UFO like «pose

UFO in recent times appear on the Russian space. Not a week goes to a particular regional or district publication is not published on their pages sensational material about unidentified flying objects, which seem deliberately long time "posing" in front of cameras, camcorders, and only then to disappear into the night sky.

Aliens go to the contact

So, strange phenomena have for many years observed residents Belsky district of the Arkhangelsk region. Recently, eight kilometers from the town Solginsky local resident Angelina Rudakov found in the woods is a very strange place. It was burned at the site, the form of which appear to be in the square.

Angelina P. photographed this place and now shows all his friends. It does not exclude that there is an alien spacecraft landed. Particularly surprised her, as were at this place pine.

"" The form of their fall somewhat unusual, — she said. — They fell towards each other. If the top view, then, again, they were square, and even the roots were black and charred. "

"If this inexplicable event in the life of Angelina Rudakova only, the newspaper Belsky lead to anomalies in the area of writing regularly. Village green in Bor residents once watched across rolling colored balls and go, but over the village for half an hour Eltsinovskaya fly more luminous a triangle. "

But most of all the locals terrified incident that occurred in the village Selyutinskaya. Here, in one of the houses entered out of nowhere a real alien, and the hosts, the people, by the way, non-drinking, observed it in the vicinity of a few minutes.

UFOs are often seen in recent times and in the Yaroslavl region. Many residents Daniel recently witnessed the appearance in the sky above the city center large fireball. UFO attracted the attention of passers-by. According to witnesses, the fireball a few minutes circling over their heads, as if looking for something, and then disappeared.

As reported by the regional television, this is the fourth case of UFO sightings in the Danilov in the last few weeks. And the strange round objects orange against the dark sky people see in one place — near the regional electric networks.

With a gun against newcomers

"Very interesting story told villager Onguday — said in the Altai weekly sheet journalist V. Panin. Returning from a trip with his wife to Biisk and driving about nine o'clock in the evening at the village Mayma, he was surprised to see that past him at high speed raced two foreign cars, not even slowing down for speed bumps, and drove to the village of Karlushki. "

Surprised by such blatant violation of traffic rules, the driver continued on the track. After leaving Miami, he was again surprised at least 15 cars were standing on both sides of the road, and their passengers, left the car, looking off into the sky.

"Curious, a resident of Onguday stopped too, and here the wife, who was sitting nearby, exclaimed: Look, what is? Glancing up, he saw something strange. Not very high in the sky hung dark (was dusk) disc with a diameter of 15-18 meters of which were sent to the ground four bright beam to illuminate a considerable territory. "

Stunned by what he saw ongudaets got a mobile phone with a camera and began feverishly to press a button to capture an unprecedented phenomenon. However, instead of snapshots device to transmit only some numbers. Later it turned out that many of those present at the side of the road, and there were at least 50 people, also have problems with photography.

Then the witness focused on closer examination, the unprecedented spectacle. While serving in the Army, he had seen the ups ballistic missiles, and is a civilian, in the Kosh-Agach witnessed department spent stages rockets, but all I have seen previously did not go to any comparison with the event.

"" I never believed in any of flying saucers and little green men, but this incident has shaken my belief — admits witness the incident. — No sound this machine is not published, but in the area was a dead silence, all the four pillars of light were visible regardless from each other, and the sense of it all was some unreal … "

Observation lasted about five minutes, until suddenly one of those present had not fired a gun in a UFO!

"The spacecraft immediately shifted to the side, as if avoiding the bullets. A few seconds, apparently," offended, in no time left in the night sky, he turned into a star. "

"UFO! UFO! Fly to us! "

Another case of the recent UFO sightings occurred on the Vyatka River in Kirov region. Late in the evening, to catch different fishes, six fishermen from Vyatka Polian habitually located on an island near the village of Middle Shuni and built a fire to cook the soup.

Vladimir, one of the fishermen, in that moment he noticed in the night sky a little flash. Looking closer, he saw high above the river at a distance of a mile from the shore of a huge flying saucer with a porthole from which the surface water ran light path.

"UFO! UFO! — Vladimir shouted joyfully and waved his arms. — Come on! Here! Fly to us! "

"To the complete surprise of fishermen, according to the newspaper Vyatka region, dish turned and walked toward them. What happened! Someone whisper hoarsely: Hush you, not yell!, Someone began to put out the fire, someone crawled into the bushes in fear muttering: Yes I do not want anywhere with these little creatures! "

"Plate, repeatedly changing direction, walked along the beach on a fire, and in the end, left in the direction of Udmurtia. A fishermen, terrified by what he saw for a long time could not recover."

By the way, a few dozen kilometers from the island, which usually go to fishermen, is a military facility. Now, locals say that UFOs come here for good reason: whether humans guard against unexpected adversity, whether studying this terrible place, watching him, according to witnesses, for many years.

"Constantly seeing unidentified flying objects and other regions of the Kirov region. According to local newspaper Rural Tribune, residents of forest villages and Maximovskaya Nigella recently watched the UFO for several evenings and nights."

Initially, among the myriad constellations they noticed too big and bright star. Peering into her binoculars, observers realized that this was not a star at all, but a UFO shaped like a triangle, framed shiny ring. A space object in different directions were sent to the bright rays.

However, for a long time hung over the forest villages: the ship from a distant planet or a new invention of the Russian military-industrial complex, and remains unknown …

Gennady Fedotov

Category: UFOs and aliens

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