss when they see here are the white balls in the sky. On alien ship does not seem to like, but then what?

— Such guests we meet for a year — with a smile to tell the district administration. — The first time noticed these objects tourists from Vladivostok in February and even removed the camera. In September witnessed an unusual phenomenon was our watchman. He counted on the sky for more than 20 balls that were flying side by side.

Known Irkutsk scientist, director of the Astronomical Observatory of ISU Sergei Yazev confident that the UFO is not irrelevant.

— Information I have very little, but it's probably the case the earth, not space. Fear in any case they should not be.


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