UFO Kachkanar in trolleybus ring

Strange ball of light my friend and saw about two in the morning

On the night of September 30 to October 1, my friends were standing near the former trolleybus ring and talking. The clock was about two in the morning. Suddenly saw a bright flash, like a zipper. We looked at the sky and saw the side of the former supermarket fast flying ball. Then he abruptly disappeared in the sky in the forest of the child somatics. Externally, the ball was like the moon — the same color, shape. But he flew to the left of the moon.

I do not think I thought. I'm not one saw the object was close friend, who also observed a bright flash in the sky. And it certainly was not a satellite — they are about the size of a star, and there is almost a football. And the trajectory is different.

History repeats itself. Once read that the student saw and recorded a similar object in the sky in the trolleybus ring. Found that same photo. At about the same place we saw a flying object, just a little to the left, and the shape was round. I do not know what it is, maybe something in the sky again started. But I think that this is not a rocket. Maybe you will have some version?


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