UFO researcher claims that examined the body ALIENS

Dr. Steven Greer headed "Project Discovery" — a group consisting of scientists, NASA astronauts and people in many other professions, which since 1993 is collecting documentary material, confirming the existence of UFOs.

And recently, Dr. Greer made a sensational statement — that he was able to examine the body of a humanoid — a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Dr. Gere says he keeps in touch with a group of scientists, which was in the hands of the body supposedly alien creature. Here is what he wrote in blog:

A few weeks have passed since the beginning of our journey, we are ready to announce that they have found as a result of a small body of research, which, we believe, belongs to the representative of an alien civilization.

We made shots … the whole body — and by X-ray computed tomography. In addition, we have received in a sterile surgical conditions, DNA samples, which are currently being studied by leading geneticists in the world.

Pictures show that we are dealing with an organism humanoid, there's no doubt. Thanks to these detailed pictures we have modeled a striking 3-D image of the body, and we were able to literally see internal organs such as the lungs and the fact that I can confidently be called a system that performs the function of the heart.

All these pictures have investigated the leading specialists in the deviations in the development of the skeleton, skeletal dysplasia, and fetal skeletal syndromes and concluded that membership of such a structure of the human skeleton is extremely unlikely. We also know that this is not an ancient humanoid, although that is humanoid — no doubt. As, however, and that is not a person.

On DNA research will take about two months or even more …

A full report on these studies, and many other compelling evidence of stay of aliens on Earth, Dr. Steven Greer promises to provide in its future film called "Sirius."

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