UFO in the traditions of the peoples of the Earth

Let's start with a simple fact: people are always aware that he is not alone. In the legends of all the nations of the earth carefully kept accounts of contact with other life forms and the higher mind beyond boiled world.

Particularly significant allegations that we are surrounded by disembodied
creatures, able to express themselves in the material world unknown to us ways. This chapter contains some of these stories and traced a striking resemblance ancient stories and modern case of contact with unknown creatures.
I started working on this book while on a business trip to Paris. Some
hours of free time between the two meetings gave me the pleasant opportunity to visit one of the most outstanding masterpieces of all time — the Sainte-Chapelle chapel, located in the Palace of Justice near Notre Dame. The feeling was amazing, it can only be compared to a journey to the treasury, filled to the brim with precious stones.

Inside the chapel there is almost nothing: a few wooden sculptures and painted panels. In the stained glass windows set into the walls, and the Parisian light, strangely piercing through them, a feeling, quite unfamiliar to the general human experience.
On one of the stained glass windows of St. Chapelle shows abduction Ezekiel like a tornado object (Ezekiel saw some wheels and four unusual creatures). He was carried off on a distant mountain, where he stands, confused and bewildered.
For twenty-five years of study of the UFO phenomenon, I have spoken with many witnesses — I could listen to them and look them in the eye — that told me how were picked up by the tornado, saw unusual creatures and at the end of all is in a state of confusion and bewilderment. They called me to dispel his confusion. But I could not offer them nothing but their assurances that their case is not unique, that many other people were also unintentionally similar adventure and, I hope, the science of the future finally recognizes the reality of such events and will consider them as the most important source of new knowledge.

I have interviewed witnesses never will be immortalized in stained glass chapel, depicting kings and queens, on his knees and clasped his hands in the traditional gesture of worship. These are simple people with hopes and their inherent weaknesses. Nevertheless, their stories deserve to be heard.

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