UFO physical contact with people

…I felt unbearable nausea, rushed into the corner of the room, and I vomited. After that breathing was free, but the smell of smoke I still felt uneasy. I was extremely depressed. What else is preparing my destiny?

Up to now I have not made the slightest idea of how to actually look these creatures. All five men wore tight-fitting suits of thick gray material, which was very soft. On their heads they had a helmet of the same color. This helmet hide all but the eyes, which were closed windows, similar to sunglasses. Coverall sleeves were long and narrow. Hands with five fingers hiding in thick-color gloves, which, of course, full range of motion, which, however, did not prevent them to hold fast to me and skillfully manipulate a rubber hose, letting my blood. No pockets and buttons on the suit was not. Pants were tight and go straight into shoes like tennis. In any case, they were dressed differently than we do. All, except one, which I was barely on his shoulder, was my height. They seem fairly strong, but free with each one individually, I could do it.

After some time, that seemed like an eternity, a rustling at the door distracted me from my thoughts. I looked around the room and saw me slowly approached the woman. She was completely naked, just as I am. I was speechless, and the woman seemed to be amused by the expression on my face. She was very beautiful, but very different in comparison with the beauty of those women I have met. Her hair, soft and light, even very light, as if bleached, separated in the middle parting, fell on his back curls curled inward. She had big blue eyes are almond-shaped, straight nose. Unusually high cheekbones gave the person a unique form. It was much larger than that of Indian women of South America. Because of the sharp chin face was triangular. She had thin lips stand out a little, and her ears, which I saw only later, were exactly the same as that of our women. Her body was amazingly beautiful: wide hips, long legs, small feet, narrow wrists and normal fingernails. She was much smaller than me.

This woman went silent and looked at me. Suddenly she put her arms around me and began to rub his face against mine. Alone with this woman, I was very excited. Perhaps this sounds unbelievable, but I believe that the reason for this was the liquid, which they rubbed me. They probably did it on purpose. For all this I would not changed any of our women at her, because I prefer women with whom you can talk and who understand me. She was making only some grunting sounds completely knocked me up. I was terribly angry.

Then came one of the ship's crew with my clothes, and I got dressed. In addition to lighters, nothing is lost. Maybe it got lost during a fight.

We returned to the other room, where the swivel chairs were crew members and, as it seemed to me talk. As long as they are "talking" to each other, I tried to remember exactly all the details of the environment. At the same time I noticed the rectangular box with a glass lid, which stood on the table. Under the glass was a disc-like alarm clock, but with black markings and one arrow. Then it hit me: we need to pull off this thing — it will be the proof of my adventure. I began to gently move up to the box, using the fact that I was not looking. Then I quickly grabbed it off the table with both hands.

It was heavy, at least two pounds weight. Ho I have not had time to consider it better: one of the men jumped up, pushed me aside, furiously tore the box from my hands and put it back in place.

I started back to the opposite wall and stopped. Actually, I'm in front of anyone not afraid, but in this situation it was better to keep quiet. It became clear that they treated me friendly only when I behaved decently. Why take the risk if you still could not do anything.

A woman I have not seen. But I knew where she could be. In front of the room there was another door, which was ajar, and from time to time there came the steps. I think that was in front of the navigation cabin, but to prove it of course, I can not.

Finally, one of the team got up and made it clear that I should follow him. The rest did not pay any attention to me. We walked up to the open front door of the already deflated stairs, but did not go down. I was told to get on the platform, located on both sides of the door. It was narrow, but it is possible to walk around the car. We have gone forward, and I saw a rectangular metal tab sticking out of the car, on the opposite side there is exactly the same.

Those who were in front, pointed to the already mentioned metal protrusions. All three were rigidly connected to the machine, medium — from the front part, and they have the same shape with a broad base, gradually tapering, and were in a horizontal position. I could not tell whether they were from the same metal as the car. They shone like molten metal, but no heat is radiated. Above them is a reddish light. Side lamps were small and round, and the front lamp — awesome. It was she who played the part of the spotlight. On the platform were seen countless rectangular lamps, mounted in the machine frame. Reddish light are illuminated platform that ended in front of a large thick glass disc. The disk appears to be served Outside, though from the outside and looked quite muddy.

My guide pointed upward, where a huge spinning cup-dome. During its slow movement, he always covered in green, the origin of which I could not identify. Since the rotation was bound and determined sound like a vacuum cleaner noise.

When later the car began to rise from the ground, the speed of the dome began to increase, it increased all the time, while it was possible to observe the object, and then was left only a light red glow. The sound is also increased during takeoff and turned into a loud roar.

Finally I was taken to a metal step ladder and made it clear that I can go. Finding himself on the ground, I looked up. There was still my companion, he first pointed to himself, then at me, and finally to the sky, its southern part. Then signaled me to step aside and disappeared in the car.

Metal staircase met, steps entered into one another, the door up and into the wall vdvinulas machine. Spotlight and shine dome grew brighter. The car slowly rising in the vertical plane. Simultaneously landing gear was removed, and the lower part of the apparatus was completely smooth. The object continued to climb, in 30 — 50 feet above the ground, he paused for a few seconds, during which it increased glow, buzz grew louder, and the dome began to spin at incredible speed.

Hakrenivshis slightly to the side, with rhythmic tapping his car suddenly rushed to the south and a few seconds out of sight.

And then I went back to his tractor. I was dragged into an unknown car in 1 hour and 15 minutes at night, and I left it in only 5 hours and 30 minutes in the morning. So, I had to stay there for four hours and fifteen minutes. A long time.

I experienced everything I did not tell anyone except my mother. She said that it would be better not to see more such people. I did not talk to his father, because he did not believe it and the occasion with a luminous dial, thinking that I really had imagined.

After some time I decided to write the Señor Juan Martins. In November, I read his article in which he addresses his readers to inform him of any cases of "flying saucers." If I had the money I would have gone earlier in Rio. But I had to wait for a response Martins with the message that he takes part of transportation costs. "

As far as is clear from the clinical examination and medical examination, the young Boas after the exciting event that occurred to him, he returned home completely exhausted and slept after that almost all day. Waking up in 16 hours and 30 minutes, it felt good and perfect lunch. But in the short and subsequent nights he began insomnia. Nervosa and he was very excited, but at the moment when he was able to sleep, he was immediately assailed by dreams related to the events of that night. Then he woke up in terror, screaming and covered it again felt like he was captured by aliens and held in his captivity. Having experienced this feeling a few times, he left his futile attempts to calm down and decided to spend the night in the classroom, but he failed, and he was not able to focus as well on what he read, and always think back to the experience. With the coming of the day, he felt completely off the rails, running back and forth, smoking cigarette after cigarette. When he wanted to eat, he could only drink a cup of coffee, after which he became ill, and the state of nausea, as well as headache, continued during the whole day.

Dr. Fontes not draw any conclusions about the numerous bruises and other injuries on his chin, hands, armpits and feet. But he made sure the patient's complete lack of any direct or indirect signs of mental illness. Boas was not inclined to psychopathy, as well as superstition and mysticism. He did not take the team flying object for no angels or demons for, but for people from another planet.

When the journalist Martin explained the young man that many people will find his or crazy or fraud, hearing his story, Boas said:

"Let those who think I'm such, come to my house and examined me. This would help them set it up, can we consider me sane or not."

Maybe the young man was suffering from an inferiority complex? Or even a flawed man?

Dr. Fontes has denied this in his examination. But still indicates that very often have to deal with a variety of evidence, in which one "witness" against another.

UFO phenomenon at the time in question, and for the South American press is a fertile topic, so it's easy to assume that Boas was heavily influenced by these messages even before the incident described. How easily the line between fantasy and the unfolding reality! Especially the description looks incredibly minute detail. Talent observer, discovered this simple Brazilian farmer is comparable to the depth and accuracy of perception of the professional detective.

Are not the fantastic adventures of Antonio Villas Boas figment of the imagination?

According to Johannes von Buttlar in the book "UFO Phenomenon", the surgeon Walter K. Buhler, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, said in a telephone interview May 24, 1978: "I have not the slightest doubt that this was in fact ".

He refers to the still unpublished to this day the fact "… a thorough examination by Dr. Boas Fontes with a special instrument — Geiger — in which he has on the body and clothing was discovered the contamination." Dr. Buehler, along with other doctors also came to the conclusion that only the radiation could cause painful symptoms in the above Boas. Perhaps he was influenced by exposure

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