UFO myth or reality?

A long time ago a man faced with inexplicable phenomena and proof that we see in the works of art and literature of many peoples who inhabited the planet long before our era. Echoes of these visits, we also find in the ancient mythology. The idea that the gods came from somewhere in outer space, there is no time to interfere in human affairs, was not invented by Erich von Denikenom, but is common to many human cultures.

We take a highly respected us a book as the Bible. Modern researchers believe that she began to record 3200 years ago, but it is possible that this period of two to three times greater. In Genesis (6, 2) says, and the sons of God saw the daughters of men, and that they were beautiful and they took them wives of all which they chose.

These "sons of God" as described in the so-called Book of Enoch, poluotvergnutoy early church just for the approval of the fallen angels ("Nephilim" or observers) were physical beings, capable of sexual intercourse with the people. Enoch was thoroughly forgotten and again found (in the Ethiopian Coptic monastery) in the early nineteenth century. The manuscript dates from the second century BC, but goes back to the ancient sources. Enoch himself, the father of Methuselah (Genesis 5, 18-24), has been kidnapped, "And Enoch walked with God: and he was not, for God took him."

"And why not? — The reader will ask. — Well, do not become a man cleaned his Lord …" But no, not cleaned and did not kill. The Bible — the book is extremely accurate. For three thousand years, this book neatly rewritten, re-read and compared with the original. Only in Judea there was a profession readout of the Torah, which is adjusted every copy of it from beginning to end and back again, comparing the frequency of recurrence even individual letters. And this was a hereditary profession and responsibility has been very high.

Next (Genesis 5, 27): "And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died." And above:

"… All the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died." Similarly safely dead and his son Seth, and grandson of Enos, Cainan, and great-grandson and great-grandson of Mahalaleel, Jared and praprapravnuk … But Enoch … — "God has been taken!"

And one — of this extraordinary man, "hodivshem God" (as it is generally understood? Was his voyeur? Overseer over people?) — About the mysterious identity Bible for the remainder 1,000 pages and 3,000 years does not mean a single word!

Enoch was cursed by the rabbis and taken out of the Bible. However, to completely erase the text they could not, so as not to disturb the integrity of the logical (and possibly hidden meaning) Bible — hence the beginning of the sixth chapter of the Bible — 1-8.

Later in the book of Enoch speaks of how two hundred observers "went down" on Mount Hermon (on the border of Syria, Lebanon and Israel). These were the "Elohim" and people could hardly look at them. Against the advice of their leader Shemyazy they led Azazel made by local settlers, teaching people the forbidden arts and took them wives of men who gave birth to their children. Offspring was so successful that the Scripture right calls them "giants." And adds "strong, anciently glorious tribe …"

As a result, according to Enoch, God told the observers of the sky, which left him mired in touch with women, that their children will die, and they will not know the grace and mercy. Sent observers to heaven to pray for them, Enoch, led light amplification stars and flashes of light that reached the crystal walls, surrounded by "vibrating with light." Through her, he went to the "special abode", also built of crystal. Someone here, "whose clothes were brighter than the sun," told him to say observers:

You should pray to me, and not the people for you … because you were originally spiritual and enjoy life, which is eternal and not subject to death. I created for you wives, because, being spiritual, you have to live in the sky.

The decision of the Lord was duly done on earth it "Satan" (prosecutors). The observers were detained pending Judgment, their offspring killed, but their bodies plucked from the evil spirits that haunt us to this day.

As one looks story told Enoch, — in terms of a household, the sci-fi or mythological and legendary — for society does not recognize the existence of a civilization beyond our planet, the story will be the most abominable heresy, no matter what religion they may profess.

Rabbis, carefully made lists of the Torah for three thousand years, allow another unforgivable mistake, which regularly repeated hundreds of thousands of copyists, translators, editors and printing workers (unless, of course, does not recognize the error admitted knowingly and sought forgiveness from the Lord, not suggests that it is actually cryptography, esoteric). Literally it is, "… And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language, and this they begin to do (it is the Tower of Babel. — Avt.), And nothing will be restrained from them, have imagined to do, Let us go down and confuse (Emphasis added. — Ed.) their language so they will not understand another's speech. " (Genesis 11: 6-7).

Experiencing the greatest respect in the Bible, as the greatest and most ancient book of all time, considering it fundamental for the future of the majority of the peoples of the Earth, we do not believe that her scribes, translators and editors were short of grammar. And then the question arises: Who is God talking? To whom he offered to go and mix of Aboriginal languages of the planet? And, finally, he had won what was confused?

We believe that today a strong hypnotist psychic able to convince enough people gathered in one room, that each of them do not understand the language of his neighbor. What is there to speak about the power that can in an instant flood the entire planet and didst send a rain of fire on the city of unwanted?

For a moment, get into the terminology. What is the word the Lord knew the Hebrews? Hebrew term "elohim" as used in the book "Genesis", usually translated as "God" or "God." In fact it is the feminine plural of the word "e" of general importance in many ancient languages. In the Sumerian it meant "bright, shiny" or "shining" in drevnekornuolskom "angel," as well as in the Anglo-Saxon "aelf" (Elf) means "radiant being." So what does it mean in the Bible? In the Hebrew version it first appears in the first line of the first chapter (Genesis 1.1), reads: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

But later in the same chapter (Genesis 1.26) God becomes a lot (!): "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." There is something strange. But if we substitute for the term God to its original value, then everything falls into place, "In the beginning God created heaven and earth Shining." Or "Shining said: Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."

The confusion (and the term "Elohim" appears in the Pentateuch about thirty times) casts a dubious light not only on these early beliefs or history domoiseevskih Jews but on motives of the translators of the Bible in the past twenty centuries. (!) Whether extraterrestrial intervention deliberately misinterpreted by the rabbis to make it acceptable for the emerging new religious ethnic group? Really early church fathers worked on the suppression of any belief in the fact that "God" and "angels" could be anything other than "supernatural" powers? But why this was done? Not once in the press there is evidence that the "Ancient Secret Bible" is finally solved. Typically, this masks the next homebrew interpreter attempts to present the world their delusional views on the problem of the Apocalypse. However, we believe that one day to the aid logic and reason to come and actual archaeological data.

Preserved and other stories about contact with alien intelligence, especially a statement Chaldean priest Berroessom and, unfortunately, now preserved in fragments "of Babel story." Written around 300 BC she claims that the Earth's civilization was founded alien to us amphibians.
Led by Oannes (later Dagon, Philistine god with a fish tail), these creatures were apparently very unattractive. Berossus wrote:

"The entire body of the animal was like a fish and had a fish head next and legs at the bottom, who joined the tail. Voice and language were articulated and human … When the sun set, this being normally again to dive into the sea and stay in the depth of the night, as it was an amphibian. "

This phrase is strangely consistent with the statement of Plato (see "Timaeus", "Crete") that the civilization of Atlantis (killed 12-15 thousand years ago) was founded Poseidon children (as opposed to people — children of Zeus).

The very existence of the dispute involves a secret, which is challenging all preliminary concepts. Authors like Denikenu background, we can safely discard the available evidence for the distortion in favor of their own theories. Not credible and Barry Downing after claims that the Old Testament prophets such as Elijah and Ezekiel, spent time traveling on UFOs (as interpreted by the biblical fiery chariot). However, these theories do not prove that such contact has never been.

Some argue that the "sons of God" continued to influence the world and after the time of Enoch. Christian O'Brien argues that later, "Elohim" traveled around the world, teaching mankind that they who were "Tuata de Danaan", the magic of the Celtic tribe of the Irish tradition, and that the Mesopotamian ziggurats, the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and Avebury are a result of their training. Similarly, the late T.S.Letbridzh speculating, arguing that the "sons of God" after the "war in heaven" collapsed to the ground and built the megalithic circles as navigation beacons, receiving energy from the "bioelectronic forces" emitted by human dances and rituals.

Legends about visiting unknown creatures of the Earth can be found in many sources. In Daniel says that he saw in the sky "wheels of fire." In the famous "Qumran Scrolls" is about how Eve saw a fiery chariot is flying through the clouds shining four eagle, and Adam, some of which landed this "aircraft", clearly saw the wheels penetrated smoke.

In ancient Christian sources also found the description of any unknown flying object resembling a modern UFOs. According to the candidate of historical sciences Bilinbahova, in the tradition of North American Indians, too, were mentioned in the ancient observation flight some round objects. Thus, in the Indian legends of Wyoming said that many moons ago from the sky sailed big "wheel" and landed on top of Shamanic mountains, and then flew away at a speed of a frightened bird. And in the Indian legends of Minnesota and Canada, commented that "long before the Europeans arrived there were flying round the silent wagons which could land on the sea."

At a press conference in Los Angeles in 1973, astronaut Cernan said: "I think that UFOs come from another civilization." But the astronaut Gordon Cooper wrote in a letter read at the meeting of the Political Committee of the United Nations in November 1978: "I am confident that our planet visit led crew of the spaceship, the creators are immeasurably ahead of us in their development." Much has been published materials about allegedly occurred observations of extraterrestrial objects by the Americans during their flights to the Moon.

Thus, according to these reports, "Apollo 8" twice be affected by NLO.Pervy time it happened during the night of space when astronauts Borman, Andrea Lowell and suddenly saw a disc-shaped object that was flying parallel to the rate of "Apollo" at 11 thousand miles / h. With the advent of the instruments UFO spacecraft Americans immediately ceased to function, and communication with the control center in Houston was lost.

Then rinse with a mysterious object "Apollo" blinding light, causing the ship lurched heavily, and at the same time there was an unbearable sound, which caused a sharp pain in the ears of all crew members. Only a few minutes later, an unidentified aircraft suddenly disappeared, and with it the disappearance of the noise and light immediately stopped. However, the course of American spacecraft was highly disturbed. Only the inclusion of astronauts correction engine allowed them to return to the previous path.

It was not long, and near the "Apollo 8" has a new disc-shaped UFO, which was much larger than the first. He, like the first, radiated a dazzling glare. Because of this ship again off course. Its control system gave absolutely irreparable failures. In addition, the astronauts began extreme pain: unbearably weighed chest, shaking hands, strong headache, it became difficult to breathe, and there were some strange, not having anything to do with the fulfillment of their tasks hallucinations. This went 11minut then UFO disappeared, and all abnormalities immediately stopped. By the way, and the relationship with Houston immediately restored. Through it, the astronauts was surprised to learn that their ship pretty much off course. Even the computer center could no longer get it back to normal "channel." This is done by the members of the crew, guided by the stars.

In March 2002, in the U.S. city Loklin (Nev.) held regular International UFO Congress. There, among other materials, and our home was shown a documentary film that describes a meeting with UFOs.

Hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Popovich in 1978 while flying plane from Washington to Moscow at 10,000 feet saw about 1,500 meters from the side of a parallel course flying object in the form of an equilateral triangle, resembling a sail, which is then simply overtaken airliner and disappeared out of sight.

May 5, 1981 Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Kovalenok, as a member of the crew "Salyut-6", was at 18.00 in the window just south of South Africa, some strange huge glowing object, which had an elliptical shape, was flying at the same altitude with the station and the same course. However, some time later, the flying machine flashed a dazzling, becoming a shining golden ball. Two seconds astronaut noticed, but well away from the ship is the same bright golden ball. Then appeared in the sky hazy cloud, soon acquired a spherical shape. Then the vision suddenly disappeared without leaving any trace. But as it turned out, none of the crew members (except Kovalenko), this phenomenon is not seen at all.

In 1990, at the station "Mir" cosmonaut Gennady Strekalov (Hero of the Soviet Union) once saw something like a small sphere, which in brilliance and brightness reminiscent of a Christmas toy. He beckoned to the porthole ship Gennady Manakov. Both are within a few seconds admiring the unusual spectacle, but nothing, unfortunately, due to unavailability of photographic equipment to photograph not yet. Speaking later on this phenomenon, Strekalov described it as unusual, but not as a UFO.

Initially, 1991 cosmonaut Musa Makarov (Hero of the Soviet Union), while on the orbital complex "Mir", suddenly noticed a vehicle approaches the station subject to the antenna. Then he looked closer and realized that it was not what he originally thought. But this "detail" in a few seconds was rapidly removed to the side. "What was really — there is no answer.

Gennady Reshetnikov (Colonel-General, Head of the Academy senior commanders of air defense in the city of Tver) once said that in his youth he rose into the air to intercept targets identified by radar stations, but they never check request "I own" and almost did not answer immediately disappeared. Yet colleagues Reshetnikova sometimes able to go out to intercept a "goal." But as soon as an interceptor approached her at a distance, which was triggered automatic launching missiles "air", that for some reason every time of failure, and the purpose of it immediately disappeared.

To date, the Russian armed forces has accumulated a huge collection of UFOs, which, frankly, no one to handle, because it is necessary for intelligence or extinct, or "faded" to the West, and the young and not narodilsya.Vasily Alexeyev, head of the Center of Space Communications that only recently said: "During my military service I have heard many times about the various events that are now called UFOs. Usually such cases are thoroughly investigated the forces and means not only the Ministry of Defence, but also a number of other government agencies. must say it's kind of the unknown nature of human beings. "

And the old Russian city of Vologda recently flown like lightning news over the city showed up and showed itself quite revealing UFO. The witnesses also described this way: "The object initially introduced a small but very bright luminous point in the sky. Then it has grown from a few bright rays, and only after this one hit a pillar of light, very similar to a searchlight. Facility several times changed its direction movement, while highlighting around everything that could be seen, and then suddenly turned and quickly soared, and soon disappeared altogether. "

Ufologists have long known that UFOs tend to appear above the Earth where humanity faces some grave danger. Such facilities for them are testing a new ultra-hazardous to humans weapons, large concentrations of modern military equipment, accidents at nuclear power plants and so on. After only a few media have decided, for example, to disclose the fact that over the Chernobyl reactor during the most anxious time disaster hung clearly visible UFO. So, apparently, the cause of the glowing object in the sky over Vologda to be found in something extraordinary, happening at that time in the city.

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